Xiaomi SU7 more information exposure! There are three versions, with a maximum battery life of 800km.

Recently, with the official exposure of the photo of Xiaomi SU7, the first model of Xiaomi Automobile, the car has aroused heated discussion among many riders, and has been on the hot search list of automobiles several times. It can be said that at the end of this year, Xiaomi SU7 has become one of the new models that are most concerned by consumers. With the announcement of the application information and real pictures of Xiaomi SU7, more parameter information about Xiaomi SU7 has gradually surfaced. Xiaobian learned from relevant channels that Xiaomi SU7 will be officially unveiled on December 28 this year. I have to say that the timing of Xiaomi Automobile is quite good, and it is expected that it will cause another wave of hot comments.

It is learned from relevant channels that Xiaomi SU7 will provide Pro and Max versions in addition to the basic version, so as to satisfy different consumers’ pursuit of appearance. In terms of power, the car will provide single-motor and double-motor versions, of which the maximum power of the single-motor version is 220kW, and the maximum power of the double-motor version is 220kW and 275kW respectively, and the power performance is quite strong. In terms of cruising range that everyone is most concerned about, Xiaomi SU7 will also provide four cruising ranges, namely 628km, 668km, 750km and 800km versions. Xiaobian boldly predicted that the 668km and 750km endurance versions will become the main sales versions after listing.

Although many netizens on the Internet have joked that Xiaomi SU7 looks like Porsche, Xiaobian personally likes this set of appearance of Xiaomi SU7. The whole front face design is simple and sporty, and the shape of the "meter"-shaped headlight group is also highly recognizable, and it also echoes the silver millet logo. The whole body is also designed very smoothly, and the body shape with big slip back and cool wheels can be described as a very sporty style with quite high value. I have to say that the appearance of Xiaomi SU7 is still in line with the aesthetics of young consumers. If the price is right, the car is also likely to become the first new energy car for many young consumers.

With the official appearance of Xiaomi SU7, the car will gradually enter the exhibition space of the new Xiaomi House in the first quarter of next year. The production plant of Xiaomi Automobile is currently carrying out the final production experiment, which is expected to be officially mass-produced early next year. Although many people have previously claimed that the starting price of Xiaomi SU7 will be 199,000 yuan, considering that the car currently has a single motor version, and this is the first model of Xiaomi Automobile, it is expected that the starting price of the car will be around 180,000 yuan. If it is really this price, then it is estimated that many riders will rush to a wave, and the sales volume in the first month will be stable if it exceeds 10,000.