In the 20th week of 2019, there were 245 financing cases, the popularity of investment and financing at home and abroad reached a new high, and corporate services continued to lead | Potential Weekly.

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Grasp the capital flow this week and look at potential investors. This week, TMTBase, a global venture capital database of Titanium Media Pro, collected a total of 235 investment and financing events at home and abroad. Among them, there are 93 cases in China and 143 cases abroad.This article is a short version and a detailed version, please click: becomes a professional user of titanium media.

List of domestic investment and financing this week

This week, TMTBase, the global venture capital database of Titanium Media Pro, recorded a total of 93 domestic investment and financing events.

Hanye Co., Ltd. acquired Quantum Cloud, a cloud computing solution provider in the film and television industry, for RMB 3.8 billion, involving a large amount of money.

This week, the investment and financing events in the field of enterprise services were the most, with a total of 30 investment and financing events, including 9 investment events of over 100 million yuan, of which … …

The e-commerce sector recorded 11 investment and financing events this week, compared with last week … …

??. O2O, medical health, hardware, cultural and creative fields this week … …

In the field of automobile travel, four investment and financing incidents were disclosed this week, among which … …

Other fields are less distributed, namely: … …

In terms of rounds, there are 14 seed angel rounds, … …

Geographically, there are 31 cases in Beijing, accounting for … …

There were 25 financing events involving over 100 million yuan, accounting for … …


Youke Yijia received RMB 1 billion Series C financing.

Greentown Service, Xinghe Real Estate, Shenzhen Venture Capital, Heiner Asia, Junlian Capital and Jingwei China Investment. Youkeyijia was established in 2012. In 2017, Youkeyijia completed the layout of upgrading from a brand long-term rental apartment enterprise to a real estate integration operator. In terms of self-operated brand apartments, the advantages of refined quality operation have been consolidated, and Chengdu has achieved annual profit in a single city with the continuous improvement of housing scale and word-of-mouth index.

A youth hostel won a Pre-A round of financing of RMB 10 million.

Flash silver is strange, only hunting capital, Ceyuan venture capital, spring growth, spring breeze cultural and creative investment. "ttg" (formerly known as TeatreeGroup) was established in 2011. It was originally a design studio. In 2014, it began to try urban youth accommodation space projects. Up to now, there are more than 20 youth hostels, inns and boutique homestays directly operated and operated on behalf of others.

 Get millions of RMB angel round financing by quick click.

Hangzhou Eagle Fund, invested by Wang Xiaoming. Miaoshou Kuai Pressing is an O2O fast massage brand, which takes "1 minute to find the pain point and 15 minutes to relieve it" as its core product, and serves the health of urban people in a fragmented mode to alleviate the sub-health problems of more people.

 Please get angel round financing from Shangzuo Technology.

Daosheng Capital, Bull Investment. Please be seated technology is mainly positioned to create a YEATION platform for China’s rising hundreds of millions of middle classes to serve local life (eat, drink and be merry). At present, it is mainly based on the one-stop reservation service and payment of featured private rooms in selected restaurants that just need high frequency.

 Haozu. com received hundreds of millions of yuan in Series C financing.

SDIC creates a national emerging industry guidance fund and enjoys capital investment. Haozu focuses on office leasing and all kinds of related services, and relies on the strong platform resources to launch the "1+X" industry empowerment strategy. Driven by the big data ecosystem, Haozu opens up ecological business systems such as asset management, building access, SpaceOne, site selection and Haozu Mall, connecting and empowering the upstream and downstream participants in the industrial chain, and providing them with an overall solution integrating planning, marketing, operation, transformation and service.

 Lezu has obtained strategic investment and financing of RMB 10 million.

Zhongguancun online investment. Founded in March 2015, "Le Rent" initially entered the rental market in the form of full deposit, and in the second half of 2016, it began to shift from full deposit to credit rent (free of deposit). In terms of categories, at this stage, the music rental is mainly based on 3C digital, and some categories such as drones and sports cameras have been launched. In terms of category extension, the vertical will further enrich the existing product brands; Horizontally, it will be extended to the categories suitable for leasing in outdoor tourism, car life and other scenes.

 Play more and get $15 million in Series B financing.

Jinshajiang Venture Capital, IDG Capital, Shanhang Capital, Lightspeed Venture Capital Investment. Spark thinking is aimed at online thinking training for children aged 3-10. Through one-to-many online interactive live small class and strong interactive game links, students’ core basic abilities such as thinking ability and concentration are cultivated. At present, the online course of Spark Thinking focuses on the training of young and connected mathematical thinking, which is divided into three modules: spatial thinking and graphics, computing ability and logical reasoning. At this stage, we have completed the production of 30 class hours, and the team plans to improve the content to the third grade level in the next stage.

 Thousand Island Islands received tens of millions of RMB A+ rounds of financing.

Kunzhong Capital Investment. Qianyu Islands was established in July 2017. Based on the recognition of the new generation of consumers’ pursuit of quality, experience and freshness, Qianyu is using a more internet-based form that is different from traditional hotels and homestays to fill the market vacancy of urban mid-range travel accommodation space.

  • In August 2017, the company obtained angel round financing of 10 million yuan from four institutions: Zhenge Fund, Huachuang Capital, Zhixin Capital and Zero One Venture Capital.
  • In March 2018, the company was led by Gaochun Capital, and Meihua Angel invested tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing.


Xingyun Global received RMB 300 million in Series A financing.

Jinsha River Joint Investment, Zhong Ding Venture Capital, Changtai Investment. Founded in 2015, Xingyun Global Exchange locates S2B platform, with upstream docking overseas brands/agents/traders and downstream docking small and medium-sized retailers, providing one-stop logistics, warehousing and supply chain financial services for upstream and downstream.

 Zui e Niang won round b financing.

PreAngel Hodo Investment, Qingqi Capital, Zhenge Fund Investment. Penguin Group built up users’ trust by relying on professional background and KOL attributes, established a paid member community to sell, bid farewell to the traditional "single bottle purchase", reduced users’ choice cost in the form of "blessing bag", and finally promoted the purchase. The monthly ordering of wine categories can solve these two inequalities to a certain extent, and the penguin group can reduce the price increase rate by "direct mining from the place of origin"; On the other hand, it can also ensure the quality of wine to a certain extent.

  • In January 2017, the company received a series A financing of RMB 15 million.

Tugouyun Mall received RMB 16 million angel round financing.

The investor did not disclose it. Tugou Cloud Mall is a new retail e-commerce platform located in the field of agricultural specialty products. There are two main categories of products in Tugouyun Mall: primary agricultural products and ingredients and deep-processed agricultural special products. In order to ensure the quality of primary agricultural products, Tugouyun Mall will not only cooperate with enterprises with procurement channels, but also take the way of direct procurement to control the source of primary ingredients; At present, deep-processed agricultural products mainly cooperate with well-known time-honored brands as distributors.

 Benefit from purchasing goods and obtaining strategic investment financing.

Easy approval for a long time, easy approval for wine, easy approval for wine investment. Founded in April 2016 and headquartered in Chengdu, Sichuan, Huijin is a B2B company focusing on snack food sales, and its back-end information support system is provided by Chengdu Laiken Information Technology Co., Ltd., one of its shareholders.

 Jueyi APP received RMB 2 million angel round financing.

Beijing Hydera Investment Management Co., Ltd. invested. Jueyi is an intangible cultural heritage trading platform, which is a docking inheritor for intangible lovers, intangible collectors and intangible dealers. Its App was launched on April 9 this year, with about 2,000 members, of which non-genetic inheritors account for about 10%, and the monthly transaction volume is about 5 million.

 Pinzhi culture received tens of millions of RMB angel round financing.

Shangchuan Venture Capital Investment. Pinzhi is a platform to provide high-end goods and services for corporate VIP customers, and to provide VIP customer courtesy outsourcing services for corporate users. Pinzhi’s business model is a typical B2B2C model: enterprises buy Pinzhi membership cards and give them to VIP customers, and users use Pinzhi cards to buy goods and enjoy services on Pinzhi platform.

 Strategic investment of tens of millions of RMB in Haizhi Online

Intelligent capital investment. Haizhi Online, established at the end of 2015, is positioned as a comprehensive service platform for industrial parts industry chain. It adopts a reverse docking mode oriented to industrial non-standard parts orders and demand, serves factories, builds a purchasing supply chain and a manufacturing ecological community, and establishes an industrial public comment system. At present, the service links meet several requirements, including inquiry release, online quotation, purchase and supply interaction, and accurate matching.

 Sibu Group received RMB 50 million Series B financing.

Huachuang Capital Investment. Sibu Group is determined to become a well-known national beauty Internet entrepreneurial and innovative social e-commerce group enterprise, with independent brands such as Angel Charm, Dailaimei, Sujia, Shuya, Yashun, Shuizhichun, Keshuer, Silex, and Baby’s Love, as well as dozens of high-quality products from cooperative brands such as Shimei Village, Madam, CMM, Huayao, and Natural Philippines, and the market response is quite good.

 Global access to A+ round of financing at all times.

Investment from ZTO Express. Offline stores around the world are dominated by second-and third-tier cities, and commodity prices are consistent with online ones. At present, 52 stores have been opened. Recently, the corresponding operation strategy is still being adjusted, and the expansion speed of offline stores is not fast. In the future, they put forward an "eco-city plan", which will create a service system of online ordering and offline delivery for 6 hours through large-scale physical stores.  

 Another APP won RMB 20 million in Series B financing.

KPCB Kaipeng Huaying China, iFly Capital, Broadband Capital CBC, Microlight Venture Capital, Gaoyou Capital Investment. BorderX Lab was established in September 2014, and launched the App in December. Borderx Lab is a cross-border electronic commerce and solution provider with headquarters in Silicon Valley, USA and Shanghai, China. Different from most self-operated purchasing and warehousing platforms, there is no purchasing and no inventory, but a light asset model for docking information for European and American businesses and global consumers.

 Planet food bag received millions of RMB angel round financing

Tiannuo Chuangshi, Gaoxin Kaisheng Investment. In addition to direct purchase through smart terminals, online payment in mobile shopping malls, off-line pick-up from nearby smart terminals and payment by mail through traditional online channels, the sales channels of Planet Food Bag products will also devote themselves to "creatively presenting the trend culture of the fourth meal of life", that is, according to the "fourth meal" attribute of snacks, creating a "snack space" for leisure places in first-tier cities, carrying out corresponding interactive design around different scenes, and implanting smart snack terminals to establish it from a wider dimension.


School treasure online won RMB 100 million.

Gefei Assets, Ant Financial Services, Million Capital Investment. The products of Schoolboy Online have fully covered the fields of education and training institutions and private international schools. The product system includes Schoolboy ERP, Schoolboy Show, Schoolboy Cashier, Schoolboy Home, Schoolboy Smart Campus, Schoolboy 1Course, Schoolboy College and Schoolboy Joining System, which has transformed the cutting-edge concepts and top technologies in the industry into a valuable overall information solution for China education users. Finance received RMB 30 million A+ round of financing.

Second bloom company limited, Venturus, TDF impact investment Corp. Homer Finance, co-founded by former Alibaba executives and Wall Street financial institutions executives, is a global asset allocation platform, focusing on providing information, products and consulting services such as asset management, wealth management and financial technology for China’s newly rich.

 Yunrong Jinke received RMB 80 million in Series A financing.

Xinshengfu Capital Investment. Yunrongjinke, founded in Hangzhou, is a well-known financial software supplier and consulting service provider in China. Relying on Hang Seng Electronics’ many years of experience in financial technology services, Yunrong Jinke focuses on the field of Internet credit, and is committed to providing business consulting, system development and implementation, maintenance and other services for various financial and non-financial customers. It has strong strength and competitive advantages in consumer finance systems, Internet bill trading systems, investment and financing platforms, etc.

 Jiudou data won the A round of financing.

IDG Capital is a real investment. Jiudou Data is a stock data service provider, which helps users keep accounts and manage the stock investment, integrates the merger and reorganization information of A-share listed companies, and clearly displays relevant data.


Our bank received RMB 150 million in Series A financing.

Tianjiu Shared Incubation Group, Tianrun Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Huajiang Fortune (Beijing) Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. invested. Our bank is a hotel reservation platform, and its operation mode is similar to Didi: users place orders, hotels grab orders, and then users choose their own transactions; The platform will also provide personalized housing recommendations for users through big data analysis.

 Huachang International acquired Wanda Tourism for RMB 1.176 billion.

Huachang international investment. Tongcheng was established in 2004, mainly providing tourism-related services. On December 29, 2017, Tongcheng Network and Yilong Travel Network, a subsidiary of Tongcheng Tourism Group, announced the merger to form a new company Tongcheng Yilong.

 WEGOGO received $970,000 in Pre-A financing.

Toon king wong, ITM capital, Kathleen tan investment. Wegogo mainly aims at China travelers aged 25-50, and adopts instant social media strategy to cover China WeChat users. Travelers can browse travel stories and recommendations provided by travel service providers before planning their trips. Once a tourist is interested in a certain detail, Wegogo will directly feed back to the travel service provider, and the traveler can directly talk with him to consult and book the service. After the reservation is successful, you can use the WeChat platform to pay the fees at home and abroad.

 Monkey gets 4 million RMB angel round financing.

The investor did not disclose it. Monkey Live is a small hotel service program, which takes the in-house service as the starting point to facilitate the word-of-mouth management of the hotel. One end is connected with the hotel merchants, and the other end is connected with the users staying in the hotel. During the check-in, users can give feedback on the hotel evaluation, or make an appointment for cleaning and renting goods.

 Enterprise service

PadBot paibao robot won a round of financing

Inno Capital Investment. Yingbo Intelligent mainly focuses on the R&D and production of intelligent hardware products, and owns a number of invention patents, utility model patents, software copyrights and domestic and foreign trademarks. In 2016, it won the title of national high-tech enterprise, high-tech cultivation warehousing qualification, and several high-tech product certifications.

 Liangxiao Technology received 30 million RMB strategic investment financing.

Talk about building investment. Liangxiao Technology focuses on visual communication and digital display, and its Wonderlabs Studio has a good reputation and high visibility in the field of high-end commercial display, providing digital display and experience services for well-known brands such as Nike, Hennessy, Porsche and Uniqlo.

 Digital Alliance received 24 million RMB A+ round of financing.

Star VC investment. What "Digital Alliance" is doing is to issue a unique and unchangeable ID to the device, just like issuing an ID card, which is called a "trusted ID". At present, Digital Alliance mainly applies this technology to mobile promotion and anti-cheating, such as App promotion and anti-brushing, O2O anti-brushing, global white list, CPA settlement intermediary, replacement identification, family account and so on.

  • In January 2015, the company received 9.3 million yuan angel wheel investment from Xinfu Hengtong;
  • In January 2016, the company received an equity investment of 10 million yuan from Haidian Government;
  • In June 2016, the company obtained 40 million yuan Series A financing from Xinghe Internet.

 Lizi Robot Won Pre-A Round of Financing

Light up capital investment. Lizi robot team has been deeply involved in the robot field for many years, and has accumulated enough in technology and market. Relying on the hybrid laser navigation, control and AGV scheduling algorithm with independent intellectual property rights, it can provide competitive products and solutions.

 She Power received $1.5 million in financing.

The investor did not disclose it. Ruiwen Shepower was established in Shanghai at the end of 2015, focusing on building a "her leader" community in China, connecting elite business women with offline "sisterhood" sharing space.

 Chaomi Technology received tens of millions of RMB strategic investment and financing.

Polar Bean Capital, Bitmi Fund Investment. Founded in May 2015, "Private Cloud" belongs to Guangzhou Chaomi Information Technology Co., Ltd., and is committed to developing private cloud storage and blockchain technology. The newly released "Private Cloud II" is a private cloud disk with blockchain technology, which has six functions: remote access, WeChat interconnection, multi-person sharing, mobile phone backup, multi-terminal interoperability and 4K entertainment.

 Zhuorui Technology received several hundred million yuan in Series B financing.

Cybertron, Caitong Capital, WCCO Yangzhou "Sail of Canal" investment fund. Zhuorui Technology’s DRORE ONE smart tourism cloud computing platform opens up information islands, integrates technologies such as Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence, and provides overall solutions for the tourism ecosystem, covering every role in the tourism ecosystem, including scenic spots, management departments, tourists and third-party businesses, providing them with the required professional services.

 Huicheng Project has received hundreds of millions of RMB Series B financing.

Red dot venture capital investment. Huicheng Engineering focuses on the deep integration of information technology (IT) and automation technology (OT), providing professional software products and solutions, including smart energy, smart factories and smart municipalities. Promote the informatization, refinement and visualization of enterprise management, and help enterprises improve their competitiveness and obtain long-term benefits.

 Aibee Aibi received RMB 100 million and above strategic investment financing.

Zheng Zhigang, K11,K11 Shopping Art Center Investment. Aibee was founded at the end of 2017 by Dr. Lin Yuanqing, former president of Baidu Research Institute, and Dr. Silvio Savarese, tenured professor of Stanford University. Dr. Lin Yuanqing’s main research interests cover machine learning and computer vision. The Baidu Research Institute he is in charge of has a scale of nearly 500 people and is committed to developing world-leading artificial intelligence technology, and its achievements have been widely landed in the industry.

 ARKie received millions of RMB A+ rounds of financing.

Investment by Shenzhen Dirun Investment Management Co., Ltd. ARK Innovation Consulting was established in April, 2012. At present, ARKIE Drawing has launched the official version of 2.0. Different from the public beta version, ARKIE Drawing has upgraded the overall brand and added usage scenarios such as drawing and selling goods, small business cards, cartoon posters, and WeChat official account pictures, which can not only satisfy users’ one-click drawing and online interaction functions, but also provide users with information clues of online interaction behavior.

  • In April 2017, the company received a series A financing of RMB 30 million invested by Hongtai Fund.

 Zhihui Workshop received RMB 6 million angel round financing.

Cloud angel fund investment. Miaotu Technology uses algorithms and big data to reduce the repetitive work of animation. It identifies the cartoon characters or the color blocks that should be filled in the scene area, and records them before batch processing, so as to improve the efficiency of animation creation and save manpower and time costs.

 Ba Le Rabbit received RMB 300 million in financing.

Tiantu Capital, DCM Investment. Ba Le Rabbit plays the roles of "flow platform" and "apartment manager" with the mode of light platform and heavy service, serving C-end users and all "landlords" who have the right to rent, including owners, second landlords and brand apartments. Ba Le Rabbit provides a SaaS management system for landlords, and realizes data and payment automation for tenants with smart locks and smart hydropower equipment. With Ba Le Rabbit’s manual service, it runs through the whole process from hanging the house, signing the contract, collecting rent, urging rent and other post-lease problems, and then returning rent and subletting.

 Lv Yun received RMB 180 million in Series B financing.

Tongchuang Weiye Investment. Lv Yun is a new Internet service-oriented enterprise promoted by technology. Founded in 2010, its founding and core team has nearly 30 years of hotel informatization experience and technical background.

 Work products received RMB 200 million in B+ round financing.

Heli Capital, Yunqi Capital, Puhua Capital, Shun Financing Capital, Ruiheng Capital, Microlight Venture Capital, Xiongniu Capital and JD.COM Investment. Founded in February 2014, Gongpinhui is an e-commerce company specializing in industrial supplies supply chain, providing customers with convenient and efficient one-stop procurement services for industrial supplies. By building a MRO supply chain platform, Gongpinhui links brands and customers, and helps upstream and downstream to improve procurement efficiency and reduce costs in terms of products, prices, logistics, services and data.

 Faceunity received RMB 120 million Series A financing.

Oriental Fuhai, Momo Investment. Xiangxin Technology is a provider of digital image technology solutions, focusing on providing support technologies for VR/AR/ mobile applications, especially 3D face motion capture and animation driving, as well as the core technologies for generating virtual images from a single photo. The digital image-driven technology of Xiangxin Technology can intelligently detect faces through ordinary cameras or original deep cameras, and capture facial muscle movements to realize real-time facial expression driving. This real-time, interactive and intelligent 3D digital image technology has broad application prospects in games, social interaction, virtual reality and other fields.

 Zhifang. com received RMB 3.6 million angel round financing.

Zhejiang Xiujie Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. invested. Zhifang. com is a blockchain+newly-manufactured Internet platform for textile and garment industry, which creates SAAS applications such as resource and capacity integration, service sharing, centralized procurement and customized services in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain, data collection and analysis of workshop production management, and improvement of production efficiency. Applets, PCs and mobile terminals have all been launched.

Le Yan Science and Technology won A+ round of financing.

Yunfeng fund investment. Le Yan Science and Technology was established in April 2016, focusing on artificial intelligence technologies such as natural language processing, knowledge mapping, and deep learning, and its application in e-commerce customer service, financial consultation, government question and answer, medical consultation, intelligent manufacturing and other industries, making great efforts to leap forward in human knowledge work.

 Black Lake Technology received RMB 50 million A+ round of financing.

Jinshajiang venture capital, BAI investment. Shanghai Black Lake Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing and venture capital technology company headquartered in Shanghai. Black Lake Technology helps manufacturing enterprises to provide mobile-based data collaboration, collection, presentation, monitoring and analysis tools.

 ChinaPE acquires Gridsum from Beijing Guoshuang Technology.

China,PE,FutureX Capital investment. Guoshuang is a leading cloud computing enterprise-level big data analysis and artificial intelligence solution provider in China. Based on the unique distributed data architecture and advanced real-time, multi-dimensional correlation analysis technology of GSB Big Data Platform, GSB’s solution enables customers to fully understand the complex relationship between data and gain brand-new business insight, so as to help enterprises and government customers make better business decisions.

 Yunzhisheng received $100 million in Series C financing.

Qihoo 360, Qianhai Wutong M&A Fund, CLP Health Fund, Hanfu Capital Investment. Founded in 2012, Yunzhisheng is a high-tech enterprise with intelligent speech recognition technology. At present, three solutions, AI core, AIUI and AI Service, support the implementation of Yunzhisheng core technology, which has been widely used in home, automobile, medical care and education.

 Weishuo Henderson was listed on the New Third Board and raised for financing.

Public offering. Weishuo Company began to develop and produce rotating shafts in 2004. It is a private enterprise with Hinge as its main business and integrating R&D, production and sales. We have offices in Chongqing, Beijing, Taiwan Province and Korea. In 2015, Huafu Group invested and held shares, and at the same time brought in a strong technical platform and first-class advanced molds and machining equipment, which provided a solid backing for the research and development of rotating shafts.

 Linuo Power was listed on the New Third Board and increased financing.

Public offering. Linuo Power is mainly engaged in the investment and construction of solar photovoltaic power plants, photovoltaic project design, consulting, general contracting and the promotion and application of solar photovoltaic application products.

 Dongyu New Materials was listed on the New Third Board of RMB 44.4 million with fixed financing.

Public offering. Dongyu New Materials is mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of heat dissipation materials for electronic products.

 Blue Crystal Microbes received RMB 10 million Pre-A round of financing.

Lihe Venture Capital, Fengrui Capital Investment. Blue Crystal Microbes focus on technical research and development in the direction of microbiology. Synthetic biology is a comprehensive subject. Based on the knowledge and materials obtained from traditional biology, the original biological system is transformed by engineering and computer science and technology, so that the system can complete various tasks envisaged by researchers.

 Hanhai Nebula received tens of millions of RMB angel round financing.

Sequoia Capital China Investment. Nebula Clustar applies supercomputing scientific research and technical achievements to commercial fields, and provides an efficient distributed machine learning system for enterprise AI. The core team consists of scientists Chen Kai and Yang Qiang.

 Huimei wardrobe won angel round financing.

Daosheng capital investment. Huimei Technology is a new company based on the application of mobile data, which spreads the aesthetic wisdom of life for many ordinary people. It is hoped that the image design major will truly serve the lives of ordinary people and everyone can become their own image designer. At the same time, use the concept of management to maximize the utility of existing resources and provide you with application tools with a sense of the times for you to reach the peak of your career.

 Only chain access to strategic investment financing

PricewaterhouseCoopers investment. VeChain is a blockchain service provider, specializing in anti-counterfeiting, supply chain management, and Internet of Things (IoT). VeChain’s system aims to create private keys for each product by applying Internet of Things technology, so that they can be tracked throughout the distribution process.

 Lingqueyun won the C round of financing.

Intel capital, Mingzhao Capital Investment. Lingque Cloud’s core mission is to help corporate customers continuously acquire the core competence of continuous innovation in the process of digital transformation through revolutionary technology. In 2017, Lingque Cloud launched Alauda EE Enterprise Exclusive Edition, a container PaaS platform supporting private deployment, for the enterprise market. It is a new generation of enterprise PaaS platform based on container technology, with DevOps as the concept, and facing micro-service applications.

 Rabbit Xiaoer won the A round of financing of RMB 100 million

Dachen Venture Capital, Junshang Capital and Zhongxiang Capital Investment. Rabbit Xiaoer has promoted the cooperative mode with the partner mode, and has expanded the shared linen mode to nearly 30 cities, and established a complete marketing, washing warehouse and logistics distribution system in the cities covered. The number of cooperative hotel rooms has reached more than 20,000.

 Wake Awakens Light Won Tens of Million RMB A+ Round of Financing

Sanqi mutual entertainment investment. Founded in September 2015, Wake is committed to building the largest yoga IP brand in China, "Let users think of yoga and think of Wake". At present, Wake has nearly 10 million registered users, mainly female users aged 20-45 in first-and second-tier cities. At present, there are about 1500 professional yoga teaching courses on Wake platform, all of which are independently developed by Wake team.

 Automobile travel

Qijia Technology received RMB 4 million angel round financing.

Heyi capital investment CyclePlus riding plus (hereinafter referred to as riding plus) — — A new platform for one-stop cycling. For the main customers whose unit price of cyclists is more than 10,000 yuan, we will provide cycling enthusiasts with on-site maintenance and repair, online sales of equipment, cycling travel, race registration and guarantee through cycling plus mobile stores and partners, so that cycling users can worry, save time and money. Riding plus adopts the membership operation mode, and only by joining riding plus members can you enjoy differentiated services such as making an appointment, price concessions and participating in activities. At present, the membership fee is set at 299 yuan/year. From the operational data, the membership conversion rate is high.

 A Pre-A round of financing of RMB 15 million was obtained for a car.

Galaxy Venture Capital Investment. Through in-depth contact with the automobile comprehensive exhibition hall, "One Booking Car" found that in addition to providing the automobile comprehensive exhibition hall with the needs of content output, software and hardware, platform, technology and finance, another key point that determines whether the automobile comprehensive exhibition hall is profitable is to improve the "comprehensive transformation ability" of the automobile comprehensive exhibition hall. For the automobile comprehensive exhibition hall without systematic training, "One Booking Car" will launch "One Booking Car Business School" to build a whole system for the automobile comprehensive exhibition hall.

 Travel immediately and get the B round of financing.

Evergreen dangerous peak, Lanchi Venture Capital, Junlian Capital, Ant Financial Investment. Immediately provide car service models provided by users, mainly Volkswagen, GM, Ford, GAC Chuanqi and other mainstream models or brands in the market. Travel immediately indicates that, according to user data, compared with taxis, its car service can save users 50% of travel costs for short-distance travel in the city. At the industrial chain and financial level, Ant Financial will join hands with many car rental companies and financial leasing companies to carry out financial innovation, helping car rental companies to expand their asset scale and improve their operation mode.

 Shima Finance received 300 million RMB Series C financing.

Huachuang Capital, Xinzhongli Capital, Hanergy Investment, Yixin New Financial Industry Investment Fund, Copper Street Investment. "Shima" provides consumer finance and supply chain financial services for farmers and distributors based on the travel scenes of rural users. This round of financing funds will be mainly used for business development and industrial chain layout.

 Big search car won $800 million in round F financing.

The investor did not disclose it. Dasouche, a leading new retail and financial platform for automobiles in China, was established in December 2012 and is headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The management and transaction service of car dealers in big search car SaaS products — — "Big Windmill", "Car Cattle" and "Car Shop 168" serve second-hand car dealers, new car second network and 4s shops. Big search car helps China car dealers to realize online and digital, and join hands with strategic shareholder Alibaba Group and car manufacturers to build a new car retail ecosystem with seamless connection between online and offline, deep integration and rich three-dimensionality, which will benefit all aspects of the industry, such as car manufacturers, car dealers and consumers.

 social contact

Close enough to the smart community to get Pre-A round of financing

Donghong Capital, invested by Donghong Equity Investment Fund. Close enough was founded in 2014, and the initial operators surpassed the e-commerce platform, accumulating community service experience and data for close enough. In 2016, it gradually transformed into an intelligent access control system, trying to tap the commercial value of community Internet of Things communication channels with intelligent access control. Close enough product forms include an intelligent access control hardware and a tool-type mobile phone APP, which supports face recognition unlocking of about 5 meters (which can be entered in the APP), manual unlocking of mobile phone APP, IC card unlocking, etc., which are mainly installed at the door of the community and downstairs of the building. Advertising forms include voice broadcast when the door is opened and video and pictures that are scrolled.

Cultural and Creative Industries

Pencil Road Won A Round of Financing

Evergreen dangerous peak, Yingnuo Capital, Weizhongxiang Fund, Zhizhuo Capital, HQ,JYQ joint investment. Pencil Road, a subsidiary of Beijing Chuangba Beibi Information Technology Co., Ltd., was founded on August 11, 2015. It is an entrepreneurial vertical media that focuses on reporting entrepreneurs who have already raised, are raising and want to raise funds, and is committed to making real reports. It does not sell soft articles, advertisements or black words. Journalists are not allowed to charge any fees, and it is a media application that announces the real financing amount in China.

 Odaily planet daily received RMB 30 million angel round financing.

Qixi Investment, Eight-dimensional Capital, Chuangda Capital, Return Fund, Star Joint Venture Capital. Odaily Planet Daily will cover readers in the blockchain field from the perspectives of news flash, data quotes, technical interpretation and exclusive depth: providing news information, popular science content and highly readable features for the pan-people interested in blockchain; Provide market interpretation, project analysis and trend judgment for digital currency holders; Provide technical interviews, in-depth content and industry research reports for practitioners.

 Hanye shares acquired Quantum Cloud for RMB 3.8 billion.

Hanye stock investment. The original main business of Hanye Co., Ltd. was the production and sales of pesticide raw materials and products, veterinary drugs and feed additives, as well as the manufacture and sales of zirconium series products.

 Hanshi received tens of millions of RMB Series A financing.

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Huaxia Jicai Dachang Film and Television Industry Development Fund Investment. Founded in 2003, Hanshi has been focusing on the positioning communication of film and television advertisements, and has its own original methods in the core business links such as film and television advertisement communication strategy, audience research, creativity and shooting production. Advertising companies that are obsessed with methodology can better understand the essence of advertising, and in the current complex and changeable external environment, they can be more obsessed with spreading the core values of customers.

 Orange Light received hundreds of millions of yuan in Series D financing.

Atlas Capital, Guojin Investment, Jinglin Asset Investment. Founded in 2012, Orange Light is a text AVG interactive community based on domestic business, which provides orange light platform, orange light production tools, and IP downstream incubation.

 Micro-reading received RMB 80 million in Series B financing.

Chenhai Capital, Mango Wenchuang and Sina Weibo invested. Since its establishment, Micro Mind has always insisted on sharing the beautiful and happy cultural values, operated differently according to the different characteristics of different red people, deeply cultivated a few high-quality and durable cross-platform KOLs, such as the core KOL and the first online celebrity "Liziqi" in 2017, and recorded the simplest and original "pastoral life" with short videos.

 Youai Network acquired Adventure World for RMB 216 million.

You love network investment. Hainan Adventure was established in 2017, and its products involve fantasy cultivation, ancient myths, heavy history and other themes, covering various types of mobile online games such as strategy, card, APRG and MMO turn-based system.

 Medical health

Dr. Ai Chong received a strategic investment of RMB 10 million.

Mengdian asset investment. After Dr. Ai Chong cut into the pet medical service market with the online consultation App of the pet doctor, Dr. Ai Chong also provides hospital SaaS management system, medical allocation, B2B drug procurement and pet medical supply chain financial services at this stage.

 Compson received tens of millions of RMB B+ rounds of financing.

Zhejiang zheshang industry and finance holding co., ltd. invested. Established in 2011, Beijing Compson Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise and a Beijing-level enterprise science and technology research and development institution. It has been committed to the innovation, research and development and service of frontier technologies in life sciences. It has successively introduced international leading technology platforms, set up a number of advanced research and development laboratories, maintained cooperative relations with many leading experts in the industry, and provided technical guidance and support by top experts in the industry, creating a one-stop solution for gene services.

 Hefu Medical received strategic investment financing.

Poly real estate investment. Hefu is a star of Ran Ran in the medical biotechnology industry, with a group of active and enthusiastic Hefei people, who are committed to building a high-quality medical access company in the Chinese market.

 Wan Lingyun received RMB 15 million Pre-A round of financing.

Jinpu medical investment. In community hospitals, Wanling Pangu’s intelligent diagnosis and treatment scale can identify children’s mental diseases at an early stage, and cooperate with higher-level hospitals to establish a green channel, and timely refer the potential high-risk groups to higher-level hospitals for further diagnosis. At the same time, outside the hospital, the company will also launch an online auxiliary tool to collect children’s cognitive behavior at home for secondary analysis to assist doctors in diagnosis and treatment.

 Zhimei Oriental won the B round of financing.

Aifeisi investment group invests. Founded in 2015, Zhimei Oriental (formerly known as Ai Youyun) is a solution service provider focusing on providing SaaS platform and output management for medical and beauty institutions. SaaS service providers also help upstream and downstream institutions in the medical and beauty industry to carry out marketing management, membership management and supply chain management, etc., so as to strengthen the efficiency of institutional operation and make institutional operation management intelligent. The key business of Zhimei Oriental is to focus on customer management.

  • In April 2016, the company received 30 million A round of financing from Xiaoka Investment and Assembly Number Investment.

 Sumai Medical was financed.

Citic capital investment. The predecessor of SUMAI Medical is Tsinghua University Ultrasonic Medical Instrument Research Center, which is engaged in the research and development and promotion of high-energy ultrasonic scalpel medical equipment. The company has a high-quality elite team, the main R&D and management personnel are from Tsinghua University, with rich industry experience and outstanding achievements.

 Micro-medicine received $500 million Pre-ICO financing.

AIA, CIC Zhongcai Fund, newly established group investment. Micro-medicine group, formerly known as registered network, was founded in 2010, mainly providing diagnosis and online appointment services, and is one of the few online medical service providers. In China, the online registration, prescription and diagnosis platform for micro-medicine has 150 million registered users.

 Mei’ ao Bio won the A round of financing.

Puhua Capital Investment. Founded in 2016, Meiao Bio is located in Meishan Bonded Port Area, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, and is a biomedical start-up. For the positioning of enterprises, Meiao Bio is committed to building a worldwide commercial platform with innovative medical care "project introduction", "technology transformation" and "marketing". One end of the platform is connected with innovative diagnosis and treatment technologies and products around the world, and the other end is connected with hospital doctors and patients. Through the introduction, transformation and marketing, the product landing and sales are realized, and the commercial closed loop of the project is completed.

 Furui shares acquire Youde Medical.

Furui stock investment. Youde Medical is a company listed on the New Third Board. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of high-end rehabilitation equipment and medical electronic products.

 Medical health

Kunyou Optoelectronics won A+ round of financing.

Yuan Jing Capital, Walden International, Zhongke Chuangxing Investment. North Ocean Photonics is a high-tech enterprise focusing on micro-optics and optical integration, and its headquarters is in Shanghai, China. Relying on its own profound technical accumulation and unique manufacturing technology, Kunyou Optoelectronics can provide customers at home and abroad with one-stop precision micro-optical products and services for design, customization and production with unparalleled cost performance and top-level technological accuracy (minimum feature size is 30nm).

 Chunmi Technology won the C round of financing

Star VC, invested by Light Control Zhongying New Industry Fund. Pure rice continues the characteristics of high cost performance of millet products, and uses 3C product technology to build smart small household appliances. At present, the main products are Mijia Pressure IH rice cooker and Mijia IH rice cooker.

 Bihu Technology received RMB 100 million and above Series B financing.

The investor did not disclose it. Bihu Technology is a company dedicated to the research and commercialization of automotive Internet of Things services, aiming at establishing an Internet ecosystem for people and vehicles through cloud computing and patented software and hardware products.

 Da Dao Zhi Chuang won tens of millions of RMB Series A financing.

Cailletet capital investment. Avenue Zhichuang is a startup company with binocular vision technology as its core and autonomous navigation of service robots as its application.

 Gaoxian Robot received tens of millions of dollars in Series A financing.

Lanchi Venture Capital, Qihai Capital Investment. Gaoxian is a rare team with global vision and channel resources in China at present, which not only has the technical and engineering ability to lead competing products for at least 2 years, but also can effectively help customers solve practical problems and needs and realize large-scale commercialization.

 Xinggong Microelectronics received RMB 10 million angel round financing.

Kunshan Qicun Investment Center (Limited Partnership) Fund Investment. Established in Shanghai in May 2013, Senko Mirco-electronics CO., LTD is a high-tech company with current sensor chip as its core, which was founded by senior managers and technicians of first-class semiconductor enterprises in Europe and America together with famous venture capital funds.

 Ruike Microelectronics Won A Round of Financing

Qingkong Ginkgo, Huashan Capital, CIC Zhongcai, Hefei High-tech Industry Investment. Ruike is committed to the commercialization of RRAM technology and brings the next generation memory technology to the market. Compared with the existing technology, it will have the advantages of low cost, low power consumption, information security and scaling down. The products can be applied to the memory of embedded and Internet of Things devices.

 Ruiwei Technology won the B+ round of financing.

Investment from intel capital. Ruiwei is the first batch of artificial intelligence startups in China. It not only has excellent visual perception technology, but also is an advocate and leader of front-end intelligence in the industry. It is committed to realizing complex machine vision algorithms in embedded front-end with limited performance, power consumption and cost, and applying them in traditional industries such as home appliances, retail, security and so on to help the industry transform and upgrade and realize AI empowerment.

 Lexin Information Obtained Financing

Intel Capital Intel Capital invested. Headquartered in Zhangjiang High-tech Park, Shanghai, Lexin Information Technology (Shanghai) Pte., Ltd. is an advanced and professional wafer-less semiconductor company, which is committed to developing and designing low-power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth system on a chip, and providing mobile communication and Internet of Things solutions.

 Ubtech Robotics received $820 million in Series C financing.

Tencent investment. Founded in 2012, Ubisoft Technology is a global high-tech enterprise integrating artificial intelligence and humanoid robot research and development, platform software development and application, and product sales. In 2008, Ubisoft started from the research and development of power servo steering gear, the core source of humanoid robots, and gradually introduced consumer humanoid robots, commercial humanoid robots and Jimu robots.


Spark Thinking received $15 million in Series B financing.

Shanhang Capital, IDG Capital, Lightspeed Capital, Jinshajiang Venture Capital. Spark thinking is aimed at online thinking training for children aged 3-10. Through one-to-many online interactive live small class and strong interactive game links, students’ core basic abilities such as thinking ability and concentration are cultivated. At present, the online course of Spark Thinking focuses on the training of young and connected mathematical thinking, which is divided into three modules: spatial thinking and graphics, computing ability and logical reasoning. At this stage, we have completed the production of 30 class hours, and the team plans to improve the content to the third grade level in the next stage.

 49 Tour received RMB 375 million in financing.

Investment from day boat culture. Since its establishment in 2012, Sijiuyou has operated a variety of game products, covering classic animation, fantasy cultivation, ancient myths, Three Kingdoms and other themes, covering various online game types such as SLG, ARPG, action and leisure.

 VSPN lejing culture obtains strategic investment financing.

Tencent investment. Lazy Bear Sports was established at the end of 2013. It started its corporate operation in Beijing in June 2015, and set up a Shanghai office at the same time. It is the first commercial sports content provider in China, and now it has become a comprehensive service platform for the sports industry in China.

List of foreign investment and financing this week

This week, a total of 143 investment and financing events were recorded abroad, and the capital in many fields such as corporate services, finance, medical care and health continued to be hot.

From the field point of view, the financial sector has the highest activity this week. A total of 63 investment and financing events were recorded, including … …

. The enterprise service sector recorded 29 investment and financing events this week, … …

In the medical and health field, 26 investment and financing events were recorded this week, half of which were … …

Other fields are less distributed, as follows: … …

Geographically, among the 143 investment and financing events included this week … …

This week, there were 57 incidents in which foreign investment and financing exceeded 100 million yuan, accounting for … …

The specific distribution of financing rounds this week is as follows: … …

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … The dividing line … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

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