Subsidy 19 million yuan! 2023 Harbin Spring Chicheng Car Purchase Preferential Subsidy Fund will be issued on the 21st.

The reporter learned from the Harbin Municipal Bureau of Commerce that with the consent of the municipal government, from March 21 to March 31, Harbin launched the preferential subsidy activity for car purchase in Harbin Spring in 2023. The maximum subsidy for car purchase is 5,000 yuan per car.
Consumers must be inAfter the car subsidy activity started on March 21,, swipe the card (the amount is not less than 10,000 yuan) and pay the full amount of the car purchase, obtain a unified invoice for motor vehicle sales, successfully submit the application materials through China Unionpay Quick Pass, and submit the Harbin vehicle purchase tax payment certificate within 15 days. The government car subsidy funds shall not be enjoyed repeatedly with other government car subsidy funds.
The payment standard of car purchase subsidy funds is that all consumers who enter the passenger car sales enterprises and truck sales enterprises above the unified quota in the main urban area of Harbin and buy new passenger cars (including new energy vehicles) with less than 7 seats in the "National Six" standard or new trucks (including new energy vehicles) with a total mass of less than 3.5 tons will continue to enjoy the government subsidy policy in three grades after enjoying the preferential policies of enterprises.
buy200,000 yuan (inclusive)Vehicles, each car to give 3000 yuan subsidy; buyMore than 200,000 yuan to 400,000 yuan (inclusive)Vehicles, each car to give 4000 yuan subsidy; buyMore than 400,000 yuanVehicles, each car will be subsidized by 5000 yuan. Subsidies are available on a first-come-first-served basis, while stocks last. The time will be subject to the successful submission of application materials for car subsidies through China Unionpay Quick Pass and the first trial in China Unionpay Quick Pass.
The subsidy object of this activity is UnionPay card with the beginning of "62". In Harbin, cooperative merchants use UnionPay POS machines, swipe their cards and pay the full amount for the purchase of new passenger cars (including new energy vehicles) and new trucks (including new energy vehicles). Consumers, the geographical location and household registration of participants are not restricted. In order to further attract customers from this province and other provinces and cities, this activity can apply for car purchase subsidies offline or online. The online application for car subsidy process is that the consumer sends a screenshot of China Unionpay Quick Pass payment code (valid within one minute) to the staff of the car sales enterprise-the car enterprise finance uses the in-store POS scanning code to collect money (the amount is not less than 10,000 yuan)-the consumer enters the password-the consumer uploads the elements one by one in the China Unionpay Quick Pass homepage-the local area-the government promotes consumption-the Harbin special zone-the car subsidy module according to the prompt (related hint: the single payment limit of China Unionpay Quick Pass payment code is based on the bank risk control rules).
In order to guard against risks and prevent arbitrage, this activity takes the form of submitting application materials and vehicle purchase tax payment certificate after buying a car, and directly paying the car purchase subsidy funds to consumers after passing the examination.
List of automobile sales enterprises above designated size in Harbin
Example of car purchase subsidy voucher:
Source: Harbin News Network
Reporter: Chen Yue.
Editor: Liu Yixuan