Let the same level call can’t catch up! The three black technologies of M9 show a far-reaching lead.

The consumption concept of new energy vehicles is quietly changing. According to the newly released report "Insight into the Consumption of New Energy Vehicles in China in 2023", people expect networking to bring more freshness and sense of technology. It can be said that the level of intelligence is gradually becoming the core competitiveness.

Starting from this trend, it is obvious that M9 is leading the new trend of science and technology in the field of new energy vehicles. With the layers of mystery unveiled, many scientific and technological attributes and characteristics of M9 in the world are continuously known by the industry and consumers.

In recent days, two patent drawings of black technology of M9 were released, including sound painting AI complex (guess name) and retractable triple screen (guess name). At the same time, Huawei’s megapixel smart headlights, a black technology, also have more new information exposure. With the deep empowerment of Huawei, the three black technologies are the pioneers in the world, which not only realizes the revolutionary advancement of the owner’s experience, but also makes it difficult for other car companies to catch up with it with a far-reaching posture.

Huawei is deeply empowered! The three major black technologies show their advantages.

With the approaching of the official listing date, the news about M9 continues to increase and quickly becomes a hot topic. For example, some time ago, the measured video of Huawei smart headlights carried by the M9 was screened on major platforms. In recent days, the three major black technologies in the world have once again become hot spots.

Huawei’s mega-pixel smart headlights, which have been familiar to people, once again show their multiple characteristics. The unique advantage of Huawei’s mega-pixel smart headlights is the high-pixel module blessing+precise control algorithm, which not only takes into account lighting safety, but also brings multiple interests. To put it simply, Huawei’s mega-pixel smart headlights can easily bring practical value to each scene, regardless of safety assistance functions, pedestrian interaction and entertainment atmosphere scenes.

The sound painting AI complex is also a "must" in the black technology matrix. From the patent drawing, the sound painting AI complex integrates light and shadow aesthetics, acoustic technology and AI wisdom, and is expected to realize the symbiosis of "sound, painting and wisdom". For example, in terms of "sound", passengers in all locations can experience the shocking auditory enjoyment brought by HUAWEI SOUND 2.0.

In the aspect of "painting", under the catalysis of crystal and electric light source, it reflects beautifully, creating a bright and beautiful visual feast; In terms of "wisdom", Xiaoyi’s intelligent assistant jumped out of the screen for the first time and became a digital virtual "housekeeper" who knows you and knows you. The trinity of "sound, painting and wisdom" makes the sound-painting AI complex become the core of the cockpit.

The retractable triple screen is the focus of this exposure. It is reported that this set of new patents can make the central control panel show longitudinal telescopic effect. You know, triple screen is the mainstream at the moment. It is foreseeable that the display effect of the retractable triple screen will far exceed that of the same level. More importantly, the retractable triple screen should be able to realize multiple functions such as multi-screen interaction and multi-screen simultaneous display, so that the more intelligent, convenient and smooth interactive experience of the extremely intelligent cockpit can really land.

It is not difficult to find that the three major black technologies of this exposure all show their respective advantages and characteristics. The cornerstone and source of these advantages comes from Huawei’s deep empowerment. Huawei’s technology accumulation and profound accumulation have truly turned into a valuable black technology and applied it to the M9.

For example, Huawei’s megapixel smart headlights have benefited from Huawei’s intensive cultivation and continuous progress in the field of optical communication for more than 30 years. Today, Huawei has deployed a large number of optical patents and standards in this field. Based on the technical accumulation in space optics, laser light source, optical algorithm, optical perception and other aspects, Huawei has integrated optical technology with the automobile industry with innovative thinking, and then produced Huawei’s mega-pixel smart headlights.

Huawei’s bottomless accumulation is far more than that. To sum it up briefly, Huawei not only has the autonomous controllable capabilities of HarmonyOS, AOS and VOS, but also has the "smart ceiling" capabilities in four fields: intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, intelligent vehicle control and intelligent network connection! It can be seen that Huawei is already in the leading position in the technical field of new energy vehicles.

Far ahead! Experience revolutionary advancement,identical sizeDifficult to catch up with

"China New Energy Vehicle Consumption Insight 2023" also mentioned that new energy vehicle manufacturers should aim at the demand side and improve the intelligent level of vehicles to cater to consumers’ consumption preferences. In addition, the competition pattern of the new energy vehicle market is also undergoing major changes, and the pattern differentiation is increasingly disparity.

This also means that new energy automobile manufacturers should find the key to breaking the game-both resonating with consumers’ preferences on the same frequency and being left behind by competitors. Obviously, based on the three major black technologies, the M9 in the world has a far-ahead advantage in both the owner experience and the comparison at the same level.

In terms of car owner experience, Wenjie M9 realizes the revolutionary advancement of experience with three black technologies. Taking the AI complex of sound and painting as an example, it not only realizes "both listening and painting", but also has "great wisdom". For the car owner, the sound painting AI complex is like a "peerless fairy" who is always around to open a gorgeous world, making the daily use experience always comfortable, comfortable and pleasing to the eye. At the same time, compared with other models in the same class, it is possible to truly realize a more uniform distribution of sound, ensuring the consistency of the whole car’s hearing. And with the help of HUAWEI SOUND 2.0, the M9 will also support the spatial audio function. Different from the panoramic sound and immersion sound solutions provided by other models in the same class, Huawei Space Audio provides complete services based on the ecological advantages of content sources, car operating systems and audio equipment, and the depth adjustment of software and hardware can give full play to the immersion listening effect of cockpit advantages.

Huawei’s mega-pixel smart headlights can bring advanced novel experience-in static state, it can project holiday wishes, music, weather, etc., while in dynamic state, it can realize many functions such as curve light carpet lighting, distance warning, narrow road width indication, lane change warning, lane safety guidance, and courtesy to pedestrians. It can be said that Huawei’s megapixel smart headlights are not only safe enough, but also interesting enough, and the humanized feeling is full. Its strength is beyond doubt, and it is even more difficult for other models to catch up. This is because the high-pixel module blessing+precise control algorithm of Huawei’s megapixel smart headlights is one generation ahead of the industry. At the same time, Huawei’s megapixel smart headlights adopt the industry-leading self-developed dual-lamp fusion algorithm, which breaks through the industry’s imagination of the use function of smart headlights.

The expected experience of the retractable triple screen is the welcoming effect of the triple screen with a great sense of ceremony and the multi-screen and multi-angle view of the triple screen cinema. With the excellent image quality, the ultimate silky and intelligent interconnection, it is expected that the experience will really take a new stage. In addition to properly arranging the LCD instrument panel, the central control large screen and the passenger entertainment screen, it is also possible to lead the same level in screen size. It is conceivable that the retractable triple screen can realize the cooperation between the screens and solve the problem of separation between the triple screen schemes of other models.

Far ahead! With the three major black technologies as the vanguard, although the M9 in the world has not been listed, it has already given people a series of surprises, and this is far from over. You know, Huawei definitely has more black technologies to carry on this important model, the M9. For example, HUAWEI AR-HUD, which can present a large display area, and a smart chassis that makes driving feel more comfortable. This also makes consumers look forward to asking how wonderful and grand science and technology drama M9 will bring after it is officially listed!