Game stocks collectively strengthened. Game ETF(516010) rose by 4.5%, and Palm Technology rose by 14%.

  Shares collectively strengthened,Up 14%,When many shares rose, ETF(516010) rose by 4.5%, with turnover exceeding 130 million yuan, which was traded at an intraday premium.

  Recently, a number of media broke the news that Blizzard National Service is expected to officially announce its return within one month, which has aroused the concern and expectation of the majority of game lovers.

  In addition, the annual Global Game Developers Conference will be held in San Francisco from March 18th to 22nd, 2024. This year’s conference takes AI as the key word. In addition to 16 AI theme summits, game companies and AI technology and tool providers will participate in the forum to show the latest progress of AI+ games.

  On the data level, China Game Industry Report 2023 shows that in 2023, the actual sales revenue of the domestic game market exceeded 300 billion yuan for the first time, and the user scale reached 668 million, reaching a new high. Among them, the actual sales revenue of mobile games was 226.86 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.51%.

  It said that the regulatory policy of the game industry remained stable and the game version number was issued normally. In the short term, driven by new products and categories (small program games, etc.), the overall demand of the game industry is expected to continue to rise. In the long run, the introduction of new technologies such as AIGC, VR/AR/XR is expected to bring about the possibility of content and business model reconstruction while reducing costs and increasing efficiency and innovating interaction methods. Combined with the current historical valuation quantile, the sector as a whole has good investment value.

  Investors who don’t have a stock account can grasp the investment opportunities of the game sector through the linked fund of the game ETF (012729).

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