China people, can they really challenge the million-dollar luxury car market?

This time, I made a special trip to Beijing to attend the technical communication meeting of "Easy Sifang" platform looking up at U8, and we also got a chance to watch the engineering prototype looking up at U8 at close range, but many details about the real car need to be kept secret until two months later. Therefore, this time the focus is more on the introduction and sharing of BYD’s "Easy Sifang" platform.

At present, the introduction of the "Easy Sifang" technology platform should have been fully rolled out on the Internet, so this time I will not do a "big and comprehensive" technical analysis, but talk more about my feelings and my interests.

1. Is the "Easy Sifang" technology platform looking to pry open the tickets to the million-level market?

In fact, from the perspective of looking up at UJ8, which was originally positioned as a "million-class luxury hard-core new energy SUV", all ordinary people will have a very simple and intuitive reaction: Why can our China brand gain a foothold in the million-class market? You should know that even Mercedes-Benz/BMW/Audi is a flagship model, for example, S-Class /7 Series /A8 can reach this price.

What people have is not only decades of luxury car experience and brand accumulation, but also a deep-rooted brand impression to make consumers around the world pay for it. What about our China brand?

Therefore, when BYD launched the brand, it naturally thought this question thoroughly, and the answer they came up with was: subvert the existing technical pattern and lead the future. When our cutting-edge technology is one step ahead, this is the best "admission ticket" for us to stand in the luxury car forest.

I believe that the "Easy Sifang" technology platform is only the first step to look forward to the pre-heating of U8, which is enough to clearly tell the world that this car is fundamentally different from the so-called "front drive, rear drive and four-wheel drive" brought by traditional cars relying on internal combustion engines, gearboxes and transmission shafts-that is to say, each wheel is driven by an independent motor, and the four motors add up to more than 1,100 horsepower! It also independently controls the speed and even the direction of each wheel. For example, the left front wheel moves forward and the right rear wheel moves backward, which can bring the effect of "turning around in place". At present, we see that all the special functions, such as "in-situ U-turn, desert slope washing, emergency floating, puncture control" and so on, are all practical application functions derived from this technology.

The drive control of the car is changed from the past "axle" to the present "wheel", and the "reverse movement" between different wheels can be realized, and the wheels can be accurately controlled by the extremely high-speed 800V electronic control device. It is somewhat similar to the computer entering the 3D era from 2D, and with the maturity and development of this four-wheel independent motor, it can also derive infinite potential in the future.

Second, "Easy Sifang" is only the first step to look up to U8, and I care more about other black technologies in the future:

Although we belong to the same group, I believe that "Yi Sifang" has been a brand-specific technology for quite a long time, and how it will play a role in looking up to U9, which is located in a sports car, and bring such capabilities as "vector cornering" (interested friends can learn about the "vector thrust" engine of the Russian-made SU35 fighter) will be my personal expectation and curiosity in the future.

Once this technology becomes a practical application, the existing car turning by "turning the steering wheel and relying on the steering system" may become a thing of the past. At least with the blessing of the "Easy Quartet" technology platform, the combination of four-wheel independent motors and the steering system may give the following U9 sports car endless "maneuverability" and "maneuverability" play space.

As for myself, is there any new breakthrough in suspension technology for U8?

For example, "double-chamber air spring" is matched with "double-valve CDC electronic shock absorber", which greatly improves the comfort and handling ability. Moreover, as I said on my social account before, the "Double-chamber Air Spring" plan of our China enterprise was officially launched this year. So look up to U8 on the suspension, or continue to use the technology of top overseas suppliers? Or make progress hand in hand with the booming parts enterprises in China? These are all topics worth looking forward to.

For another example, the interior design, interior materials, interior configuration and vehicle functions, which are the most involved in China’s automobile enterprises and the people’s "highest expectations", will bring us any surprises in these aspects as a "million-level price"?

Want to know the above four points, China car companies have never let consumers down since they entered the "new energy era". Some new energy car companies rely on these four "inherent advantages" to turn into their own unique skills, which are not only called "the best within 5 million" but also attack the city and plunder the land in the market, with unlimited scenery. Therefore, how to "be stronger in the middle and have stronger in the middle" is also a topic I look forward to looking up to U8.

Third, the "second stage" of new energy competition is a comprehensive competition of talents, systems and resources.

Friends who are familiar with me know that I have participated in many important technical communication of BYD, and I have the honor to know many technical gods of BYD in the process. This not only gave me a deep understanding of BYD’s technology, but also helped me find a big advantage of BYD’s talents and system:

The technical team of others is not only powerful, but also stable and can develop at a high speed.

Both Wolfgang Eiger, former design director of Audi, and Dr. Zhang Qiang, former vice president and chief NVH (sound insulation and noise reduction) expert of Renault Nissan, have joined BYD for many years, and have been driving the growth of the enterprise from talents to the back architecture, and many excellent technical engineers in China have also achieved rapid growth.

Dare to look at other China car companies? How many so-called "technical gods" of car companies can "serve for a long time" in an enterprise? Often, it is the leader above who leaves as soon as he replaces the "technical god", and the newcomer overturns the technical line and logic of his predecessor and starts all over again.

If you talk about your heart, other car companies really don’t just envy BYD now. Look at what people are doing in terms of talents and systems, and give all the technical gods sufficient space and a stable environment. Finding the gap and facing up to the problems is an important step for China brands to grow hand in hand.

The technical director of BYD’s "Easy Sifang" technology platform this time is Dr. Lu Guoxiang, the technical director of BYD’s DM-i hybrid architecture. A long-term "service" in BYD, step by step to become the top technology leader in the industry. As for the specific technology used behind and the suppliers of related parts, if not unexpected, most of them are also "rolled out" together with BYD.

(Looking up at Mr. Xu Kai, U8 product director) There is also Xu Kai, U8 product director, who was seen at the scene this time. According to public information, this is a young talent born in 1990 who graduated from Tsinghua University and has overseas study background. I have also worked for BYD for more than 6 years, but now I have become the "product director" of the first new car of BYD’s million-level luxury brand-there is a great god to clear the way before, and then there are young people to grow sturdily. Looking up at the press conference and seeing the talents and system strength behind it is the most exciting!

In the past few decades, the China automobile market has witnessed a profound truth:

Depending on the market for technology, you can’t change real technology.

Only from the roots, relying on ourselves and cultivating ourselves, can we have the opportunity to become a real force in the field of "world-class luxury cars". After all, cars are scientific and technological products, and the essence of "high-end luxury cars" is still technical competition and experience competition.

Looking up is the "first step" of our China brand in the million-class luxury car market, and the "Easy Sifang" technology platform is the foundation of all this. We are honored that this is a brand-new technical field initiated by our China car companies and China engineers.