Big hand! The appointment of the first batch of national civil servants in the new year was released. I didn’t expect this position to occupy three seats.

  CCTV News:The new year is a new atmosphere. On the second day of 2018, the State Council announced the appointment of a number of national staff, three of which were about the appointment of university presidents: Zhang Jun was appointed as the president of Beijing Institute of Technology; Li Yanrong was appointed President of Sichuan University; Wu Pute was appointed president of Northwest A&F University. The author found that the resumes of these three new principals are remarkable.

  Zhang Jun, a 34-year-old Beihang: I can finally go to work 4 kilometers away this time.

  Image source: Beihang University website.

  Open Zhang Jun’s resume, and the column of work performance is full of fruits. He has long been engaged in the technical and systematic research and personnel training of civil aviation route network operation monitoring and satellite-based route operation monitoring. He has won the first prize of national technological invention and the first prize of national scientific and technological progress, and also won the China Youth Science and Technology Award, He Liang He Li Technological Innovation Award and the second prize of national teaching achievement; 35 national invention patents were authorized. In 2013, he was elected as an academician of China Academy of Engineering.

  Zhang Jun has been the Party Secretary of Beihang University since 2015. It is worth mentioning that Zhang Jun is a "native" of Beihang University. He studied and worked in Beihang University for 34 years, entered the school in 1983, stayed in school as a teacher in 1990, obtained a doctorate in engineering from Beihang University in 2001, and became vice president and member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee in 2009. Although this time I only went to work in Beijing Institute of Technology, which is 4 kilometers away from Beihang University, Zhang Jun still expressed his deep attachment to his alma mater with a sentence of "a touch of clear and pure blue sky, a burning fire, and a deep feeling of reluctance".

  Li Yanrong, president of "online celebrity": Love is a part of the university, so we should recruit more girls.


  Image source: People’s Daily Online.

  Li Yanrong, also an academician of China Academy of Engineering, has been the president of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China since 2013. He has won 2 second prizes for national technological inventions and 8 provincial and ministerial prizes, published more than 260 publications and papers, and edited 4 books/teaching materials, and won the National Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. He was the chief technical expert of 973 major projects.

  Speaking of Li Yanrong’s name, you may be unfamiliar, but you must have seen his video online. At the graduation ceremony of the University of Electronic Science and Technology in 2016, he said: "Love is a part of the university. I am also very anxious when my classmates complain that there are fewer girls. I also said that we should recruit more girls, but students should not only focus on our school." When this statement came out, it really made him a fire on the Internet.

  At the opening ceremony and graduation ceremony every year, there is always a catchy phrase that brings him close to the students. At the graduation ceremony in 2017, Li Yanrong told his classmates to "be an interesting person" and to tear off the label of "rigid" engineering male and science and engineering men. Interesting people have two common characteristics: read more and experience more, learn as much as possible and enhance their self-confidence. The second is to find and release the humorous, humorous and optimistic nature lurking in everyone’s heart, and be good at discovering truth, goodness and beauty from life to show their personality charm.

  In 2016, the University of Electronic Science and Technology held a "Fitness Run", and the main road of the school was closed. Li Yanrong was going to a meeting in a distant office building. It happened that he met a student riding a battery car, and Li Yanrong took the student’s battery car to the meeting place. This incident once became a story of the school. At the graduation ceremony of the University of Electronic Science and Technology in 2017, Li Yanrong also specifically mentioned: The little brother of the battery car who took me to the venue should graduate this year, right?

  It is such a "Duan Zishou" who is very close to the people and has made a lot of fruitful explorations in personnel training, scientific research, discipline construction, teaching staff and internationalization.

  Wu Pute, a Xinong: Rooted in Yangling in 37 years.


  Image source: People’s Daily Online.

  As a research expert who has been engaged in the efficient utilization of agricultural water and soil resources for a long time, Wu Pute has been selected as the leading talent in the national 100-million-person project in the new century and the national "10,000-person plan" for scientific and technological innovation, and won three national science and technology awards. He has also won the National Excellent Agricultural Science and Technology Worker, the National "May 1" Labor Medal, the China Agricultural Engineering Science and Technology Development Contribution Award, and the Outstanding Contribution Award for the Implementation of the Eleventh Five-Year Science and Technology Plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

  "My growth is full of the care of several generations of western farmers. My college studies started here, and my academic research started here. I have lived in Yangling, a fertile ground for science and education, for 37 years. " At the appointment meeting, Woopt said affectionately.

  Wu Pute used "sincere fear" to express his feelings after getting the baton. "I am sincere fear because Northwest A&F University has given me too much cultivation. I am a native science and education worker and school management cadre." Since 1999, seven scientific and educational institutions in Yangling merged into Northwest A&F University, Wu Pute became the fourth president after the joint school.