Domestic and foreign tourists punch in the "online celebrity city" Changsha "night economy" is getting more and more prosperous.

At night, the Fisherman's Wharf is very lively, and tourists sit here enjoying the beautiful scenery and tasting delicious food. They are all all media reporters of Changsha Evening News. Zou Linshe.

At night, the Fisherman’s Wharf is very lively, and tourists sit here enjoying the beautiful scenery and tasting delicious food. They are all all media reporters of Changsha Evening News. Zou Linshe.

→ In the fire palace, tourists are choosing non-legacy items.

In the fire palace, tourists are choosing non-legacy items.

↑ On the platform of the 7th floor of Changsha Guojin Center, tourists are taking photos.

On the platform of the 7th floor of Changsha Guojin Center, tourists are taking photos.

  Changsha Evening News October 5 (all-media reporter Liu Jieping and Hu Zhaohong) During the National Day holiday, the star city of Changsha and the banks of Xiangjiang River, when night falls, colorful neon lights light up the enthusiasm of citizens and tourists, and also ignite the "night economy" of Changsha. From restaurants to shopping malls, to entertainment consumption, Changsha’s "night economy" is becoming more and more prosperous.

  Night food

  There are many diners in the evening, and supper sells like hot cakes.

  At 22: 00 on October 4th, tourists from Jiefang West Road, the "punch card place in online celebrity" in Changsha, were still jostling with each other. In the festive atmosphere full of red lanterns, grilled squid, fried kebabs and other foods are dazzling. With the enthusiastic shouts of the store, the tourists queuing for shopping are more interested. 

  Ms. Li, a tourist from Shaanxi, is eating and strolling with "online celebrity milk tea" and kebabs. She told reporters that she had already checked the food strategy before coming. "After coming, I found that Changsha cuisine deserved its reputation." Ms. Li said with a smile, Huangxing South Road has walked along the commercial street, Pozi Street and Jiefang West Road, and I can’t wait to grow two stomachs.

  At midnight, there were people waiting in line in front of a barbecue shop on Jiefang West Road. Li Mingjie, the person in charge of the store, said that the business in the store was very hot during the National Day holiday. Especially after nightfall, the weather is relatively cool, and there are more passengers. "The light signboard fire beef will sell tens of thousands of strings a day." The Xicha Huinong Building Store sells 3,000 cups of milk tea a day; The Wenheyou Lao Changsha Lobster Hall in Hisense Plaza has more than 7,000 tables in line, and more than 16,000 numbers are released every day … … 

  Night purchase

  Extend business hours and promote special activities.

  Eating in Changsha is a feast; Buying Changsha at night makes people unable to stop.

  During the National Day holiday, faced with the big cake of "night economy", some shopping malls in Changsha have extended their business hours and launched special activities to compete for consumer dividends and increase considerable profits.

  At 20: 00 on October 3rd, cool fancy basketball, thrilling parkour, extreme cycling and other cool performances were staged in yue fang ID MALL South Square, and the special marketing activities became the "attraction artifact" of merchants. There are many people shopping in the mall, and the passenger flow reaches the peak of the day. "Our business hours were extended to 23: 00 three days before the National Day holiday, and the passenger flow exceeded 100,000 for four consecutive days." On October 5th, the person in charge of yue fang ID MALL told the reporter with a smile that the total passenger flow in the first four days increased by 6.48% compared with the same period of last year. 

  "During the National Day holiday, Changsha was hot for days and the passenger flow was very dense at night." Xue Hongyuan, general manager of Youa Outlets, introduced that interactive activities and catwalk performances in the evening give consumers a better shopping experience. "The sales of a few hours at night account for more than 50% of the whole day. Among them, Nike, Adidas, Li Ning and other sports brands are particularly popular, and some brands have sold more than 1 million yuan a day. "

  "Eat, drink and buy everything, the consumption environment is getting better and better, and the festive atmosphere is strong … … Changsha ‘ Online celebrity ’ Temperament is increasingly apparent, attracting more and more domestic and foreign tourists. " According to the person in charge of ID MALL in yue fang, foreign tourists have injected new strength into Changsha consumption. In shopping malls and pedestrian streets, tourists with foreign accents abound. "Northeast tourists buy branded down jackets in Changsha, while Malaysian tourists linger in Changsha … … Changsha’s nightlife is rich, showing a more touching charm. "

  Night entertainment theme films set off a wave of watching movies.

  During the National Day holiday, many viewers chose to go to the cinema to watch the main theme films, and three main theme films of My People,My Country, The Captain and The Climbers set off a movie-watching craze. "Now you have to grab tickets in advance to watch a movie." On the evening of October 5th, Tan Xin, a citizen, had dinner at Wanjiali International Mall and wanted to go to a nearby cinema to see a movie. He found that My People,My Country was almost full before 9: 40 pm.

  The performance market also performed well. On the evening of October 1st, the new Hunan Building Store in Laughter Workshop opened for the first time, and the scene was very popular. Almost at the same time, the performance of Laughter Workshop Shengshi Tianxingge Store was equally hot. During the National Day, Laughter Workshop put on two performances every night, satisfying the desire of the audience who arrived in Changsha from all over the country to watch Nanpai crosstalk. Xiangsheng Comedy Club also staged a National Day performance at the Xiangjiang Theater in Pozi Street. On the evening of October 5, Qizhi’s partner Zhang Wei premiered the comedy sketch "Recruit Soldiers and Buy Horses", which was a good laugh.

  On the evening of October 5th, citizen Sheng Qi took his children to the Grand Theatre of Meixi Lake International Culture and Art Center early to watch the stage play "Adventure of the Elf Returning from the Dinosaur". This dinosaur plays an adventure drama of "crossing", which is suitable for parents and children to share happy time. On October 4th, Meixihu Grand Theatre also staged a stage play "Meet Yourself" with Lai Shengchuan as artistic director. "Many people came to see Lai Shengchuan, and the audience on the first floor hall exceeded expectations." Zhao Yue, a staff member of Meixihu Grand Theatre, introduced.