A-share evaluation: the index fluctuated within a narrow range in the afternoon, and the Chinese medicine sector pulled up and strengthened.

  The index fluctuated within a narrow range in the afternoon. The GEM index once rose by nearly 1%. Semiconductors and components, Meta Universe, new tobacco and other sectors continued to be active. The Chinese medicine sector rose and strengthened. (), () and other stocks hit the daily limit. Real estate stocks continued to cool down in the afternoon. The steel and power sectors continued to be in a downturn. The stocks in the three cities were mixed, with more than 90 daily limit stocks. The profit-making effect was average.

  On the disk, the concept of the meta-universe continued to rise in the afternoon, (), () and other daily limit, (), () followed up; The power sector continued to weaken in the afternoon, () falling, (), () and () following; The new tobacco sector continued to rise in the afternoon, () rose by nearly 10%, followed by Guoguang Electric, () and (); The real estate development plate continued to cool down in the afternoon, () fell by nearly 9%, and (), () and Electronic City followed suit.

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  Transaction review:

  At 09: 25, the three A-share indexes collectively opened higher, with the Shanghai Composite Index up 0.21%, the Shenzhen Component Index up 0.23% and the Growth Enterprise Market Index up 0.29%. The real estate development and oil and gas exploration sectors were active.

  At 09:30, the opening of the real estate development sector continued to be active, with nearly 10 stocks such as () and Jiakai City trading daily, while () and OCT A followed suit.

  At 09:31, the oil and gas exploitation plate opened stronger, with () and () daily limit, and () and () followed up.

  At 09:33, the whole vehicle sector opened higher, () rose more than 5%, and (), () and () followed suit.

  At 09:34, green power fell at the opening, and Jinshan shares fell more than 5%. (), Jinkai Xinneng and Shanghai Power followed suit.

  At 09:37, the Chinese medicine sector continued to rise, with Wanbangde and () trading daily, () rising by over 14%, and () and () rising with it.

  09:42 yuan’s concept of the universe continues to rise, with (), () and other daily limit, () rising over 12%, and () rising with it.

  09:47 The aquaculture industry continued to rise, () increased by nearly 4%, and (), () and () followed.

  At 09:49, the rare earth permanent magnet plate fell and weakened, () fell more than 6%, and (), () and () followed.

  At 09:58, the real estate development sector fell in the short term, and the development of Tianfang fell by more than 6%. (), Nanguo Real Estate, () followed suit.

  At 10:02, the main contract of crude oil futures in the previous period rose by 5.03% to 469.4 yuan/barrel.

  At 10:02, the semiconductor and component sectors rose in the short term, () rose by more than 8%, (), Jingsai Technology and () followed suit.

  At 10:11, the port shipping sector continued to weaken, and () fell by nearly 4%, followed by (), () and ().

  At 10:17, the lithium extraction plate in Salt Lake moved up, () went up, and (), () and () followed.

  10:57 yuan’s concept of the universe continues to strengthen, with the daily limit of China Construction and () rising, while () and () rising.

  At 13:02, the concept of Yuan Universe continued to rise in the afternoon, with the daily limit of Sanxiang Impression and Anjie Technology rising, while Guoguang Electric and Wanxing Technology followed suit.

  At 13:04, the power sector continued to weaken in the afternoon, Jinshan shares fell, and Jinkai Xinneng, Shanghai Electric Power and Inner Mongolia Huadian followed suit.

  At 13:15, the new tobacco sector continued to rise in the afternoon, Changying Precision rose by nearly 10%, followed by Guoguang Electric, Shunhao and Dianlian Technology.

  At 13:22, the hydrogen energy sector rose in the afternoon, () before the daily limit, (), () and () followed.

  At 13:41, the real estate development plate continued to cool down in the afternoon, and Nanguo Real Estate fell by nearly 9%, followed by Tianfang Development, Financial Trust Development and Electronic City.

  At 14:00, the smart speaker plate continued to strengthen, () daily limit, (), () and Guoguang Electric followed suit.

  At 14:23, the pork plate continued to be active in the afternoon, () rose by more than 5%, and (), () and () followed.


  1. Offshore wind power projects are in full swing. During the Tenth Five-Year Plan period, the installed capacity is expected to increase significantly.

  By the end of the year, offshore wind power project construction is in full swing. Among them, () The planned total investment of the five, six and seven projects in Green Island is 41.17 billion yuan. In addition, many places have successively issued plans, and the scale of offshore wind power is expected to increase significantly during the 14 th Five-Year Plan period. According to the calculation of offshore wind power branch of China Haiyang Engineering Consulting Association, if the offshore wind power achieves parity during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the offshore wind power in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shandong provinces will increase by 12-16 million kilowatts. Dongxing Securities Research Report pointed out that with the clear planning of several key provinces and under the continuous guidance of policies, offshore wind power will gradually become an important part of the installed capacity of the wind power industry. (china securities journal)

  2. Paper prices continue to rise, and the industry maintains a high degree of prosperity.

  Recently, after the price increase of household paper rushed to the hot search in early December, the price increase letters of cultural paper followed, and now packaging paper and waste paper have also started the price increase model. According to insiders, since the end of September this year, the price of paper products has been raised for three consecutive months, each time in 200 yuan/ton -300 yuan/ton. In the past three months, the cumulative increase has reached 600 yuan/ton to 900 yuan/ton. Many paper enterprises, including (), nine dragons paper, (), etc., have issued or issued price increase letters for many times since September this year. The price increase of leading manufacturers has also made many small and medium-sized paper enterprises rise collectively. (Securities Times)

  3. The largest single project in Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited was put into production in Fuding.

  Fuding Times lithium-ion battery production base is () the largest single project in the world so far, with a planned production capacity of 120GWh and an output value of over 100 billion yuan. On the 21st, No.2 workshop of the first phase project of Fuding era lithium ion battery production base was put into operation, which officially kicked off the production of Fuding era. (Fujian Daily)

  4. National Health Commission: 57 local confirmed cases were added yesterday.

  National Health Commission: At 0-24 o’clock on December 21st, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 77 newly confirmed cases. Among them, 20 cases were imported from abroad (6 cases in Guangxi, 5 cases in Shanghai, 4 cases in Yunnan, 3 cases in Guangdong, 1 case in Tianjin and 1 case in Zhejiang), and 2 cases were converted from asymptomatic infected persons to confirmed cases (1 case in Guangdong and 1 case in Guangxi). 57 local cases (53 cases in Shaanxi, including 52 cases in Xi ‘an and 1 case in Xianyang; 2 cases in Guangdong, both in Dongguan; 1 case in Tianjin, in Xiqing District; 1 case in Guangxi, in Fangchenggang City). There were no new deaths. Two suspected cases were added, all of which were imported from overseas (both in Shanghai).

  5. Central Bank: It is a rumor that Chen Yaoming, the China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation, privately printed 2 trillion banknotes of the same number.

  People’s Bank of China: Recently, it was circulated on the Internet that Chen Yaoming, China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation, was suspected of serious violation of law and discipline and voluntarily surrendered himself. "It is suspected that the private printing of’ banknotes with the same number’ was 2 trillion." The relevant person in charge of the Bureau of Money, Gold and Silver of the People’s Bank of China said that this is a rumor with a bad nature. There are strict working procedures and technical standards for the printing and distribution of RMB, and the People’s Bank of China has been carrying out relevant work in accordance with laws and regulations. Our bank severely condemns rumors and rumors, and has reported the case to the public security organ.

  6. Alibaba Cloud was suspended from the cooperation unit of the network security threat information sharing platform of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

  Recently, the Network Security Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology reported that Alibaba Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. is a cooperative unit of the network security threat information sharing platform of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Recently, Alibaba Cloud Company failed to report the serious security vulnerabilities of Apache)Log4j2 component to the telecommunications authorities in time, and failed to effectively support the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to carry out network security threats and vulnerability management. After research, Alibaba Cloud Company is suspended as the above-mentioned cooperative unit for 6 months. After the expiration of the suspension period, according to the rectification of Alibaba Cloud Company, we will study and restore its above-mentioned cooperative units. (21 Finance)

  7. Shanghai and Zhejiang require celebrity artists and network anchors to pay close attention to self-examination and take the initiative to report and correct tax-related problems.

  On December 22nd, Shanghai Taxation Bureau and Zhejiang Taxation Bureau successively issued notices saying that in order to further create a good environment for paying taxes in good faith according to law, please pay close attention to the star artists and network anchors who have not paid attention to their own tax-related issues before or whose self-examination and rectification are not in place, pay close attention to self-examination according to the tax law and relevant notice requirements, and report and correct the tax-related issues to the tax authorities voluntarily before the end of 2021, and the tax authorities will be lightened, mitigated or exempted from tax punishment according to the notice requirements. Those who still refuse to make self-examination and self-correction or whose self-examination and self-correction are incomplete will be dealt with severely by the tax authorities according to the law and regulations.

  8. Taobao intends to prohibit sellers from guiding buyers to "praise" by returning favorable comments.

  Taobao announced that it will change the relevant provisions of the Taobao Evaluation Standard to improve the authenticity of the evaluation content. The rule change will take effect on December 28, 2021. It is mentioned that it is not allowed to ask the buyer to write only praise, modify evaluation, additional evaluation, etc. by himself or through a third party; Do not encourage or guide buyers to "praise" on the condition of material or monetary commitment, including but not limited to: full five-star cash back, cash back from praise, free of charge from praise, red envelopes from praise, and coupons from praise; It is not allowed to obtain untrue evaluation by inducing buyers, false transactions and other improper means; It is not allowed to intentionally give peer competitors an evaluation that is inconsistent with the facts by itself or through a third party.

  9. Jilin Provincial Development and Reform Commission: Encourage and guide cities and counties to carry out housing subsidies and loan interest subsidies.

  Recently, Jilin Province held a press conference. Li Guoqiang, director of the Jilin Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said that cities and counties should be encouraged and guided to carry out housing subsidies and loan interest subsidies to support farmers to buy houses in cities; Changchun has implemented the policy of settling-in allowance for key university graduates and housing subsidy for national leading talents, raised the housing subsidy standard for farmers in cities, and extended the validity period of relevant support policies to June 30, 2022. (released by Jilin)

  Investment advice:

  Everbright Securities: The big logic of the current New Year’s market is still established. There is no need to worry too much about short-term disturbances. The New Year’s market will rise in the exponential fluctuation and alternate rotation of sectors. Continue to grasp the three main lines: brokers, an important carrier of the interpretation of the New Year’s market; New and old infrastructure, real estate and other sectors that benefit from steady growth expectations and are repaired at a low valuation; "Double carbon" related new energy and coal sectors. Emotional direction, Yuan Universe, digital currency, etc. expressed their opinions against differences in the day, and we can pay attention to the related trends in the short term.