The original 180 thousand BYD Han is still a little expensive? Chang ‘an Qiyuan A07 came to Pingtai!

In the era when joint venture is king, it is the mainstream to buy joint venture cars such as Volkswagen, Toyota and Buick. Consumers with insufficient budget often have to settle for the second best and choose domestic flat replacement, such as BYD. Before the rise of new energy, BYD’s F3 sedan was the replacement of Toyota Corolla, and BYD F0, a mini-car, became the first car that many consumers with limited budgets could afford, sheltering them from the wind and rain.

Nowadays, with the price reduction tide of joint venture players, BYD’s new energy products are booming, product positioning and prices are soaring, and consumers’ requirements for vehicle quality are also improving. In my opinion, BYD also needs a replacement, so that more consumers can enjoy higher value at lower prices.

180 thousand Han is still a little expensive? Qiyuan A07 to replace!

In the large and medium-sized car market where Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5 Series and Audi A6L are located, BYD Han is a hot-selling product. Although compared with the traditional luxury brand models of this level, the starting price of its pure electric models is 179,800 yuan, which still makes some consumers feel pressured-although they can bite their teeth, they always feel almost cost-effective. Changan Qiyuan A07, ranked sixth in the sales list of medium and large cars in March, is a leader among its own brands. Its 2024 pure electric genuine fragrance version of new cars starts at 135,900 yuan, which is about 44,000 yuan cheaper than Han’s pure electric models, so that consumers can own a medium and large tram with the budget that they can only buy mainstream joint venture brand compact cars. It can be said that Qiyuan A07 is a replacement of BYD Han, right?

The battery life is similar, and the kaiyuan A07 rear drive accelerates faster.

We might as well choose Qiyuan A07 pure electric fragrance version 515 elite model (guide price of 135,900 yuan) and compare it with BYD Han EV glory version 506 distinguished model (guide price of 179,800 yuan). Under the same CLTC standard, the 515km endurance of Qiyuan A07 and 506km endurance of Han only have a negligible advantage. However, if the acceleration performance is compared, Qiyuan A07 only accelerates for 6 seconds, while that of Han is 7.9 seconds. Obviously, Qiyuan A07 is much stronger.

Qiyuan A07 adopts frameless door+hatchback design, which is more fashionable and dynamic. Moreover, the rear seats support the proportion of falling down, which can expand the storage space, facilitate the placement of large-size items and travel equipment, and have better space practicability. Its electric tailgate also has a position memory function to take care of users of different heights. Qiyuan A07 uses Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited ternary lithium battery, and the motor is rear-mounted and rear-driven, while Han is his own Foday Ferrous lithium phosphate blade battery, and the motor is front-driven. From these aspects, Qiyuan A07 seems to be more advanced.

Han technology configuration is richer, but the price is also much higher.

However, in terms of actual user experience, Han actually has more advantages. For example, Han has more rear airbags, knee airbags, passive pedestrian protection, suspension supports soft and hard adjustment, DiPilot assisted driving, remote parking, steering wheel heating, 12.3-inch full LCD instrument, wireless charging of mobile phone, front seat with waist support adjustment, indoor atmosphere lights and other configurations, which are more excellent in comfort and technology.

The price-performance ratio of Qiyuan A07 is "really fragrant"

Regardless of the price, the pure electric entry models of Qiyuan A07 and Han have their own emphasis on configuration. But after all, as a medium-sized and large car, the price of Qiyuan A07 has dropped to 130,000 yuan. At this time, consumers who are pursuing cost performance will consider whether to increase the budget of 40,000 yuan or 50,000 yuan to choose a Han with richer technology configuration, and may not be entangled. Give an answer. Since Pingti is chosen, the super cost performance of Qiyuan A07 is the most fragrant, don’t you think?