Don’t accept your fate, break your prejudices! I can’t afford to direct the director of Nezha to tell the story behind the film.

  CCTV News:At the beginning of the hot August, a domestic animated film "Nezha" swept the summer file. The box office broke 400 million yuan in three days, and then soared at the rate of "two hundred million yuan a day". On social media and professional websites, movie ratings are soaring, and major cinemas are constantly increasing the number of films. In just five days, "Nezha" has broken the box office record of domestic animated films.

  With the movie box office becoming popular all the way, director jiaozi feels even more stressed every time he goes to a place for publicity. This is his first full-length work. Not only stars and netizens are scrambling to recommend it, but even People’s Daily, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and CCTV have all encouraged him by Weibo. He is a little scared when he is nearly forty.

  Director Yu Yang:I can make my own work today, and I think it’s a result that I didn’t think of when I first changed careers. It’s really very difficult to turn my destiny around. The key is to work hard enough. If I give up at the beginning, there will be no later thing.

  Born in Sichuan in 1980, jiaozi, whose real name is Yu Yang, liked painting since childhood and dreamed of becoming a cartoonist. When he grew up, he followed his parents’ advice and applied for a medical major. In his junior year, he secretly taught himself drawing software and had the idea of switching to animation. After three years and eight months of hard training, Yu Yang made an anti-war animated short film "Fight, Fight a Big Watermelon", which won more than 30 awards and officially entered the animation industry.

  Director Yu Yang.: I think the biggest difficulty was mainly the industry at that time, but it was not as perfect as it is now. It’s really hard to find a job. I don’t even know which companies need an animator like me.

  At that time, there was no outstanding animation case that could make money in the market. Doing animation depended on reducing the cost below the government subsidy line, and then relying on subsidies to recover the cost. This mechanism has spawned a large number of domestic animations with poor quality. In recent ten years, China native animated films have almost disappeared in cinemas, and only a few of them have been put on the market for young children.

  Director Yu Yang.Midway through, we have been working on our own, or doing our old job as advertising animation, supporting ourselves and supporting the team, and it is still very difficult. Later, when we were doing Nezha, we said that there was a reliable film project, which finally allowed everyone to show their strength.

  At the beginning of 2015, after a long struggle, some investors finally found Yu Yang to cooperate. His first reaction was to be a Nezha, not a cartoon for children, but a new image of targeting youth groups and becoming adults. Yu Yang is a big fan of the 1979 edition of "What makes a sea". He compared Nezha in the novel "Romance of the Gods" and found that his favorite image was adapted and beautified by the great artists of that year. The script design stage is also a brand-new interpretation of classic characters. The Return of the Great Sage was born, and the box office was gratifying. Seeing the success of his peers, Yang Yu had greater confidence.

  Director Yu Yang.The story of each era is actually in line with the ideology and values of that era. Now the whole idea, world outlook and values of society have been updated. After the update, contemporary audiences think and feel differently, so we can really make a good movie for them.

  Yu Yang’s position on Nezha is to refuse to accept his fate and break stereotypes. He designed more than 100 cute or funny images of Nezha, and finally chose the ugliest one. This Nezha not only behaves perversely, has a hoarse voice and has dark circles under his eyes, but is also denounced by dentists as a "standard negative textbook for orthodontics". The story completely abandons the 1979 edition’s setting of resisting patriarchy and committing suicide, and Nezha’s parents have also become worried parents with modern parenting concepts, which has caused a lot of controversy.

  director Yu YangMy father died when I just graduated, and my father will be tougher on me. However, my mother is a very tolerant person. She persuaded my father to accept my choice of changing careers. Then, in the course of the next three years and eight months, I basically lived on her pension, and I was able to persist. Therefore, my parents’ support for me was also indispensable. Therefore, I made up this film this time. I hope there will be more such love and tolerance, which will enable Nezha to turn around her destiny.

  Director Yu Yang.I wanted to invite the action director, but I couldn’t afford it. In the end, I had no choice but to force me to take it. I didn’t learn acting, but fortunately, I am a movie fan.

  Director Yu Yang.Our theme is to break the stereotype. We hope that the story of our film is attractive enough for everyone to fall in love with such an ugly Nezha after entering the cinema, which will further reverse the prejudice even in reality.

  Lighting Director Liu Xin: every small detail, and then the director’s requirements are relatively very high.

  Binding Director Zhang JunIn the process of production, he may be a little dissatisfied with the role, and he will modify it.

  Special effects team leader Tian YuAre there actually many fighting scenes in this film? There are scenes that may not take a second, but in this kind of scene that takes less than a second, two or three frames may be picked out. The director said that this is not good-looking, so you should adjust it.

  Animation team leader Wei Fei: he is more hairy than tortoise.

  Binding Director Zhang Jun: Too much pursuit of perfection.

  Special effects team leader Deng Chunxi: people who don’t stop until they get what they want.

  Binding Director Zhang JunThe director is torturing us.

  Director Yu Yang.In fact, everyone still wants to grind with them, but if we grind for more than half a year, our company will die.

  Limited by funds and technology, some important shots can only be reluctantly abandoned, which is Yu Yang’s greatest regret. Nevertheless, 66 script revisions, the industrial process of dubbing before drawing, more than 20 outsourcing teams, more than 1,600 animators and more than 1,400 special effects shots are unprecedented in the domestic animation industry. In recent years, the film market has experienced the beautiful word-of-mouth accumulation of domestic animations such as The Return of the Great Sage and The Big Fish Begonia, and the good opportunity for Nezha has come.

  This Friday, Nezha, which was only released for eight days, reached a total box office of 1.528 billion, breaking the record of zootopia, which was produced by Disney, and became the top box office of animated films in the mainland market. The cinema platform predicts that the final box office of the film may reach 4.4 billion yuan. For Yang Yu, this is a highlight moment that I never thought of, and it is also a preview of the next trilogy plan.

  Director Yu Yang.When people don’t mention the rise of Guoman, Guoman will rise, because at that time it will become as plain as sunshine, air and water, and the production of its good works is very constant. You may have to go to see it every few months, and then everyone thinks it is very normal, and it will really rise at this time.