The whole body is covered with the scientific and technological armed forces endowed by Huawei.

  Huawei has made the latest warm-up before the launch of the M9, and the new car will be officially released at the "M9 and Huawei Winter Full Scene Conference" held at 14:30 on December 26th.

The whole body is covered with M9_fororder_image001, a scientific and technological armed force endowed by Huawei.

  The M9 will play the smart car out of the sky from the innovative gameplay of external DLP projection headlights, to the subversive interactive experience of hall-level audio-visual in HarmonyOS 4.0 intelligent cockpit, and then to the innovative driving experience brought by "intelligent digital chassis". The new car also introduced the new color of Danxia orange, which is said to be inspired by the gorgeous Danxia landform color and natural inspiration. Huawei has been deeply involved in the field of high-end consumer electronics for many years, and it has surpassed the courage and vision of traditional car manufacturers in leading aesthetics. "Two-color elegance, natural beauty" is bounded by the window line, and the upper and lower colors are painted. The design team knows how to use the fashion trend of high-end consumer goods, which is interrelated with the design of high-end mobile phones. There is a new detail, the HIMA HarmonyOS Zhixing logo, which appears on Zhijie S7, is also posted on the D-pillar of Wenjie M9. In the future, all the "Jiezi" models that Huawei cooperates with the four major car companies will hang different logos, but the HIMA HarmonyOS Zhixing logo will mark the binding relationship between them and Huawei. It can be seen from the slender and graceful side that when the vehicle is driving at high speed, the air suspension will reduce the height and make the vehicle more close to the ground. On the one hand, it can reduce the driving wind resistance, and on the other hand, it can lower the center of gravity and get a more stable driving experience.

The whole body is covered with M9_fororder_image002, a scientific and technological armed force endowed by Huawei.

The whole body is covered with M9_fororder_image003, a scientific and technological armed force endowed by Huawei.

  The configuration that best demonstrates black technology outside M9 is HUAWEI XPIXEL Digital Projection Headlight (DLP). The 2.6 million pixel module cooperates with precise control algorithm to create a sci-fi intelligent light carpet. The working principle is to detect the road ahead in real time through a powerful sensing module, and accurately project animation guidance according to the current vehicle and interaction demands. Precise adjustment of multi-beam lighting, accurate shielding of other vehicles or pedestrians is not to mention. It can not only ensure its own open lighting vision, but also not infringe on other traffic participants, which explains what people-oriented scientific and technological experience is. The front face with the theme of Kunpeng’s wings spread is simple and elegant without losing the temperament of the king. It’s natural, like a still lake, the body doesn’t deliberately pursue a sense of design, and technology headlights emerge in the night, and a sense of high-energy pictures of big people who are in charge of ups and downs is immediately displayed.

The whole body is covered with the scientific and technological armed forces endowed by Huawei. M9_fororder_image004.

  The center console of Wenjie M9 adopts a brand-new T-shaped symmetrical design, which is a large joint screen composed of dashboard, central control screen and co-pilot entertainment screen. The central part of the instrument panel is a star ring scatterer, which is a new object that combines the middle HUAWEI SOUND 2.0 tweeter with the AI interactive elf light and shadow display. The ring scatterer is made of crystal material and embedded with several independent lights, which can flow mysteriously with the change of music melody. Crystal and electric light source echo each other, and the dynamic effect of water emerges in front of the owner. In the auditory dimension, the ring scatterer, as a mid-HUAWEI SOUND 2.0 tweeter, is the first vehicle-mounted application of Schroeder acoustic scattering technology in the world. It must be mentioned that Schroeder acoustic scattering technology is often adopted by opera houses, which can make the sound energy diffuse evenly through accurate sound wave reflection and diffraction, make the sound field more uniform and realize the auditory consistency of the whole car. Every passenger is treated equally, and every position is the "best listening area". The launch of the new HUAWEI SOUND 2.0 will achieve a breakthrough of 6 independent sound zones. Let’s guess boldly that when the family members in the back row are asleep during the trip, they can shield the corresponding sound zones separately to avoid being disturbed. The M9 will launch Huawei’s AR-HUD head-up display system. Compared with the conventional HUD head-up display, Huawei’s AR-HUD will bring subversive display effects. Huawei is packaged as "smart car light".It will be deeply bound and integrated with the intelligent driving information. You can also project a movie on the windshield.

The whole body is covered with the scientific and technological armed forces endowed by Huawei. M9_fororder_image005.

  Wrapped in a large area of leather and wooden decorative boards, the car is only equipped with very few physical buttons, and the middle console area is planned in an orderly way. From top to bottom, there is a dual wireless fast charging panel, and then there is a crystal knob with "AITO”LOGO. At present, the specific function is unknown, and it is speculated that it will be a rapid rotation adjustment of the volume and a pause operation by pressing. Then there is a huge wood grain panel of the storage box, and under the cover is a useful cup holder and flexible storage compartment. Surrounding atmosphere lights are also designed at the front and rear door panels of the vehicle, and the A-pillar area is the driver’s facial recognition camera, which can realize the functions of fast account login and driving fatigue detection. The glove box of the co-pilot was cancelled and replaced with a foot pedal that can be stored. It is very likely that the co-pilot can also realize the zero-gravity lying function. There are two independent seats in the second row. After careful observation, the setting behind the backrest of the front seat is not the same. It is very likely that there is a pedal that can be electrically stored behind the co-driver, so it is speculated that the right rear seat is a zero-gravity seat that can be greatly adjusted. The ceiling is equipped with an independent Mic receiver, which is expected to receive voice command control accurately in different regions. At the same time, the roof is also equipped with a sky sound speaker unit to create surround sound. The huge space in the lower part of the armrest box is supposed to be a car refrigerator with drawer-type opening. Above the refrigerator, there are independent air conditioning control and skylight control in the rear row, and the doors are electronically opened. The space design of six seats with equal rights, the cornerstone of realizing the comfortable riding experience comparable to the third row of MPV is the breakthrough flat floor of the M9, and the three rows of seats have no steps.And all six seats support electric adjustment. The third row of seats has generous and luxurious settings, and the seat specifications are not inferior to the first two rows. The side of the seat is equipped with electric seat adjustment, which is expected to be four-way. It is equipped with seat heating and independent TYPE-C charging interface and cup holder, and the left side is equipped with HUAWEI MagLink car docking station. The armrest position is also covered with leather, and the luxury cannot be neglected. It seems that the side windows are also equipped with private sunshade curtains, and there are air conditioning outlets and reading lights at the top of the head. The lifting projection curtain hides the ceiling position corresponding to the B-pillar, that is, the ideal position for placing the folding bus screen, so it is expected that there will be a projection transmitter at the top of the third row.

The whole body is covered with the scientific and technological armed forces endowed by Huawei. M9_fororder_image006.

The whole body is covered with the scientific and technological armed forces endowed by Huawei. M9_fororder_image007.

  Wenjie M9 adopts one-piece die-casting aluminum body, all-aluminum chassis and air suspension +CDC as standard. Wenjie M9 provides both extended-range and pure electric power schemes, and the suppliers of ternary lithium batteries are all from Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited. It is estimated that the pure battery life will exceed 700km+, and the extended range will be equipped with a large fuel tank, in which the pure battery life will exceed 150km+ and the total cruising range will exceed 1000km+. At present, the cumulative blind calibration of M9 has exceeded 40,000 units, and it will be delivered on a large scale in the same period of release. (Source: Wen Jie)