The movie "Cardinal" staged a spy war, and the big cousin became a "fox"

1905 movie network news Jennifer lawrence’s next spy thriller, Red Sparrow, tells the story of a beautiful Russian spy, Dominika Egorova, who was unwillingly trained by the KGB as a "swallow" (the code name of KGB erotic spy, which men call crow), and then sent to seduce an American CIA agent, Nathaniel Nash, in order to obtain a list of American spies who broke into Russia. However, the two young men, Dominica and Nash, collided with each other, and then Dominica took the initiative to become a double agent for the CIA in order to get back at his colleagues who trained her as a "swallow". With her help, senior Russian spies planted in Washington and the military have been found out one after another, and she will overcome all difficulties, return to Moscow, and finally become the American eyeliner around Putin.

In this film, the role of "Big Cousin" used to be a ballet dancer, and later she became an erotic female spy of KGB in Russia, and was called "Cardinal" by people at that time.

When talking about the film Cardinal recently, Francis Lawrence, the director of the film, said: "This is definitely an R-rated film. After reading the original, I indicated the development direction of this film to the company in the synopsis. This is definitely an R-rated film. People who are timid or easy to retreat are not suitable for this film. This is a hard R-rated film."

Jennifer lawrence and Francis Lawrence worked together on Hunger Games before, and The Cardinal also featured joel edgerton, Jeremy Irons, matthias schoenaerts, mary louise parker and charlotte rampling. Because the spy career of Cardinal was full of transactions and games of emotion and color, jennifer lawrence was specially trained on how to better show the charm and charm of women through gestures.

In Francis Lawrence’s view, the experience of their previous cooperation is very helpful to this film: "I think she intends to take some risks in this film. I’m afraid she won’t do these things for people she is not familiar with. We all have a shorthand method. We have worked together for a lot of time, so we both know how to communicate more effectively, which is obviously very useful."

The Cardinal starring jennifer lawrence will be released in March 2018.