Huawei sent invitations to smart car cooperative car companies and FAW Group, and relevant listed companies rose linearly.

  On November 28th, Huawei held the "Smart World S7 and Huawei Full Scene Conference". Smart World S7 was officially listed, and two new models of rear-drive smart driving were added to the new M7. Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, mentioned at the press conference(000625.SZ) Relevant progress of the joint venture company. He said that Huawei has(601127.SH), Chery, JAC and BAIC issued an invitation to share opening, and hoped that China FAW Group would join.

  The Red Star Capital Bureau noticed that the shares of several listed companies named by Yu Chengdong rose sharply before the close today.(000800.SZ)、(600742.SH) daily limit, closing up 3.73%;(600418.SH) closed up 6.56%;(600733.SH) closed up by 8.31%.

Zhijie S7 is officially listed.

Huawei sent invitations to Sijie and FAW Group, and the share prices of relevant listed companies collectively rose.

  On November 25th, Huawei and signed the Memorandum of Investment Cooperation. Huawei plans to set up a company engaged in R&D, design, production, sales and service of automotive intelligent systems and component solutions, and plans to invest in the target company and carry out strategic cooperation.

  Yu Chengdong said that Huawei will still take the lead in technology research and development in the new joint venture company, and the partners of Huawei’s smart car selection business will join the joint venture company one after another in the future.

  Among Huawei’s three models in the automotive industry, the only car company that currently adopts the solution model (HI) is Changan; Car companies that adopt intelligent car selection mode (HarmonyOS Zhixing) include Chery, BAIC and JAC, namely "Four Boundaries". "These four smart car selection partners have all received the invitation of equity opening issued by Huawei," Yu Chengdong mentioned. "We also welcome more and more powerful car manufacturers to cooperate with our smart car selection, such as FAW."

  Or affected by this, (000800.SZ) and (600742.SH) rose to the daily limit in the afternoon; (600733.SH) closed up 8.31%; Closed up 6.56%; Cyrus closed up 3.73%.

  According to the interface news, after Huawei BU employees switch to the joint venture company, they can get N+1 compensation provided by Huawei. At the same time, employees can keep Huawei’s internal shares and enjoy Huawei.. After signing a new company, employees can get a signing fee for another 4 months.

  In this regard, the Red Star Capital Bureau contacted Changan Automobile, and the other party said that there was no relevant information, and the cooperation with Huawei was based onThe content shall prevail.

Zhijie S7 was officially listed, with a price reduction of 10,000 yuan compared with the pre-sale price.

  The first car of Huawei’s intelligent car selection business, Zhijie S7, was officially listed, which was 10,000 yuan lower than the pre-sale price. Since the pre-sale started on November 9th, the number of Zhijie S7 has exceeded 20,000.

  The new car is positioned as a medium and large car, and the whole system is equipped with 800V high voltage.Electric drive system, cruising range up to 855km;; Equipped with HarmonyOS 4.0 intelligent cockpit system and Huawei ADS 2.0 advanced driver assistance system; Starting Turing chassis; Huawei’s intelligent driving unmanned parking function was also launched in Zhijie S7, which supports the control of vehicles outside the car to automatically find parking spaces, and can park with one button, meet cars independently and avoid pedestrians.

Huawei cooperative car enterprises

  Intelligent S7 can realize obstacle recognition and other functions without relying on high-precision maps. By the end of this year, the city pilot service will be opened in all cities in China, and the assisted driving function can be used nationwide.

  In terms of energy replenishment, Huawei has deployed charging service support in more than 340 cities across the country, providing over 4,500+high-speed charging stations and more than 700,000 public utilities.. By the end of 2024, Huawei will deploy more than 100,000 600kW liquid-cooled super fast charging devices.

Wen Jie’s new M7 rear-drive intelligent driving version went on the market, with a price reduction of 20,000 yuan compared with the four-wheel drive version.

  Yu Chengdong also released the five-seat and six-seat versions of the new M7 Max rear-drive intelligent driving version, which reduced the price by 20,000 yuan compared with the four-wheel drive version, and lowered the car purchase threshold of the intelligent driving version. Yu Chengdong said that the new M7 in the world has broken 100,000 vehicles, of which 60% are intelligent driving versions; 16,000-18,000 units may be delivered this month, 23,000 units are expected to be delivered next month, and the delivery volume will exceed 30,000 units after January 2024; Next month, the number of reservations for the M9 will exceed 33,000.

Ask the new M7 Max back-drive intelligent driving version.

  Yu Chengdong once again mentioned Huawei’s AEB technology at the press conference. Huawei’s ability to drive forward AEB has been improved, and the working speed range is 4-130km/h, in which the recognition of stationary vehicles has supported the speed of 120km/h, which is 33% higher than that in September this year. Yu Chengdong also responded to the question of the M5 reversing "riding" a few days ago.The dolphin accident means that the owner mistakenly used the throttle as a brake, which has exceeded the working speed of the backward AEB, so it did not take effect.