Biyinlefen: From earthy flavor to fashion, the road to the rise of China luxury brands.

In the past year, China’s luxury brand, which was once ridiculed as "rustic" and "daddy-like", has finally turned over this time. Now there are more than 1,200 stores in China, which are not only located in high-end department stores, but also reach airports, high-speed railway station and golf courses.

From 2011 to 2023, Biyinlefen’s revenue has increased nearly tenfold, achieving the performance of double increase in profits for 12 consecutive years, maintaining the position of "the first golf apparel in China" and becoming a veritable light of domestic products. Behind the explosion of Biyinlefen, there are actually traces to follow.

In terms of strategic layout, Biyinlefen broke the previous conservative decision, boldly embraced the wave of globalization, and successfully acquired international luxury brands CERRUTI 1881 and KENT&CURWEN. At the 20th anniversary celebration, Chairman Xie Bingzheng announced the "New Decade" development strategy, aiming to build a luxury brand matrix with the lifestyle of male elites as the core. This series of bold measures, Biyinlefen’s gorgeous turn from "earthy flavor" to "internationalization", not only enhanced its international status and influence, but also let the world see the strength and ambition of China brand.

In product design, Biyinlefen keeps innovating and keeping up with fashion trends. In the spring of 2024, the new products introduced more international design elements and creative ideas, and launched a more fashionable and personalized product series, which satisfied the young consumers’ pursuit of fashion. Since 2020, it has launched a joint series with the palace culture of the Forbidden City to show the beauty of the East to the world. Jin Dachuan, an international supermodel, wears this year of the loong co-branded model, which is inspired by "Nine Dragons Wall" in the Palace Museum, awakens the DNA of the descendants of the dragon, is of high value and rich connotation, and deeply captures the hearts of young people!

In addition, Biyinlefen skillfully took advantage of golf DNA to focus on the core categories of T-shirts and became a "T-shirt expert". In the process of research and development, "three highs and one innovation" — — High-quality, high-grade, high-tech and innovation are the research and development concepts, and the world’s strength is gathered. From material selection to production technology, every link is strictly controlled to ensure the best quality products for consumers. After years of efforts, Biyinlefen T-shirts have won the first comprehensive market share of T-shirts for five consecutive years.

In the past year, Biyinlefen experienced a series of brand upgrades, successfully got rid of the labels of "earthy flavor" and "daddy flavor" and gradually stood out in the market. However, in the domestic consumer market, clothing brands never lack homogenization competition. How can consumers recognize luxury goods and pay for them? There are inevitably three factors: one is the long-standing brand power — — For example, international luxury brands, and the second is that the products are hard enough, fashionable enough and comfortable enough; The third is to find another way to differentiate the market.

Facts have proved that Biyinlefen has achieved these three points. Biyinlefen is keenly aware of the gap in the fashion of China’s male elite, especially the high-end domestic men’s wear, showing a fault trend. This "splash of wealth" is caught by Bielefen! Break through the pain points of the elite with a sense of belonging to comfort, fashion and elite culture, and occupy the minds of the middle class with a T-shirt! Just as lululemon caught middle-class women with a pair of yoga pants, Archaeopteryx became the standard of "three treasures of middle-aged people".