Academicians and experts gather in Rongcheng to discuss the future of lithium batteries

Yi Yili, cover news reporter

On November 8th, the second Tianqi Lithium Innovation Season was held in Chengdu. Focusing on the theme of "International Brands, Open APIs, Professional Events", the event upgraded and created a new VI logo and took "Competition" + "Meeting" as the core structure. A series of activities such as the 2nd Tianqi Lithium Entrepreneurship Competition, Technology Ecology Conference, and Roundtable Discussion were carried out simultaneously to help the incubation of excellent entrepreneurial projects and promote the sustainable innovation and development of the lithium industry.

Deeply empower high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship projects to land and accelerate growth

As a lithium-based new energy materials enterprise, in August this year, Tianqi Lithium announced the launch of the second Tianqi Lithium Industry Innovation Season Entrepreneurship Competition project recruitment. 20 projects from across the country were divided into university groups and enterprise groups to enter the finals, covering the comprehensive utilization of low-carbon resources, battery recycling and salt lake lithium extraction and battery materials, as well as other technical fields of the lithium battery industry chain.

After intense competition, the university group "High-energy lithium-ion battery special electrolyte series products" project and the enterprise group "Salt Lake Lithium Extraction Leading Technology Service Provider" project won the gold medal in the second Tianqi Lithium Industry Innovation Season Entrepreneurship Competition.

It is reported that Tianqi Lithium has precisely customized incentive measures for each award-winning project in response to the development needs of different innovative entities such as entrepreneurial teams, university institutes, and high-tech start-ups, and deeply empowered high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship projects to transform and accelerate growth.

The relevant person in charge of the innovation incubation department of Tianqi Lithium Industry said that Tianqi Lithium Industry will escort entrepreneurs from three aspects: "technology, survival and transformation", and strive to make the competition a bridge to promote the transformation of high-quality projects, and promote the innovation and sustainable development of China’s new energy industry.

Experts, partners, and innovators come together

Open a grand event of "technology + industry + ecology"

On the afternoon of November 8, the 2nd Tianqi Lithium Industry Innovation Season Technology Ecology Conference was held at Tianqi Lithium’s newly completed Xinglong Lake headquarters.

Liu Ying, executive vice president of Tianqi Lithium joint stock company, said that the purpose of holding the technology ecology conference is to provide a platform for common communication, create an open scene, and welcome everyone to brainstorm and collide with the spark of wisdom.

Duoji, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave a keynote report entitled "Demand Analysis and Prospecting Progress of Lithium, a New Energy Material in our country under the" Double Carbon Target ".

Ma Xin, a foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering and a distinguished professor of Blue Sky Scholars at Civil Aviation University of China, gave a keynote speech at the conference entitled "Mineral Resources from the Perspective of International Frontier Research: Lithium Ore and Lithium Carbonate Precursors and Their Strategic Value in the Power Battery Industry Chain".

In addition, the conference also invited Professor Tang Yougen of Central South University, Director of the Institute of Chemical Power and Materials of Central South University, Director of the Hunan Key Laboratory of Chemical Power, and President of the Hunan Battery Industry Association; Wu Haobin, a researcher of the "Hundred Talents Program" of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Zhejiang University; Zhuang Quanchao, a professor of the School of Materials and Physics of China University of Mining and Technology and the head of the lithium-ion battery research team; Liu Xingquan, a professor of the School of Materials and Energy of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China; Meng Haixing, a senior researcher of the Research Department of BAIC Production and Investment, and other guests, on the theme of "Innovative development of lithium resources (lithium mines, salt lakes) industry and the future of next-generation battery (power batteries, energy

The relevant person in charge of Tianqi Lithium Industry said that with the advancement of the country’s high-quality development and "dual carbon" goals, in recent years, Tianqi Lithium Industry has always adhered to the business philosophy of "economic interests must never take precedence over safety and environmental protection", and has continuously promoted technological progress and innovation. After realizing the vertical integration of resources to materials, it has continuously explored new highlands in the field of material development and manufacturing. Through new business models and new technologies, it provides high-quality value-added services for the industrial chain and promotes the green and sustainable development of the industry. Tianqi Lithium Industry will also continue to assist and escort the dreamers of China’s lithium industry, and together they will sail towards a bright future of sustainable development.