Hit the tree with your back, hang your head … Old people exercise, these operations are not acceptable.

  Can these varied and even strange fitness methods really play a role in keeping healthy and strengthening the body? Experts remind that the elderly should not be too wild in fitness, otherwise, health preservation will not hurt the body.

  Our reporter Liu Yin

  As the temperature rises gradually, you will see such a scene — — Heavily armed grandmothers and grandmothers are lying on scalding stones for "stone therapy". If you see this, you will be amazed, which means that your knowledge is still too little. Among all kinds of fitness forms, street fitness can be said to be quite cool. The so-called "master is in the folk", especially when we go to the park to exercise in the morning, we often see someone standing up straight and hitting the tree hard, in order to achieve the purpose of relaxing muscles and promoting blood circulation; Some people hang their heads and keep shaking their bodies, which is said to exercise the cervical spine; What’s more, groups of three or five show the "crawling fitness" of grounding gas.

  Can these varied and even strange fitness methods really play a role in strengthening the body? Experts remind that the elderly should not be too wild in fitness, otherwise, health preservation will not hurt the body.

  Cupping in the hot sun "stone therapy" effect competition?

  It is said that winter disease is cured in summer, and the weather is hot. Some old people lie on hot stones in the scorching sun and start "stone therapy". It is said that high-temperature "stone therapy" can make the body absorb energy and get rid of moisture in the body well, which is better than massage and cupping. But some people worry, won’t it cause heatstroke?

  As we all know, proper sun exposure for middle-aged and elderly people can promote calcium absorption and prevent osteoporosis. However, doing "stone therapy" at high temperature can not only cure diseases, but may lead to illness.

  "People think that high temperature ‘ Stone therapy ’ The principle is to stimulate acupoints with local heat in order to achieve the purpose of hyperthermia and dampness elimination. In fact, this so-called regimen is not desirable, and there is no scientific basis. When the outdoor temperature is higher than the human body temperature, it will be carried out for a long time ‘ Stone therapy ’ It is easy to get heatstroke and skin burns. " Pan Guofeng, chief physician of Chinese Medicine Department of Beijing Shijitan Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, pointed out that especially for the elderly with hypertension and cerebrovascular diseases, with the increase of outdoor temperature, the risk of blood pressure increase and cerebral hemorrhage will increase.

  It is worth noting that diabetic patients should be especially alert to the high temperature "stone therapy" method. Pan Guofeng explained that diabetes can cause peripheral neuropathy, and patients show numbness and cold feeling in local limbs, and are often insensitive to temperature. And the "stone therapy" exposed to the scorching sun, diabetics sometimes don’t notice the skin burn, and it is difficult to heal after the burn.

  "If the elderly want to treat winter diseases in summer, we suggest adopting two treatment methods. One is wet and hot compress, which is adopted by many medical institutions, where it hurts and where it is cold." Pan Guofeng introduced that there is another kind of traditional Chinese medicine steam bath treatment, which soaks the body at 40-mdash; In the steam bath of traditional Chinese medicine at 42 degrees Celsius, the effects of warming meridians and dredging collaterals, relieving pain, expelling wind and removing dampness and improving sleep can be achieved.

  So, what kind of exercise is really suitable for the elderly? Undoubtedly, a comfortable walk is the best exercise mode suitable for the elderly, which can not only make the muscles and joints of the whole body get proper exercise, but also help the digestion and absorption of food. Experts suggest that the exercise of the elderly should be small and slow, playing Tai Chi, dancing in square dance, etc. are all good choices. The specific exercise method to choose depends on the individual’s physical condition.

  Can the body hit a tree to relax muscles and promote blood circulation?

  Some elderly people have a bad back when they are old. I heard that hitting trees with their bodies can stimulate human acupoints and meridians to achieve the purpose of relaxing tendons and promoting blood circulation, so they joined the army of hitting trees. This seemingly masochistic regimen can produce the expected effect?

  "There are quite a lot of acupoints on the back of the human body, and the elderly feel that they can dredge the meridians by hitting the acupoints on the back with different strength." Pan Guofeng said, but every acupuncture point has an accurate position. The old people touch a face with their backs against the tree, so it is difficult to hit the precise acupuncture point that needs stimulation. It is obviously unscientific to achieve the purpose of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

  Not only that, Pan Guofeng told the Science and Technology Daily reporter that there are many hidden dangers and risks in stimulating the meridians by hitting the tree with the body. It should be noted that the elderly over 60 years old who have a history of osteoporosis and basic diseases such as heart disease, hypertension and cerebral infarction do not advocate the original way of hitting the tree with their back. Especially for the elderly with large hepatic hemangioma and pulmonary bullae, if they hit the tree violently and forcefully, they will not only damage the muscles and the spine, but also have the potential risk of hemangioma and pulmonary bullae rupture.

  "Some old people hit trees with bare arms in summer, which may cause skin allergies. There are also some elderly people with vascular sclerosis, and plaques will form. In the process of hitting trees, these plaques are likely to fall off, and once they fall off, they will easily form embolism. " Pan Guofeng emphasized that it is a very primitive practice to hit a tree on the back, and there is no need for the elderly to follow suit and take risks.

  Can hanging your head and shaking your body improve cervical spine problems?

  Cervical spondylosis is a common problem of modern people. In order to treat cervical spondylosis, some old people hang their heads and shake their bodies constantly, and make various movements, which makes people feel scared.

  "I personally don’t recommend this kind of exercise. Cervical spondylosis in the elderly is characterized by serious degenerative diseases, accompanied by severe osteoporosis, vertebral instability, weak neck muscle strength and other systemic diseases. The above method allows all the weight of the body to be borne by the weak neck, which is very easy to cause damage. " Li Zhiyuan, deputy chief physician of Orthopaedics and Orthopaedics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aviation General Hospital of China Medical University, pointed out that it seems to be a disguised cervical traction method to keep shaking your body with your head hanging and make various movements.

  Li Zhiyuan introduced that traction therapy is one of the commonly used methods for treating cervical spondylosis in orthopedics and orthopaedics of traditional Chinese medicine. Through correct traction therapy, patients’ neck muscle spasm can be relieved and the symptoms of neck pain can be relieved. At the same time, cervical traction can relieve the compression and stimulation of nerve roots by increasing intervertebral space and intervertebral foramen, promote blood circulation, facilitate the regression of congestion, swelling and inflammation, and relax the bonded joint capsule, thus achieving the purpose of improving the symptoms of cervical spondylosis.

  However, not all patients with cervical spondylosis are suitable for traction therapy. Li Zhiyuan said, for example, patients with cervical spondylosis accompanied by serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, patients with severe osteoporosis, patients with severe degenerative changes of cervical vertebrae, patients with osteopontin formation, and patients with cervical vertebra fracture, cervical spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis are not suitable for traction therapy.

  "Even for patients who are suitable for traction, we must master the angle, strength, time and method of traction according to personal situation and illness, so as to achieve safe and effective treatment." Li Zhiyuan reminded that if you blindly pull yourself like street fitness, and shake in the process of pulling, it is easy to cause cervical joint disorder, even vertebral dislocation and fracture, which will press the blood vessels, nerves and spinal cord of the neck, leading to dizziness, numbness and even paralysis of limbs, and even life-threatening in severe cases. The neck exercise of the elderly should be scientific and moderate to avoid unnecessary injuries. If there is indeed a neck disease, you should go to a regular hospital for treatment as soon as possible, make a clear diagnosis and choose the most appropriate method for timely treatment.

  Can crawling fitness meet the "earth gas"?

  After the violent walk and backward walk, "crawling fitness" has become a fitness scene in the park. In the morning exercise team in the park, the gloved aunts and grandfathers were in groups of three or five, with their hands and feet on the ground, their backs arched and crawling slowly, which attracted people’s curiosity.

  Crawlers believe that doing so can absorb the qi of the earth into the body and is good for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health. Does this seemingly different exercise really work?

  In fact, the idea of crawling fitness is not groundless. It originated from Hua Tuo’s "Five Birds Play", which imitates the crawling movements of animals to achieve the purpose of fitness. Experts say that crawling is more suitable for healthy young people. Its advantage is that it can not only exercise the muscles of the whole body, but also disperse the weight pressure to the limbs, which can reduce the wear and tear on the knee joint and the injury to the spine.

  "But crawling is a challenge for our cervical spine. After all, people have evolved to walk upright with their heads up. When crawling, their brains hang down, and the cervical spine may not be able to stand it for a long time." Pan Guofeng believes that people with high blood pressure, osteoporosis and poor lumbar spine should try not to choose this fitness method. Because, when squatting for a long time, suddenly standing up is prone to insufficient blood supply to the brain. In addition, the bones and joints of the elderly are in a state of degeneration, and crawling fitness may cause a series of diseases.