Hot search! A stream may cause white lung, and nucleic acid detection can measure A stream!

  Recently, the results of influenza surveillance in local disease control institutions show that the current level of influenza virus activity in China has increased, mainly influenza A. For a time, the antiviral drug oseltamivir was pushed to the forefront again, and some places were out of stock.

  Because the symptoms of H1N1 and COVID-19 are very similar, many people can’t judge whether they have COVID-19 or H1N1, and they can’t take medicine on their own.

  So, how do you judge whether you are infected with swine flu? Is it necessary to hoard medicine? How to prevent it?

  Nucleic acid detection can detect H1N1 virus.

  On February 27th, "Nucleic acid detection can also detect influenza A virus" boarded a hot search in Weibo.

Hot search! A stream may cause white lung, and nucleic acid detection can measure A stream!

  Liu Sheng, the attending physician of the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, told China News Service that China is a through train, and the infected A stream can be found by nucleic acid detection, but this nucleic acid is not the same as that. Liu Sheng said that every pathogen has a nucleic acid, and the nucleic acid detection mentioned in the hot search uses a nucleic acid detection reagent for the H1N1 pathogen.

  In addition, the hospital can also detect whether it is infected with swine flu through professional test paper.

  Judging from the symptoms, according to a document issued by the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention on the 27th, influenza generally manifests as acute onset, fever (high fever can occur in some cases, reaching 39-40℃), accompanied by chills, headache, muscle and joint aches, extreme fatigue, loss of appetite and other systemic symptoms, such as sore throat, cough, nasal congestion, runny nose, retrosternal discomfort and flushing on the face. Mild flu is often similar to the common cold, but fever and systemic symptoms are more obvious.

  Expert: Influenza can also cause "white lung"

  According to CCTV news reports, most patients with influenza are mild cases. But what needs to be known is that influenza can also cause "white lung", and this situation happens every year.

  According to Hu Yang Weibo, deputy chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of pulmonary hospital, both influenza A and B viruses may cause influenza pneumonia. For patients with low immunity, older age or serious basic diseases, the possibility of pneumonia is greater. The manifestations of pneumonia are persistent cough and expectoration, and gradually dyspnea and hypoxemia.

Hot search! A stream may cause white lung, and nucleic acid detection can measure A stream!

  If the above symptoms appear, you need to go to the hospital for chest plain film or chest CT. If the symptoms are serious, you even need to stay in ICU for treatment. A small number of patients need tracheal intubation.


  Fever, headache and muscle pain are probably caused by swine flu.

  With the approach of spring, the weather is warm and cold. Every year, when winter and spring alternate, it is the season of high incidence of respiratory diseases, especially influenza. Recently, many people have found that there are more people suffering from influenza A around them, and many parents also said that the number of children with fever in kindergartens is increasing. So what should I do if I encounter "A stream"? Under what circumstances do I need to go to the hospital for treatment in time? The fingertip client reporter interviewed the relevant doctors of Shenyang Sixth People’s Hospital.

  Song Xiaodan, director of the emergency department: The number of patients with swine flu increased slightly but there was no serious illness.

  As the first line of defense to protect citizens’ health, the emergency departments of major hospitals are the "posts" that can best reflect the incidence of group diseases. Song Xiaodan, director of the emergency department of the Sixth People’s Hospital of Shenyang, said in an interview that there is a slight increase in fever patients who come to see a doctor at present, but there is still no big epidemic. "Winter and spring are the high season of influenza, usually from December to March of the following year, but this year’s influenza is slightly lagging behind." Song Xiaodan said.

  In recent days, the patients who came to the emergency department of the Sixth Hospital were mainly young and middle-aged. "There are several young people around the age of 20 who came to the emergency department for medical treatment because of high fever, but there are no serious complications. They all recovered after the fever." Song Xiaodan said that there have been no serious cases caused by influenza. "For healthy adults, influenza is a self-limiting disease. It should be noted that there is no specific drug for viral infection, and they are all symptomatic support treatments, such as ensuring nutrition, taking some analgesic drugs for pain, and reducing fever in a targeted manner, which generally heals itself in about a week. "

  Liu Hongyan, Director of Infectious Diseases Department: Influenza vaccine can be injected during influenza epidemic period.

  Liu Hongyan, director of the Department of Infection of the Sixth People’s Hospital of Shenyang, told the reporter that this year’s influenza A virus is mainly H1N1. "This virus strain is not a recent one, but an influenza virus that has also been popular in previous years. The influenza vaccine we play every year will cover this strain. At present, vaccination is the best way to prevent it. Because taking oseltamivir for drug prevention is only effective during taking the drug, it has no protective effect after stopping taking the drug, and we can’t take this drug for a long time, so it is best for people with poor immunity to prevent it by injecting influenza vaccine. " In addition, although influenza vaccine is often injected in autumn and winter, susceptible people who have not been vaccinated during influenza epidemic can still be vaccinated in time. It is worth noting that some people, especially children, are still infected after being vaccinated with influenza in autumn and winter. Liu Hongyan said that vaccination can not guarantee 100% avoidance of infection, but it can greatly reduce the risk of severe illness.

  So how to distinguish the common cold from the flu? Liu Hongyan said that the common cold is mainly respiratory symptoms, and the systemic symptoms are relatively mild. However, the general symptoms of influenza are severe, and there will be symptoms such as high fever, headache and muscle pain, so people will feel particularly uncomfortable. Experts remind that although the flu can heal itself, it may still lead to pneumonia, myocarditis, otitis media and other complications, and everyone should not take it lightly. At present, although the weather is getting warmer, it is necessary to wear a mask and wash your hands frequently. Self-protection can largely avoid infection. So is there still the risk of infection when you go to work or go to school after recovering from infection with H1N1? Liu Hongyan said that the immune protection period after getting a flu is about half a year, so as long as she recovers, she can work and study normally.

  Liu Che, deputy director of the laboratory: At present, the positive detection rate of swine flu is relatively high.

  In the laboratory of the Sixth Hospital, Liu Che, deputy director of the laboratory, is busy every day. He said that the current amount of influenza detection has increased compared with before. "The full name of influenza virus detection we are talking about is the nucleic acid detection of influenza A and B and syncytial virus. It collects samples through throat swab. The collected swab will be sent to our laboratory and tested by PCR. Judging from the results of recently received specimens, the positive rate of swine flu is still very high. " Liu Che said.

  "Patients can quickly know whether they are infected with influenza A through timely influenza virus testing, so as to treat the symptoms." Liu Che said that if the samples were sent before 11: 30 am on weekdays, the results could be detected on the same day, and the samples after 11: 30 would report the results before 11: 30 the next day. "Everyone can use drugs in a targeted manner. If you don’t have the flu, you need further examination. You can’t blindly use antiviral drugs."

  Liu Che reminded that winter and spring are the epidemic seasons of various respiratory viruses. In addition to influenza viruses, there are many viruses that may cause symptoms similar to influenza, so it is necessary to detect them in time. "In addition to detecting influenza virus, we can also carry out six respiratory tract tests, including human metapneumovirus, adenovirus, respiratory syncytial virus and parainfluenza viruses 1, 2 and 3. Early and rapid detection of respiratory virus can clarify the cause, help to judge the prognosis, predict the severity of the disease and use drugs accurately.

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