Ford Shanghai Auto Show and China Consumers "Go Wild Together"

  Ford brand assembles many star products of its off-road family, including the more powerful explorer — — Ford Explorer Kunlun Peak Edition, Ford Ranger, a brand-new iconic medium-sized pickup truck to be made in China, and Ford Bronco, a legendary hard-core SUV to be introduced to China, made their debut at the 20th Shanghai International Auto Show. In addition, Ford Sharp L, the "family travel artifact" equipped with Ford’s latest high-powered and super-strong E- hybrid technology, also officially announced the price, starting from 229,800 yuan.

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Ford Explorer Kunlun Peak Edition, Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco appeared at the Ford booth.

  At the same time, the upcoming legendary electric running SUV Ford electric horse GT storm retro version, a new generation of super-performance off-road pickup Ford F-150 Raptor, and pure electric pickup F-150 Lightning were also exhibited on the same stage. At this auto show conference, Ford innovatively adopted the form of Live Show, and a number of social media opinion leaders participated in the live broadcast, which fully demonstrated the brand’s characteristics of "wildness" and "toughness" and invited China consumers to "explore together and go wild together".

  More off-road than luxury, more luxurious than off-road

  Stronger explorers can go to Kunlun — — Ford Explorer Kunlun Peak Edition officially unveiled.

  The Ford Explorer family, the flagship of large-scale high-performance wisdom, has added another powerful member: Ford Explorer EcoBoost? 285 Kunlun Peak Edition. On the basis of inheriting the hard-core design of Ford SUV family, it follows the design concept of land luxury yacht, and takes Kunlun Mountain, the king of thousands of mountains, as the source of inspiration to build a hard-core land yacht.

  Ford Explorer Kunlun Peak Edition has the unique car color Altun Orange+the "blackening" upgrade of the whole car, the interior contrast design+the contour print details, and the mountain pattern elements run through the whole car, showing unique personalization from the outside to the inside.

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Ford Explorer Kunlun Peak Edition

  Kunlun Peak Edition continues the layout of Ford Explorer’s longitudinal rear drive, equipped with an upgraded fourth-generation 2.3T EcoBoost? engine and a brand-new 10-speed automatic manual transmission, with a maximum generate of 276 HP and a peak torque of 425 N m. Its off-road performance is also more advanced. On the rear axle, it is equipped with a pure mechanical structure Tolson limited slip rear differential equipped with a million-class luxury car and Bridgestone "Power Man" series all-terrain REVO 3 AT tires to cope with various outdoor road conditions calmly. Special suspension adjustment to improve the stability and comfort of driving; High-strength metal chassis armor provides chassis with stronger protection than armored vehicles. Compared with explorers, the ground clearance is increased by 30mm, and the departure angle is 24/23 approach angle, which improves the passing performance of vehicles on unpaved roads. The front double towing hook is also standard, with a towing capacity of 3 tons, which allows users to get out of trouble easily and enjoy more leisurely outdoor exploration.

  Can "pretend" and "wild" 

  New iconic medium-sized pickup truck — — Ford Ranger will be made in China soon.

  At this auto show, Ford also launched the brand-new iconic medium-sized pickup truck Ford Ranger, which will be introduced to the China market, further explaining the product essence conveyed by the spiritual core of "Built Ford Tough" and brand promise — — Every Ford pickup truck is tough, powerful and outstanding in performance, which fully meets or even exceeds consumer expectations.

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Ford Ranger

  Since its birth in 1982, Ford Ranger has gone through five generations. In the development process, it has gradually set a new benchmark for strong performance, excellent power and leading technology for the medium-sized pickup truck market segment. Up to now, the cumulative sales volume has exceeded 8 million vehicles, which is a star model trusted by users all over the world. In appearance, Ford Ranger follows the rough and tough design of global pickup trucks such as F-150, and draws inspiration from the thousands of demands of Ford’s existing pickup truck users, which is both tough and modern. Based on the strong strength of the ultra-high performance off-road pickup truck model in Baja off-road race and the 1.5 million km verification mileage of a single car that can circle the earth for 40 times, Ford Ranger has forged more outstanding reliability and durability. In addition, as a multi-purpose pickup truck, Ford Ranger can also cover various user scenes such as work, family, and play, and has powerful multifunctional uses.

  Also as the iconic product of "Built Ford Tough", Ford Ranger and the new generation of Ford F-150 Raptor form the "Ford Pickup Twin Heroes", which brings more choices to more China consumers who are pursuing tough performance, free riding and individual life.

  No road is my road.

  Legendary hardcore SUV— — Ford Bronco is about to enter China.

  Ford announced that Ford Bronco, a legendary fierce horse with hard-core off-road performance, is about to enter the China market. As an idol product in the history of SUV, Ford Bronco has a history of more than 50 years. At the same time, as a pioneer of the concept of Sport Utility, the birth of Ford Bronco filled the market gap at that time. Its excellent versatility and strong passability greatly extended people’s life and travel radius, and directly promoted the development and growth of SUV models.

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Ford Bronco

  Born for extreme off-road, Ford Bronco is built on a hard-core non-load-bearing chassis with high-strength steel frame, equipped with independent front suspension, and the hard-core integrated rear axle brings higher strength and off-road control ability through spiral springs and five control rods. Since its listing in North America in 2021, Ford Bronco has been enthusiastically sought after by fans, and the supply has been in short supply for a long time.

  Well mixed, no piles.

  "Family Travel Artifact" for China Family — — Ford Sharp L officially announced the price.

  On today’s Ford Live Show, the official manufacturer’s guide price of Sharp L — — The fuel version is 229,800 yuan to 279,800 yuan, and the e-hybrid version is 249,800 yuan to 309,800 yuan.

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Ford sharp l announces the price

  Ford Sharp L has a car length of 5 meters and a wheelbase of nearly 3 meters, and innovatively adopts 2/2/3 magic seat layout and two rows of double suspended first-class seats. The upgrade of skip size and layout brings spacious and comfortable interior space. Sharp L is equipped with Ford’s high-powered super E- hybrid system and mechanical true four-wheel drive, with an acceleration time of 7.1 seconds from zero to 100 kilometers, a fuel consumption of 6.31 liters per 100 kilometers under WLTC working conditions and a long battery life of 1,188 kilometers, creating a high-quality travel experience without mileage and scene anxiety.

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Ford sharp l

  As the originator of the application of power split technology, Ford intensively cultivates EcoBoost? engine technology in view of the current situation of "fuel saving but generally insufficient performance" in the hybrid market, with rated power of 202kW and maximum torque of 405N·m, which has both strong power and ultra-low fuel consumption. You can have a high-powered hybrid 7-seat SUV with less than 250,000 yuan, which will benefit the public with a high-quality travel experience with strong power and low fuel consumption, and become a selfless charging pile family. Represented by Sharp L, Ford will launch a series of hybrid vehicles in China market, which will continue to promote the electrification transformation and bring more driving pleasure to users. (Photo courtesy of Ford)