Michelle Chen is expecting a baby and reading novels crazily at home, praising Chen Xiao for filial piety and family care.

  Shen Jiayi, the goddess of youth in boys’ hearts, has a shirt, school uniform and a long ponytail; Controversial Yu genuine "Little Dragon Girl", Baby Fat, Nezha Head … … These two are the representative roles of Michelle Chen, one of whom became a hit, and the other suffered from spit. Just as people were speculating about what Michelle Chen’s next role would be, they were surprised to find that she had broken into Hollywood and starred in the suspense romance "Hawaiian Love". Michelle Chen described this as a brand-new attempt, hoping to present himself differently.

  In July this year, Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao held a grand wedding in Beijing and announced that she was pregnant. Now Michelle Chen, who is expecting a baby in Taiwan Province, has a lot of free time, and reading has become the main activity in her life. In an exclusive interview with a reporter from Yangcheng Evening News recently, I can see that she is in a good mood. For the upcoming mother, Michelle Chen can’t describe her feelings: "This is an unimaginable feeling — — (Children) can’t be put back when they come out. " Yes, she has embarked on a new stage of life and can only go straight ahead.

  A from Chinese films to Hollywood:

  Acting in English is a great challenge.

  The film "Hawaiian Love" is directed by Chinese director Lin Haoran, with Michelle Chen leading the role of female No.1 Zhang Lili, and the male leading roles are Jackson Rathbone, who became popular in Twilight, and Sung Kang, a Korean-American actor in The Fast and the Furious series. The film tells a romantic and suspenseful love story: Lily experienced a fatal car accident and woke up to find that she was married to her boss and had a five-year-old son. She has no memory of all this, and everyone denies the existence of her remembered boyfriend Neil. Lily resolutely decided to embark on a journey to find memories … …

  Zhang Lili, played by Michelle Chen, is a China doctor who is an intern in a Hawaiian hospital in the United States. The opening of the film is a tense first aid scene. In order to find a sense of reality, Michelle Chen went to the hospital as an intern. She said: "The first aid failed and the patient died. Lily became very depressed. I went to the doctor for this purpose and asked him what it was like to lose a patient for the first time. " "Hawaiian Love" is the first international film led by Michelle Chen. In addition to the mixed feelings of doubt, fear, anger and despair, she also has a large English dialogue. "Although I have studied abroad before, chatting is not the same as acting in English. After all, Chinese is my mother tongue. So I specially invited a foreign teacher to check my lines with him. And because the role is an intern, there will be many technical terms. It takes a little more time to practice to get used to those medical words. "

  Working with the Hollywood team for the first time also brought Michelle Chen a very different experience. "Most of the whole team are foreigners, and there will be some differences between Chinese and Western cultural concepts. I need to communicate with the director, for example, telling him that in some parts of the script, China people will not talk like this and will not do such actions, and so on." In Michelle Chen’s view, the film is about a process of finding love: "Before the accident, the hero and heroine were still quarreling, but after the hero died, Lily actually fell into a coma. In that dream, she slowly opened her heart. This is a process about love, about healing, and about regret. " But in the end, the ending of "This is a dream" will inevitably disappoint some viewers. Michelle Chen thinks: "I really can’t think of a better ending than this. If it is not a dream, it is really terrible. "

  Strictly speaking, Love in Hawaii is not a new film this year. The film was premiered as the opening film of the 35th Hawaiian International Film Festival in 2015, and was released in the United States in early 2016, but it was not released in mainland China until November 25th. Although the film was shortlisted for the Harry Kuranyi Jin Lanhua Award, and won many awards at the Los Angeles Asia-Pacific Film Festival and the China-US Film Festival, the box office figures for 10 days in China mainland are not optimistic. In this regard, Michelle Chen is very calm: "I mainly hope to present a different work to everyone, and others are quite indifferent."

  B from singer to actor:

  Acting and singing are actually done at the same time.

  Michelle Chen, born in Taipei, graduated from the University of Southern California, majoring in marketing and minor in art, and received musical training. After graduating in 2006, Michelle Chen starred in her first TV series "Change of Love" and entered the entertainment industry. Since then, she has appeared in TV series such as Love Found Here, Bad Laughing Flowers and Drunken World. In 2009, Michelle Chen starred in the film debut "Heard" as a talented swimmer, and was nominated for the best new actress in the 46th Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award and the best actress in the 12th Taipei Film Festival.

  In fact, Michelle Chen’s childhood dream was to be a singer. To this end, she studied vocal music, piano and took part in singing competitions seriously, but after signing a contract with a brokerage company, she received a job of film and television performance. Michelle Chen said frankly, "I originally wanted to be a singer when I returned to Taiwan Province from the United States, but I never got a chance. At that time, the music market was sluggish, and people said that it was better to act first, because many people just sang by acting first. "

  The success of the film "Heard" has attracted the attention of the industry in Michelle Chen. After that, she met the pure and lovely "Shen Jiayi". The Girl We Chased Together in Those Years made Michelle Chen famous, but for her, this film has another meaning — — In the film, she sang her own ending song "Childishness". After that, Michelle Chen released his first original music album "Me, Myself, And I", and won the most popular potential singer award with this album. "After five years, I finally realized my musical dream. This process is indeed tortuous. " Michelle Chen said. And until now, she has only released this album: "I have gradually fallen in love with acting, but I still like singing." Now the actor is my main business, but I still sing in almost every film and television drama, so singing is actually done at the same time. I think this is also quite good. "

  Michelle Chen is a girl who likes to get along with people. She said, "I can interact with different actors and teams in each play, and this process brings me great pleasure. Secondly, I am fascinated by the different human nature in the drama. I like to see how I present the image in the picture. Some actors don’t like to see themselves on the screen after filming, but I won’t. "

  C From Shen Jiayi to Little Dragon Girl:

  I hope the character and I will grow up.

  Michelle Chen still remembers his film debut vividly: "I heard that at that time, I felt that I was a newborn calf who was not afraid of tigers. Anyway, I was a newcomer and could fight regardless of everything. Now I still miss that feeling." What makes her the "goddess" of the public is "The Girl We Chased Together in Those Years". In 2011, The Girl We Chased Together, a youth romance film based on Giddens Ko’s novel of the same name, was released in Taiwan Province, becoming the box office champion in Taiwan Province that year. After the film was released in the mainland, it also received great response. Shen Jiayi, wearing a shirt and school uniform and wearing a long ponytail, has become the mark of youth in many people’s minds. In fact, Michelle Chen was 28 years old at that time.

  Michelle Chen described the whole process of filming The Girl We Chased Together in Those Years as a dream: "I just had a very happy and wonderful dream. It really touched me that people like this play so crazily. At that time, I read the report that when the film was first released, everyone queued up to see it, and that kind of enthusiasm impressed me deeply. " The sudden burst of popularity didn’t make Michelle Chen feel at a loss. She said, "It’s not a day or two since I became an actor. I’ve been on this road for nearly five years. Step by step, I feel very happy that Shen Jiayi can finally be seen by everyone. I am very lucky and my heart is full of gratitude. "

  At the end of 2013, "Shen Jiayi" put on a costume and challenged another "goddess" in the audience’s mind — — Little dragon girl However, Michelle Chen’s "baby fat" image has attracted countless spit, and even director Jing Wong also spit on Weibo: "Is there such a fat little dragon girl?" In the face of cynicism, Michelle Chen did not cry foul, but silently embarked on the road of losing weight. She warned herself on the Weibo that "if you want to be thin, you really have to get hungry". She brought her own healthy meal during the filming of "The Condor Heroes" and did morning exercise in the hotel corridor where she stayed … … Michelle Chen has lost weight, but the modeling in the play still can’t escape the fate of being spit out.

  None of this discouraged Michelle Chen. She said, "Artists need to have a positive attitude towards their work." Looking back on the road of performing arts in the past ten years, Michelle Chen felt that he had not changed: "Now, facing every job and every role, I still feel nervous. The only difference may be just a little peace of mind, because at least a few roles I have played are remembered by everyone. In fact, every role has a little bit of my own shadow, and after playing a role, she will become a part of me. " Michelle Chen bluntly said that "Shen Jiayi" is very similar to himself: "It’s just that I’m not as rigorous as her. I’m a little nervous." For the future role, Michelle Chen hopes to have more levels and give himself more challenges. "I hope the role will grow with me.".

  D from girl to mother:

  Being a mother has been planned for a long time

  Many years ago, Michelle Chen said in an interview that he wanted to find someone he liked and talk about a "coquettish love". Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao got to know each other for filming The Condor Heroes. In the play, Yang Guo waited for the little dragon girl for 16 years, but the two people outside the play only took 16 months to complete the lifelong event. On August 27th, 2015, they had a public affair in Weibo. Two months later, Chen Xiao proposed successfully in Paris. This summer, the wedding was held grandly. Michelle Chen said that Chen Xiao is a good man who is filial and family-oriented; Chen Xiao said that the purpose of dating Michelle Chen was to marry her home.

  Before meeting Chen Xiao, Michelle Chen said that she would get married and have children, and she had already planned to be a mother. She said that she must have two children and be a strict mother. However, when all imagination is really to be realized, my mind has turned into a blank. There are still a few months before the baby is born, but Michelle Chen is still "in a fog": "Everyone asks me if I am nervous, and I don’t know! I don’t think I’m nervous at all now. I may be nervous when (the child) comes out and can’t put it back, haha! I think it’s hard to imagine the mood at that time because it hasn’t been born yet. This is an unimaginable feeling. "

  Michelle Chen is currently in labor in Taiwan Province, usually taking a walk and reading novels crazily. "This period of labor is the most leisure day for me in the past ten years. Suddenly, I have a lot more time, but I miss my work very much. Usually, as long as I am busy at first, I can’t read books. The recent reading volume can be regarded as my biggest so far. I feel that since there is no way to work, it is better to change my mind and do things that I may not be able to do normally. " In addition to reading, Michelle Chen can also draw pictures: "I want to draw something for my baby, and I can put it in my baby’s room later."

  And her husband Chen Xiao is still busy. Michelle Chen said: "Before when I was filming, he made me soup to drink, and now I make him soup instead. However, he has been busy with work recently and contacts by phone every day. " Once upon a time, Michelle Chen’s pursuit of happiness was "travel and desperate love". What is her definition of happiness now? "Now I feel that it is a very happy thing to be able to shoot a good play and cooperate with a good team. I have been very satisfied in life. It is this satisfaction from life that makes me feel more at ease in facing my work and gives me more motivation to pursue what I want to do. "