Deep test drive Xingyue L: It is not recommended to buy it directly, but it is recommended to try it yourself.

As early as the day when Xingyue L made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show, it was predicted that it would become this year’s "explosion"; Judging from the actual sales performance, Xingyue L did not disappoint.

At the beginning of the month, the car released its sales performance in August, and the Xingyue L, which was listed on July 20th, won the sales performance of 10,036 vehicles in the first natural month. Indeed, if we look at the entire SUV market, this data is still not enough to squeeze into the top 15 of the Federation list, but as a domestic model with a price range of 130,000-180,000 yuan, it can achieve sales performance comparable to that of a compact joint venture SUV at the same level. Xingyue L is still the only one.

In fact, the new media of automobile intelligence visited 4S stores and found that most of the Star Yue L was still sold by "order". For the tight middle and high-end models, the waiting period was even as long as one month. So, why can Xingyue L sell so well? Aside from the "online celebrity" attribute, is it worthwhile for consumers to give up the joint venture SUV and choose it instead? In a recent test drive, the author finally found the answer.

Sufficient power, intelligent configuration plus points

Regarding the design of Xingyue L, I believe everyone is already very familiar with it, so I won’t go into details here. Comparatively speaking, unlike ordinary customers’ test drive, the test drive route is nearly 300 kilometers long and lasts for about 4 hours, covering complex road conditions such as urban areas, highways, rural roads and mountain roads, which can basically simulate all car use situations encountered by car owners.

If we use one sentence to describe the performance of Xingyue L in urban areas, I believe there is nothing more appropriate than the word "easy to drive". First of all, the steering wheel of Xingyue L is very light. For example, in the case of reversing at a low speed and frequent steering, it will not drag its feet at all, and even female car owners with relatively small strength can easily control it. In addition, when passing through a narrow road at low speed, the 360-degree panoramic image+transparent chassis function can be awakened, avoiding the collision of vehicles and driving more confidently.

Of course, if the stop-and-go in the urban area can only be regarded as a "side dish", the high-speed road conditions can be said to be a big test for a car. As far as the actual driving experience is concerned, even if the speed rises to 100km/h, the chassis of Xingyue L is still very solid. Even when passing through the deceleration device, the vehicle has no unnecessary bounce, and the comfort is absolutely remarkable. Unexpectedly, although the Star Yue L uses Goodyear tires that are biased towards sports properties, there is no obvious tire noise during high-speed driving, which shows that its sound insulation measures are still excellent.

In the face of a 100-kilometer-long high-speed section, of course, the blessing of intelligent assisted driving system is indispensable. The way to activate the Star Cross L assisted driving is very simple. Just turn on the assisted driving function in advance and press the "Constant Speed Cruise" button in the upper left corner of the steering wheel during driving, and the vehicle can enter the adaptive cruising state. At this point, the system can take the initiative to take over the vehicle and slow down when encountering obstacles or the speed limit is reduced, which can not only reduce driving fatigue, but also avoid speeding, which can be said to be the "gospel" for long-distance drivers.

In addition, the test drive route also includes a section of township road surface, which is rugged and even contains some gravel roads. However, this test drive is a 2.0T+8AT+ four-wheel-drive Xingyue L-top model. In the face of this road condition, it is natural that the stable and solid power output makes running a "bad road" a pleasure.

Finally, it is the highlight of the test drive process. After entering the mountainous area, vehicles will face many "stuck bends", and sharp turns and large-angle slopes will not only test the driving level, but also challenge the vehicle’s power system. Fortunately, Xingyue L’s 2.0T high-power engine has 238Ps horsepower and 350N·m torque, and its output power and response speed are excellent. In the words of friends, "Although most compact SUVs can drive up mountains, Xingyue L will obviously be more’ calm’".

Full of luxury, feel the leap.

For most families in China, which car to buy in the end is not a "one-person decision". Besides taking care of the driver’s feelings, the opinions of family members are also very important. In the process of test ride, the performance of Xingyue L is absolutely worthy of the word "excellent".

It is true that the interior of most joint venture compact SUVs has got rid of the criticism of "hard plastic", and the soft package on the center console and door armrest has improved the sense of grade. However, the interior of Xingyue L can be described as "luxury". The center console and the inner roof are made of a large number of suede materials, which makes the interior more warm. The leather package with stitching on the door and the wooden decorative board will also look more designed and give people a pleasing feeling.

Under normal circumstances, the co-pilot is the exclusive seat of the family "hostess", and Xingyue L is not stingy in configuration. There is a 12.3-inch screen in front of the co-pilot, which supports the manipulation of multimedia to play music and videos, making long-distance travel more fun; In addition, the (top) co-pilot seat also has the function of seat heating and ventilation, and supports six-way adjustment, so that passengers can find a more comfortable sitting position.

As for the size, the length, width and height of Xingyue L reach 4770/1895/1689(mm) respectively, and the wheelbase is 2845 mm. Although it is a compact SUV, its space strength can be comparable to that of a medium-sized joint venture SUV. In addition to the luggage of a group of four people can be easily loaded in the trunk, the "Erlang legs" can be easily tilted in the back row, which is completely out of the spatial level impression of the "compact SUV" in the impression.

It is not difficult to find that the "top match" of Xingyue L is only the "entry level" price level of the joint venture compact SUV, which brings the performance strength comparable to that of the joint venture medium-sized SUV, so it is not difficult to understand why it can sell so well.

tagOnce, some people compared French cars to "sweet dumplings", meaning "all the good things are in them". In my opinion, today’s Xingyue L is more like a "zongzi". Under the glamorous appearance, it still retains a "heart" full of sincerity. Therefore, although the Star Yue L is not as good as the joint venture model at the same level in terms of brand premium ability, I believe that anyone who has tried the Star Yue L will vote with their wallets.