320 yuan didn’t pay back 4,000 yuan after half a year, and at least 300 college students suffered.

  Zhongmou, a staff member of the "704 School Flower" project, dynamically exposed personal photos and information of students who owed money on QQ and threatened them. They are all remakes of Changsha Evening News reporter Zhu Yanhuang.

  Loans overdue, 320 yuan in May, and paid back the money in June. However, in November, the other party said that it had not been paid back. This arrears rolled at the interest rate of "five thousandths of a day" and now it has to pay more than 4,000 yuan. Yesterday, Tian Jiao (a pseudonym), a female college student in Hunan Safety Vocational and Technical College, told reporters: "I felt afterwards that this was like a trap from beginning to end." According to preliminary understanding, there are at least 300 students trapped in the trap, covering many universities in Changsha, Nanchang, Wuhan, Guilin and other cities. Bankers believe that this is suspected of usury. The police said that this kind of behavior has been suspected of fraud, and the injured students can report the case to the local public security organ.

  participate in activities

  Don’t pay for the computer, do part-time repayment.

  “‘ 704 school flower ’ The project is engaged in activities, first take the computer, then pay part-time repayment, and don’t pay a penny. " On January 1 this year, Tian Jiao received such a message from a male classmate. She was dubious and asked a few more questions. According to the theory of gay men, computers are genuine products of a certain brand, worth more than 4,000 yuan.

  Later, Tian Jiao and the male classmate went to a hotel where the so-called "704 Campus Flower" project worked to register.

  Yesterday, she recalled to the reporter that the procedure was quite complicated. To fill in personal information, she had to register her student number in official website, and her address should be accurate to the dormitory number. She had to leave a copy of her ID card, take a photo with the contract, and download a "704 Campus Beauty" App.

  After completing the formalities, Tian Jiao was pulled into a QQ group, and the people of the "704 School Flower" project posted all kinds of part-time information in the group, and many people robbed a part-time position. It turns out that this laptop is not for free. You have to do a part-time job for one year to pay your bills, and do it for 36 hours every month. If you don’t work full time, you should deduct the bill at the price of 13 yuan/hour.

  On January 3rd, Tian Jiao got the computer. On March 3, Tian Jiao began to work part-time, "that is, distributing leaflets and small advertisements on the street."

  If you fall into the trap for more than 300 yuan, you will have to pay 4000 yuan after half a year.

  In April, June and July, Tian Jiao completed the task. For the hours not finished in May, Tian Jiao remitted 324.5 yuan as the standard in June. In August, Tian Jiao didn’t work part-time, but only worked for 8 hours in September. On September 3, she remitted 786.5 yuan to the other party and paid off the bills for these two months.

  At the end of October, Tian Jiao asked Zhong, a staff member, on QQ, "Has the previous bill been settled?" Zhong’s voice replied "Hmm", indicating that it was settled. But in November, Tian Jiao’s "704 Campus Flower" App suddenly failed to log in. She called customer service and heard an amazing news: "You owed more than 300 yuan in May, and now you have to pay 3988 yuan."

  "Why pay so much money?"

  "It is written in the contract that the overdue period should be calculated at the interest rate of five thousandths. Now it is 198 days, totaling 3,988 yuan."

  "But I paid off the May bill in June!"

  "The money in June can’t offset the bill in May, you can only owe it and then roll interest."

  "I don’t have that much money, I can’t afford it."

  "Don’t also don’t also, then someone will come to you for money. We will also submit your information to the bank and include it in the national credit blacklist. At that time, we will not be able to buy a plane ticket, a high-speed rail ticket and a car loan for life. "

  Tian Jiao was in a hurry, and asked about the location, person in charge and telephone number of Zhong’s Changsha branch, but the other party did not answer at all.

  Yesterday, Tian Jiao said to the reporter anxiously: "Now, I am afraid that this arrears will be more than 4,000 yuan."

  Ultra-high interest rate overdue interest rate is more than 40 times the statutory interest rate.

  After consulting a bank customer service, the reporter learned that the overdue interest rate of five thousandths per day is as high as 182.5%. The latest benchmark interest rate of bank loans announced by the central bank is 4.35% (one year), and the overdue annual interest rate of the "704 Campus Flower" project is actually more than 40 times the annual interest rate of banks. According to the law, it is usury that exceeds the central bank’s benchmark interest rate for the same period by four times, and it is not protected by law.

  The reporter dialed the phone number of Zhong, a staff member of the "704 Campus Flower" project, and questioned that he "failed to fulfill the obligation of reminding, failed to repay the loan within the time limit, was suspected of usury, and threatened the students", but he returned some cliché s of "signing the agreement and paying back the debts". After learning the identity of the reporter, Zhong immediately hung up the phone.

  At the suggestion of the reporter, Tian Jiao went to Changsha Central Branch of China People’s Bank to inquire about personal credit information. Yesterday, she got the result that as of November 22nd, she had no overdue records of loans and credit cards in the last five years.

  Victimized students

  At least 300 people, all over the universities.

  Tian Jiao’s experience is not a case.

  According to her prompt, the reporter joined a QQ group named "704 school flower is a pit and fills it up", and actually met more than 300 victims in it. According to the reporter, they are from universities in Changsha, Nanchang, Wuhan, Guilin, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hefei and Zhengzhou.

  Xing, a student from Wuhan, told reporters on QQ: "Many students paid back a few dollars less without knowing it, and then ‘ 704’ Some people deliberately don’t remind them, and they don’t remind them for months, and the App is normal. After these few dollars turn into thousands, they start looking for us. " He said that some students paid more than 10,000 yuan for overdue fees.

  Once a student fails to pay the overdue fee, the staff of the "704 Campus Flower" project will insult them as "lazy, swindlers and scum" and threaten to post their personal photos and information on the Internet. Just at 3 pm yesterday, the reporter saw that Zhong had exposed the photos and personal information of Huang, a classmate of Nanning Jiaotong University, in his QQ dynamics, saying that "I want you to get angry in Nanning".

  Many students said that they were all brought in by their classmates, and there were many victims in colleges and universities all over the country, and the members in the group were only a part.

  The reporter confirmed

  The cooperative bank called it "uninformed"

  What is the origin of the "704 Campus Flower" project? The reporter inquired from the Internet that it is a product of "Guangzhou Campus Flower Information Technology Co., Ltd.", which was established in January this year.

  The reporter asked a female customer service staff of the company: "Why can’t I pay the bill in May in June?"

  The female customer service actually explained this: "Just like a person grows up, the age can only move forward. You can’t go back to the age of 5 when you are 6 years old, can you?" !” She added that the "704 Campus Flower" project was jointly launched by the company and a bank in Liuzhou, Guangxi.

  The reporter confirmed from the customer service of the bank that the financial service center of small and micro enterprises under the bank did cooperate with "Guangzhou Campus Flower Information Technology Co., Ltd." in this project, but the specific situation should be asked to the financial service center of small and micro enterprises.

  The staff of the small and micro enterprise financial service center of the bank admitted that there was cooperation between them, but they didn’t know how Guangzhou Campus Flower Information Technology Co., Ltd. operated the "704 Campus Flower" project. They said that they did not know about the reporter’s "failure to fulfill the obligation of reminding, overdue repayment, suspected usury and threatening students".


  Suspected of usury and fraud

  Victims can report the case.

  "This is obviously suspected of usury." After listening to the reporter’s introduction, Mr. Zhao, the relevant person in charge of Changsha Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, said that banks or financial institutions have the obligation to inform customers when the repayment is about to expire. If customers fail to pay back after the deadline, they can also repay the arrears and overdue fees in the next month. It is against the industry rules and legal provisions not to inform in advance and artificially set the threshold for repayment.

  A police officer surnamed Tian from the Economic Investigation Corps of the Hunan Provincial Public Security Department said that all kinds of behaviors of the "704 Campus Flower" project have been suspected of fraud. Tian Jiao and other injured students can report to the local public security organs, or they can organize their own victimization experiences into materials and send them to the economic investigation department of the public security organs. The police will intervene in the investigation.


  Don’t be fooled by small profits and reveal your privacy

  If you really need money, you can borrow from the bank.

  Mr. Zhao said that college students are not deeply involved in the world, have simple thoughts and have no economic ability. Recently, some financial platforms lend money to college students under the guise of "campus loans", and take illegal means such as exposing personal privacy, telephone harassment and door-to-door threats to obtain high interest, which has disrupted the financial market and social order.

  He said that college students should be wary of this and must not be confused by giving away small profits such as mobile phones and computers, and disclose personal privacy information. If money is really needed urgently, students are advised to discuss it with their parents first, and then apply for a loan from a regular bank after obtaining the consent.