Jiang Jun, the former head of Huawei’s autonomous driving, became the vice president of Extreme Krypton.

(Text/Pan Yuchen Editor/Zhang Guangkai) On August 15, Extreme Auto announced that Jiang Jun, the head of the core team of Huawei’s self-driving product line, was appointed as the vice president of Extreme Intelligent Technology, responsible for smart cockpit related business.

Jiang jun

According to the introduction of Krypton, as a senior technical expert in the field of intelligent R&D, Jiang Jun has been deeply involved in the industry for many years. He has served as the director of Huawei’s R&D, the director of the project group and the head of the core team of the autonomous driving product line, leading the mass production R&D of the core business from 0 to 1. He has rich mass production experience in the R&D infrastructure, software and hardware architecture, tool chain system, big data, cloud services and other business fields of intelligent products. He is both a senior technical expert, a product expert and an experienced R&D manager.

Extreme Krypton is a high-end pure electric brand owned by Geely Automobile. At present, there are three models of extreme Krypton 001, extreme Krypton 009 and extreme Krypton X on sale. According to the data disclosed by Geely Automobile, the polar brand sold 12,000 vehicles in July this year, up 140% year-on-year, setting a record for delivery in a single month. In the first seven months, the cumulative sales volume reached 54,700 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 127%. Up to now, the cumulative delivery volume of Krypton brand has exceeded 132,600 vehicles, and the cumulative delivery volume of the first model, Krypton 001, has exceeded 100,000 vehicles.

Extreme krypton car

However, compared with the quality of automobile machinery itself, the product strength of Krypton in the field of automobile system and intelligent driving is relatively insufficient. From time to time, the car system delivered in the early days appeared black screen, stuck, abnormal function and so on, and was criticized and complained by many extremely kryptonian car owners.

In March this year, Zhang Song, the former vice president in charge of the intelligent cockpit, resigned. At that time, there were rumors that Jiang Jun would take over his post, but it was officially denied at that time until he was officially appointed.

Ji Krypton said that the appointment of Jiang Jun is the latest deployment made by Ji Krypton in the field of intelligent evolution, which indicates that Ji Krypton’s intelligent R&D system is about to enter a new stage of development.

Before Jiang Jun joined Krypton, Chen Qi, another former head of Huawei’s intelligent driving department, joined Krypton as early as November 2021 and became the vice president of intelligent driving. In July this year, Krypton officially released the NZP high-speed elevated pilot driving led by perceptual algorithm, and also officially entered the competition with new car companies in emerging fields. Soon after, Krypton 001 announced a price reduction of more than 30,000 yuan, further demonstrating its determination to accelerate its expansion in the new energy vehicle market.

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