"online celebrity" collectively disappeared from the press conference and faced a reshuffle after the "window"

  As soon as 2016 passed without online celebrity, the "online celebrity" disappeared from the press conference. Without the red lips and pouting lips, the audience and participants pay more attention to the product itself, and the company does not seem to feel anything missing. However, online celebrity, who did not have an appearance fee of over 10,000 yuan, had a poor income. Venture capitalists told reporters that online celebrity’s economic "window" has passed, and online celebrity’s economy will usher in a cruel second half.

  The top card "online celebrity" considers transformation

  At four o’clock every morning, Xiaofeng (pseudonym) says good night to his fans on the live broadcast platform, then turns off the microphone and ends the day’s anchor work. Unlike those anchors who sit tight during news hours on TV screens, as an anchor of "online celebrity", Xiaofeng’s daily job is to chat and sing in exchange for gifts and rewards. These will directly determine the amount of his income that month.

  "Change careers when ‘ Online celebrity ’ Actually, it is quite accidental. " Xiaofeng, who came from an ordinary family, worked in a bar before becoming a online celebrity. His hobby was listening to songs and singing. In September 2016, he was discovered by the current online celebrity agent at a dinner party, and after persuasion, he entered the live broadcast industry.

  "It’s a bit funny. At first, I thought online celebrity was a group of buffoons, which was quite repulsive." In the second half of 2016, it was the "window" of online celebrity’s economy. After a month of part-time pilot broadcasting with a try attitude, Xiaofeng easily recorded more than 5,000 yuan, which greatly changed his view on the live broadcast industry. In the second and third months, Xiaofeng earned a total of 110,000 yuan and became the number one in the company’s "online celebrity", so he resolutely quit his job in the bar and began to be a full-time anchor in online celebrity.

  Every day from 12 noon to 4 pm, and from 0 am to 4 am, it is Xiaofeng’s live broadcast time. In the community, he will sing to fans and share his stories with them. "People like to listen to me sing." Despite the smooth entry into the business and a considerable number of fans, Xiaofeng began to feel a little crisis in April this year. After the turmoil, the enthusiasm of ordinary people for "online celebrity" is rapidly declining, and Xiaofeng’s own fans have also changed from a positive growth of more new entrants than quitters to a negative growth of fewer new entrants than quitters. The reduced number of fans has more or less affected his income.

  "Maybe everyone is right about ‘ Online celebrity ’ The degree of curiosity is declining. " Xiaofeng said that recently, he is discussing with his agent to make a transformation as soon as possible. "Maybe he will study for a while or try to release a single. In short, he can’t rest on his laurels, or he will be eliminated soon."

  95% of online celebrity’s monthly income is less than 10,000.

  Rich income was once the first impression left by the anchors of "online celebrity" to ordinary people, and it also attracted many young people to be eager to become online celebrity. In 2016, QQ browser published a set of data. When it was called "the most difficult employment season", as many as 54% of college students regarded live broadcast/online celebrity as the most desirable emerging career. Therefore, the scenery is infinite, and 2016 was marked as "the first year of online celebrity".

  However, under the bright applause, it is hard for people outside the industry to imagine that the monthly income of over 10,000 yuan is not the common living condition of "online celebrity", and the salary of ordinary "online celebrity" is even worse than that of grassroots white-collar workers working in office buildings.

  Xiaojing (pseudonym) is an ordinary "online celebrity" who just entered the business this year. She has been an anchor for nearly three months, and her monthly income is around 4,000 yuan. "Because I have few fans, no one has given me a big gift." Xiaojing said with a smile that she didn’t experience the hottest moment, but among her peers, the ordinary "online celebrity" who earns several thousand yuan a month like herself is actually the vast majority. "However, because I am only a part-time job, my family is not short of money, and I don’t care so much about my income."

  According to the report "2017 New Fashion of Internet Anchors: The Truth of Live Broadcasting Told by More than 4,500 Anchors" recently launched by Tencent Research Institute, after conducting a questionnaire survey on more than 4,500 anchors nationwide, it is found that the head anchor with a monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan accounts for only 5%, while the ordinary anchor with a monthly income of less than 10,000 yuan accounts for as high as 95%, among which the anchor with a monthly income of only below 100 yuan accounts for more than 70%. In other words, the anchor income presents the characteristics of "L-shaped distribution". Only a small number of anchors in the head can achieve the high income rumored by the outside world, and most of the anchors’ live broadcast income is at the middle and low income level.

  "The truth of this industry in online celebrity is that the glamorous is always a small part, and most people are in ‘ Move bricks ’ 。” A broker told reporters that in the past, he trained not only part-time "online celebrity" but also full-time "online celebrity". However, since April this year, he has given up full-time "online celebrity", because he can’t make ends meet, and he can’t earn back the training fees and packaging fees he invested. "The industry in online celebrity has changed too much, but this year is much worse than last year."

  The fans of the head anchor have also doubled.

  In the interview, no matter "online celebrity" himself, brokers, industry practitioners and venture capitalists, everyone gave a common conclusion that the "window" of online celebrity’s economy has passed with 2016.

  One of the manifestations is that those companies that love to join in the fun, in last year’s new product launch conference, they took pains to invite "online celebrity" anchor to sit in the town, and "online celebrity" once lost their traditional opinion leaders and became a new generation of KOL. However, by 2017, these flaming red-lipped anchors collectively disappeared from the platform of corporate press conferences.

  "I know a big ‘ Online celebrity ’ The kind that can be in the top 10 of live broadcast platforms such as pepper and Yingke now earns money by advertising products in the circle of friends. " An insider told reporters that from her observation, since January this year, online celebrity’s economic momentum has obviously shown a downward trend.

  The second performance is that the number of live broadcast platforms that have closed down due to pornography, violation of regulations, and broken capital chain is increasing. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 15 closed platforms. In the capital market, the valuation of those live broadcast platforms that are still beautiful is also declining. The live broadcast of Yingke, which was once valued at 7 billion yuan, was recently sold to a public relations company for 3.5 billion yuan. Some critics think that the live broadcast industry has entered the rhythm of "the rain is coming."

  "From the perspective of the number of fans, even the fans of the head anchor on these live broadcast platforms are declining exponentially." A former industry insider who didn’t want to be named revealed to reporters that in the first half of 2016, the top five active fans of head anchors on several major live broadcast platforms could reach hundreds of thousands. By the end of last year, the data of active fans had fallen to 50,000, which may be even worse this year. "For the live broadcast platform, if you want to survive, you need high-quality anchors to attract traffic and improve user retention. Therefore, everyone is now making great efforts to train star anchors, so that their potential anchors can appear in film and television works, release records and participate in major events, so as to increase exposure. However, behind the crazy burning of money, the live broadcast platform still has not found a clear way to make a profit, which is even worse. "

  Online celebrity’s economy shuffled in the second half.

  What will happen to online celebrity’s economy after the "tuyere"? The "2016 China Online Live/online celebrity Industry Special Research Report" released by Ai Media Consulting shows that online celebrity’s economic development has four major pain points: First, vulgar cultural tendencies may be blocked at any time; Second, the homogeneity and reproducibility of the operation mode are easy to produce aesthetic fatigue; Third, the involvement of capital will affect the overall style of content creation; Fourth, the cost of audience transfer is low.

  "In this market, there are not so many live broadcast platforms, and this round of bubble really needs to be squeezed." A venture capitalist who once invested in the live broadcast platform directly told reporters that in the future, only a live broadcast platform with a scale of 10 million users and a stable ecological relationship between live broadcast and users will have the possibility of survival. As for how to make a profit, it is still under exploration. "At least it must be large enough first."

  Zhang Hongtao, president of Laikuang Live, also said that for the second half of live broadcast, whoever can effectively control the customer acquisition cost and sharing cost and turn his platform into a platform that can generate net profit as soon as possible will have the last laugh. It is conservatively estimated that 80% to 90% of platforms will be eliminated in the future, which also means that the entire live broadcast market will continue to enter a slow decline process.

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