Extend the end point service touchpoint to create a scene service ecosystem, and the first batch of domestic HarmonyOS credit card innovative applications are officially launched

After Huawei officially released HarmonyOS 2 covering mobile end points such as mobile phones on June 2, on June 3, the innovative application of HarmonyOS on China CITIC Bank credit card was officially launched, becoming the first Financial Institution Group pioneer in the credit card industry to embrace Huawei’s HarmonyOS ecosystem. The "HarmonyOS atomization service" first launched by China CITIC Bank credit card, and the first HarmonyOS native APP in the credit card industry, the mobile card space APP V1.0, launched simultaneously, aims to extend the end point service touchpoint, create a scene service ecosystem, connect multiple life scenarios into a new smart life platform, and create a more intelligent, smooth and warm financial service experience for HarmonyOS users.

With the increasing penetration of mobile payment in life scenarios such as catering, play, travel, and shopping, consumers have also put forward higher requirements for the intelligence, convenience, and lightweight of digital financial services in different scenarios and end points. In order to actively embrace market changes and meet users’ iterative consumption habits, China CITIC Bank Credit Card Center conducts scenario exploration and service construction based on Huawei IoT Internet of Everything ecosystem, re-polishes online services, creates a new experience of credit card services based on multi-end point (1 + 8 + N), and deeply integrates Hongmeng’s ecological capabilities with the financial service capabilities of credit cards to provide smooth financial services to Huawei’s end point customer base.

According to the introduction, according to the distributed development characteristics of HarmonyOS and the ecological construction goal of the Internet of Everything, the China CITIC Bank credit card center takes advantage of financial services to create a scene-based service experience. Through the HarmonyOS device "Touch" NFC application, merchants can buy coupons and pay bills minimally, and realize the multi-terminal interconnection and payment of HarmonyOS devices. Specifically, the HarmonyOS credit card service application launched by China CITIC Bank credit card during the same period covers daily high-frequency financial life scenarios such as local life, consumer payment, and card application. It mainly includes four innovative applications:

(1) Local life scene application: Users do not need to download and install, just directly pull up the merchant end page through NFC "Touch" to experience minimalist payment (e-payment), coupon buying and other operations. At present, the local life scene application has launched the first batch of landing applications in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Zhengzhou. It is expected that the checkout pages of more than 500 stores will display platform cards with NFC exclusive labels. Users hold the mobile phone "Touch" platform label equipped with HarmonyOS to pull up the service application and get credit card discounts from local merchants.

(2) Consumer payment application: Support cross-device collaborative login and setting through one account on the HarmonyOS system, and realize direct payment for end point devices such as watches and mobile phones, so that users can get a smooth experience of the Internet of Everything.

(3) Application: It can intelligently recommend credit card products based on customer preferences, simplify the application process, and create a convenient experience for users to apply for smart cards.

(4) Mobile Card Space APP (HarmonyOS version) V1.0: This is the first batch of HarmonyOS system native APP in the credit card industry. The application covers all current credit card basic services, including card application, card opening activation, account verification and repayment, quota management, points management, installment services, letter collection and payment, life services, etc., giving full play to the architectural advantages of HarmonyOS to provide users with smoother and more stable credit card services. In the near future, users will be able to search for "Mobile Card Space" download experience in the Huawei app store.

At the HarmonyOS 2 and Huawei full-scene new product launch conference on June 2, Huawei launched the HUAWEI WATCH 3 series smart watch, equipped with the Huawei Wallet APP, which extends the smooth and convenient card swiping experience and mobile smart wallet ability to wearable devices, creating a new mobile wallet experience for users to "swipe when you lift your wrist". It is worth mentioning that Huawei Card, an exclusive credit card created by Huawei in conjunction with UnionPay and China CITIC Bank for Huawei users, can also be used on the HUAWEI WATCH 3 series. After Huawei Card users complete the card binding on the side of the watch, they can use the watch to swipe the card at a touch, enjoy the same consumer pen and pen cash back as the mobile phone side, and enjoy various selection rights such as welfare exchange and airport/high-speed rail VIP halls after consumption meets the standards. Up to now, the cumulative application volume of China CITIC Bank Huawei Card has reached 3.60 million, and it will continue to introduce more rights and interests to Huawei users in the future, bringing more surprises.

For the first batch of domestic HarmonyOS credit card innovation applications launched this time, China CITIC Bank Credit Card Center said that with the official release of HarmonyOS, China CITIC Bank credit card will extend the end point service touchpoint under the HarmonyOS ecosystem to create a scene service ecosystem. According to user preferences under the HarmonyOS multi-end point ecosystem, provide intelligent, smooth and personalized consumer finance and payment experience. According to reports, under the HarmonyOS ecosystem, China CITIC Bank credit card center will also create standardized financial service solutions, embedded in the HarmonyOS ecosystem in the form of multiple services, to provide financial services for HarmonyOS partners.