Huawei P70 ranks first in Weibo Hot Search! At any time, it will be put on the shelves for sale and scanning code to read the mobile version.

  today,Huawei P70 ranked first in Weibo hot search without any warning.The key is that Huawei officials have not released any news, and this hot search is quite sudden.

  Recently, many parties broke the news thatHuawei P70 series is ready and will be put on shelves in official website for direct sale at any time.Join the pioneer program as the Mate 60 series did.

  Therefore, some netizens said that they saw the hot search and thought that Huawei P70 had been directly put on the shelves for sale. As a result, after brushing Huawei Mall for one morning, there was no gain.

  Some bloggers also said, what are the benefits of Pioneer Plan? Avoid scalpers, flexibly dispatch, and reduce suspicion in the news;The downside is that you are anxious to death.

  According to reports, a staff member of Huawei’s offline store revealed that,P70 series can be booked at the beginning of April.However, there is no specific product information at present.

  Not only that, Huawei’s internal meeting also positioned the importance of P70 series beyond Mate series, shouldering the heavy responsibility of focusing on image TOP.