Nazami cried for Koreans, but she went on a hot search because of this little thing.

"Naza English" ……
The annual Korean Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) was held in Nagoya, Japan last night, attended by China artist Gulnazar and the men’s team UNINE.
As one of the awarding guests, Naza attracted numerous attention as soon as she appeared, and set off the Korean Open with the topic of "China artists are stunning in beauty".
However, "beauty is only 3 seconds",When reading out the list of awards, however, because of her long English pronunciation and loud voice, some netizens in China complained that her English level was worrying and humiliated China people, and "Naza English" was even ridiculed as the top of the hot search list.
Zhao Liying must be on the list when it comes to the celebrity who has been scolded the most for her English pronunciation recently.
At the beginning of this year, when Carina Lau, Zhao Liying and Angelababy filmed an advertisement for the French luxury brand Dior, they all said the same English sentence "And you, what would you do for love?" .
No contrast, no harm. Under the crush of the other two people’s standard pronunciation, Zhao Liying’s "site bulk English" was violently spit out by netizens, and Guan Bo was even sprayed and had to delete this video.
History is always strikingly similar, and this time it’s the turn of Gulnazar, a mainland actor from Urumqi, Xinjiang.
Last night, Naza was invited to attend the 2019MAMA Awards Ceremony as an awarding guest. She wore a silver sequined trailing dress and attracted the attention of Koreans at the moment of her appearance.
For a while, what "diamond-like beauty", "a woman known as the miracle of the mainland" and "China artists are the biggest highlight of this MAMA" … Korean netizens love to use the "rainbow fart" to screen social media, and these "grand occasions" have also been laughed at by domestic netizens as Naza is "winning glory for the country" with her beauty.
As a result, I didn’t expect that when Naza announced the winner, a piece of "earthy plastic" English came out of her mouth, which surprised domestic netizens.
Every word has a long pronunciation and a loud voice … compared by netizens to "one mouth destroys everything", the beauty filter can’t save it.

Afterwards, Naza and the studio issued a document clarifying that this happened because there was no sound in their ears at that time, and the scene was very noisy and lively, fearing that the audience under the stage could not hear the winners clearly, which unexpectedly led to "shouting wheat".
However, many netizens commented that this English award speech made them "embarrassed": how can such two words be said like this?
Naza’s award-winning plot was also made into an expression pack.
Some netizens even accused her of making a fool of herself on the foreign stage and losing the face of China people, saying that if Naza had known that she needed to speak English on a foreign trip, she should have practiced more, so that she wouldn’t have expressed such a strange feeling of "cadence and soul-stirring" in such a simple sentence.
However, unlike what happened in Zhao Liying last time, many people came out to oppose some excessive criticism this time, and felt that it was unnecessary to be so harsh on this English speech, and even ridiculed the whole network.
Even people whose mother tongue is English will have all kinds of strange accents in different regions. On the stage that night, artists’ representatives from various countries in Asia were often complained that their English pronunciation was inaccurate. Since her debut, Naza has never played the so-called "how many languages she is proficient in", and it is not a "man-made rollover".
These netizens think that the essence of language is communication, and it is most important to understand it. They can’t understand that "China people discriminate against their compatriots in English.".
Some people associate this incident with China people’s "dumb English", saying that many people are afraid to speak English because they are afraid of being laughed at for their nonstandard pronunciation and accent.
Nowadays, netizens are always used to mocking pronunciation in a large area, and such social and psychological hints may make more and more people afraid to speak.
Some netizens pointed out that this is a very insecure mentality. Of course, learning English well is indeed necessary and helpful for their future development, but we should not "collectively feel inferior" about this matter.
As the representatives of artists in China, it is most important to stand on the stage and finish the awarding work gracefully.
For anyone, a foreign language is indeed a plus skill, but it is not a reason to be despised and laughed at to gain superiority.
Under such a voice, Naza was encouraged not to care too much about criticism, and it was the right choice to take this as the driving force. After all, it has been a long-standing practice for stars to be ridiculed because of their English accents, and there are many stories about them turning over against the wind.
Li Bingbing, who scored only 27 points in English in the college entrance examination, wanted to enter Hollywood in 2007, but she was puzzled by the pure English script first. Because of her poor English, she had to cancel the classic Hollywood film Rush Hour 3 starring Jackie Chan, and finally made up her mind to stop working completely and start learning English hard.
It took her less than two years to improve in an all-round way. Finally, she won the favor of the director of resident evil 5 by an English interview video at the snow flower and the secret fan publicity meeting, and successfully realized her dream in Hollywood.
Huang Xiaoming may be the first person to be raved about English pronunciation, and the phrase "not at all" in the 2008 Olympic public service song "One World One Dream" was deeply shocking.
Huang Xiaoming has been accompanied by close-knit foreign teachers ever since he was scolded and publicly admitted that he has a psychological shadow. In 2013, he succeeded in honoring others by relying on the long English lines in the movie "Chinese Partner". Now he dares to correct others’ grammatical mistakes in the last variety show, and he is also responsible for entertaining foreigners.
Tang Wei, NiNi, Yuqi Zhang, Hugh and so on. They have gone from being ridiculed by the crowd to being thoroughly remoulded, from prevarication to being able to express their views confidently and generously in English at work, and they can also show the elegant demeanor of China artists to foreign friends, which can be regarded as a positive force brought by the stars to the public.
Source: Observer Network