Can "durian is expensive" get the first place in hot search and get cheap durian?

  The price of durian 20 days ago has nearly doubled now.

  Zhou Xialin

  Durian is on the hot search again, or because of the price. On May 25th, the topic of # durian expensive # rushed to the top of the hot search in Weibo! Just a few words, but powerful, break the hearts of a group of "durian price-sensitive users."

  Just about two weeks ago, the reporter also reported that the price of durian dropped to 20 yuan a catty, and durian should be free. How come the market price has doubled in a blink of an eye?

  What caused the price of durian to soar? Can I still eat cheap durian? Will durian milk tea, cake and pizza become more expensive?

  With questions, the reporter visited supermarkets and fruit shops again.

  Wholesale markets are out of stock and prices are rising, which is the same all over the country.

  Opening the box horse fresh App, the reporter found that the golden pillow durian originally placed in position C was out of stock, and the situation of other e-commerce platforms was similar. Only Maoshanwang frozen durian or dried durian was sold.

  In hungry, Meituan and other take-away apps, the price of a 4-5 kg durian with a shell is above that of 200 yuan. Just over 20 days ago, the price of durian was as low as a catty in 20 yuan.

  There is no stock online. What about the fruit shop offline?

  In a fruit shop on Changbang South Road in Hangzhou, a group of customers surrounded the durian stall. "Boss, how much is this durian?" Is it a golden pillow durian? "

  "30 yuan is a pound, this is the durian with a big core. The durian with a golden pillow is long gone, and the wholesale market is out of stock." Lao Lou, the owner of the fruit shop, told the reporter that all the golden pillow durians on the market are out of stock now, and the store sells large-core durian, which is what everyone calls "miscellaneous durian".

  During the interview, the reporter found that a few fruit shops still sell durians with golden pillows, but the prices are all above 40 yuan/kg. The price of a durian is two or three hundred yuan, which makes many people flinch.

  The price of durian is the same all over the country. Not only in the last week or two, the price of durian in the national market has been rising since a large number of durians were listed in the middle and late April this year. According to media reports, the retail price of Thai golden pillow durian in Chengdu was below 33 yuan/kg two weeks ago, but now it is approaching 50 yuan/kg.

  Now the purchase depends on grabbing the next batch of durian from Thailand to be listed in June.

  "The more fire, the more expensive it is, the more expensive it is." This is the current durian.

  "The durian in my store will be sold out every day, and I will order it in advance the next day." Boss Wu, a fruit shop in Hangzhou Agricultural Development City Kitchen, said that this year’s durian market was particularly hot, and fruit vendors felt it. "In May, the supply was sufficient and the price was low. We were afraid to buy in large quantities, and later the price came up. Durian is still very popular. Now we have to grab it to go to the fruit market."

  Is durian really so hot? Lao Yang, a friend of the reporter, was puzzled. "Durian is delicious, but if you eat too much, you will get tired and get angry. If you eat it every day at such a high price, what kind of family will it be?"

  Why is durian on fire, and has it been increasing in price? Some netizens once again blamed the price increase on Simba, the anchor of online celebrity. "Simba has beaten the price of durian in one hand, but now?"

  Laolou has been engaged in fruit business for many years. He thinks this is a normal market law. Every year, there is such a wave of market. When durian is first listed, the price will be reduced in large quantities. When the output goes down, the price will come up.

  Boss Wu thinks it has something to do with the epidemic. In the past three years, due to the epidemic situation, few fruits were imported into the domestic market. This year, the market recovered, and a large number of durians were imported into China. At first, the price was low, which brought fire to the durian market. Coupled with the price war of e-commerce platform, the heating of the anchor with goods, "a few fires" came down, and the heat of durian remained high.

  Laolou told reporters that in addition to the delicious taste of durian itself, its derivatives are also very popular. Durian milk tea and cakes are all selling well and are very popular among young people.

  In April this year, Gu Ming launched a durian latte. The staff of Gu Ming said that the sales of durian products have been good, and the three products sold in the store — — Durian raw coconut latte, thick mango durian and thick coconut durian are all limited products, and the price will maintain the original price during the limited sales period. Durian used in ancient tea is directly imported from Thailand. At present, the price increase of durian in China has little impact on product sales.

  So, is there any chance that the price of durian will come down? Laolou said: "When the second batch of durians comes in Thailand in June, the price should drop a little, but not too much."