A week’s car news | Looking up to U8 configuration exposure/Jetta zero run or cooperation

Start delivery in September! Look up at U8 configuration exposure, and accelerate 3.6s/7 large screens at zero speed.

At the beginning of this week, Wangwang Automobile announced some configuration and power information of its Wangwang U8 Deluxe Edition. Wangwang U8 Deluxe Edition opened for pre-sale at Shanghai Auto Show in April, with a pre-sale price of 1.098 million yuan. It is expected to be officially listed in August and delivered in September.

In the power part, U8 will be equipped with BYD’s "Easy Sifang" four-motor technology. The power system is a plug-in hybrid system, which consists of a 2.0-liter engine and four drive motors. The battery pack is 49.05kWh, the maximum power is 880kW, the maximum torque is 1280N.m, the zero acceleration is 3.6s, the CLTC battery life is 180km, and the CLTC comprehensive battery life will reach 1000km.

According to the official basic parameters, Wangwang U8 Deluxe Edition adopts a non-loaded body, with the length, width and height of 5319 (including spare tire)/2050/1930mm, the wheelbase of 3050mm, the minimum turning diameter of 11.52m and the height adjustment stroke of 150mm. In terms of off-road performance, the approach angle of U8 Deluxe Edition is 36.5 degrees, the departure angle is 35.4 degrees, the longitudinal passing angle is 25.5 degrees, and the maximum wading depth is 1000mm.

Looking up to U8 Deluxe Edition will be equipped with 15+1 driving modes, which are divided into 10 driving modes, 5 driving functions and an all-terrain adaptive feedback system. Looking up to U8, it is equipped with Yuntian -P intelligent hydraulic body control system, with double wishbone independent suspension at the front and rear, with 22-inch forged rims as standard and 20-inch forged rims as optional. At the same time, it is equipped with camping mode, wading induction system, steep slope descent system, etc., and also provides mechanical trailer hook and trailer power interface options.

In terms of interior configuration, the front row of U8 Deluxe Edition is equipped with 12.8-inch OLED central control screen, 23.6-inch instrument screen, 23.6-inch passenger multimedia screen, 70-inch AR-HUD head-up display and streaming media rearview mirror. The back row is equipped with two 12.8-inch suspended multimedia screens and a 7-inch LCD screen with a central armrest. At the same time, Looking Up at U8 Deluxe Edition is also equipped with Dana Evidence Series audio system, Napa leather seats, electric adjustment/heating/ventilation/memory/massage of front and rear seats, intelligent follow-up seats in front, intelligent four-zone independent heat pump air conditioning system, car refrigerator, active fragrance system, etc.

Wenjie M5 pure electric standard version has a shelf life of 620km/starting at 259,800 yuan.

The standard version of Wujie M5 pure electric vehicle has been put on AITO official website and Huawei’s official mall, with a cruising range of 620km and the price starting from 259,800 yuan.

The front face of Wujie M5 pure electric standard model adopts streamer spotlight lion-awakening headlights, equipped with 80-liter large-capacity front storage box, which supports remote opening. The body adopts smooth lines like diving from front low to back high, and can be equipped with 20-inch double five-spoke sports wheels and iconic red calipers.

In terms of intelligent cockpit, the standard version of Wujie M5 pure electricity is equipped with HarmonyOS cockpit, and the central control panel supports functions such as super desktop and PC collaboration, and provides parking space checking and cross-floor parking space navigation, touch navigation, cockpit karaoke room and game functions. In addition, the car also supports automatic adjustment of rearview mirror and intelligent adjustment of HUD height.

This new car provides two 40 W wireless super fast charges, three 66 W wired super fast charges, and one 60 W wired fast charge. Wired and wireless can be charged at the same time. Equipped with HUAWEI SOUND spatial audio, it adopts 19-unit acoustic design+7.1 surround sound field+1000 W independent power amplifier.

Wenjie M5 pure electric standard model has a length, width and height of 4785 × 1930 × 1620mm and a wheelbase of 2880 mm. It is built on HUAWEI DriveONE pure electric drive intelligent platform, equipped with Huawei dynamic adaptive torque system, and provides millisecond fast response. The car still uses an all-aluminum chassis with a front double wishbone and a rear multi-link independent suspension.

At present, Wujie M5 pure electric standard version is only available in the rear single-machine and two-drive version. The maximum power of the motor is 200kW, the maximum torque is 360N?m, and it is equipped with 80kWh lithium iron phosphate battery. The CLTC pure electric cruising range is 620 km, and the acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h is 7.1 seconds. Open beta soon! Link announces the upgrade plan of intelligent cockpit system from August to September.

This week, Lectra announced the upgrade plan of the intelligent cockpit operating system from August to September, 2023, covering its Lectra models equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, 820A chip and E03 chip.

At present, the details are Lectra 01/03/05 equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, and LYNKOS N has been pushed since August 10th. The smart cockpit operating systems of Lectra 01/05 equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 820A chip and Lectra 01/02/03 equipped with E03 chip will also be updated to improve the performance of "performance, navigation and music". The new system is planned to start internal testing in mid-August and user beta in early September.

LYNK OS N is a new generation of intelligent cockpit operating system developed by Lectra. It adopts the interactive logic of mobile phone/tablet which is familiar to users and has no threshold for operation, and has three system highlights: "super customization", "AI intelligent voice" and "boutique scene suite".

LYNK OS N took the flagship model, the Lectra 09, for the first time at the end of March 2023. Based on different hardware conditions, the Lectra 01/05 with Qualcomm Xiaolong 820A chip, the Lectra 02/03 with E03 chip and the Lectra 01/02/03 with E03 chip upgraded later will also usher in a comprehensive update of the intelligent cockpit operating system.

The updated system has significantly improved the startup speed and APP opening speed, optimized the overall interface and icon design, and realized the custom function of Dock bar; Navigation has been upgraded to version 610 of Gode Map, which has improved the user experience in four areas: navigation information, mobile phone interconnection function, route preference expansion and footprint map. The audio playback software has been completely revamped with "Tencent Love Listening", which contains rich audio resources such as QQ music, WeChat reading and Himalaya.

The intelligent cockpit operating system is new side by side, and Linke constantly improves the intelligent cockpit experience for new and old users. Talking about cooperation between zero running and Jetta brand? Both sides responded: No comment.

Following Tucki, Volkswagen’s Jetta brand is talking about cooperation with zero-run cars. At present, FAW has issued internal documents. If the cooperation is reached, Jetta will focus on the economic electric vehicle market and move its marketing company to Hangzhou like FAW Audi.

A person familiar with the matter revealed: "Unlike Volkswagen-Tucki cooperation, FAW-Volkswagen is likely to’ buy out’ a certain generation of platform technology."

Coincidentally, just at the beginning of this week, that is, on July 31st, Zero Run released the Central Integrated Electronic and Electrical Architecture (LEAP3.0), and officially named it "Four-leaf clover".

The implication is just in line with the biggest feature of the new architecture, "four domains in one", that is, the cockpit domain, intelligent driving domain, power domain and body domain are integrated. Based on this architecture, one SOC chip and one MCU chip are realized to build the central supercomputer, and the new car will make its debut at the Munich Auto Show as soon as possible.

At the press conference, Zhu Jiangming, the founder of Zero Run, also shared the flexible cooperation mode of the "four-leaf clover" structure, and mentioned that "one company will be the cooperation mode of vehicle technology authorization, and the other will be the authorized cooperation of the lower body structure". Perhaps we will become more and more accustomed to the technology export of our own brands in the future.

The "four-leaf clover" architecture can realize one SOC chip+one MCU chip to create central supercomputing, and the integration of four domains can also significantly improve computing power, speed up communication and reduce delay. This also means that through the new architecture, Zero Run will have the technical output strength and can share technology with partners.

Therefore, the zero-running car is not only the main engine factory, but also the provider of intelligent electric complete solutions.

On the afternoon of August 2, Hong Kong stock zero-run cars rose in the short term, once rising by more than 5%. Up to now, the Jetta brand of Volkswagen is talking about cooperation with the zero-running car, and the zero-running car said it would not comment; Another insider of FAW-Volkswagen said that the company did have contact with zero-running, but the specific situation was not known.

Not long ago, Volkswagen just announced that it has reached a technical framework agreement with Xpeng Motors, and the two sides plan to jointly develop two Volkswagen brand electric vehicles. Regarding the cooperation between Jetta brand and Zero Run, we will continue to pay attention to the report. Positioning hunting SUV/ equipped with frameless door BYD official announced that it will be listed within the year.

On August 3rd, BYD released a preview in the official Weibo, saying that its brand-new "Class B flagship hunting SUV" Song L will be listed this year. Combined with the "official spy photos" that flowed out on the Internet before, there are indications that this new car may not have to wait too long.

The official preview further reveals the details of the new car. You can clearly see the hidden door handle and the traditional rearview mirror. At the same time, the car is also equipped with frameless doors, and its sports attributes have been significantly enhanced.

The appearance of the new car is based on the design concept of "Pioneer Beauty" of the Dynasty. The tail shape is similar to that of Tengshi N7, which is also a hunting SUV model. The front face adopts a combination of a heavy and depressed front head and four ridges on the front hood, showing a sense of full strength in diving forward.

It also has a closed middle net, which still retains the penetrating decorative strip of the dragon beard shape, built-in Song LOGO and penetrating headlights, and is decorated with a variety of longitudinal lines, which, together with the longitudinal headlight shape, enhances the texture and texture.

On the side of the car body, the most striking feature of this new car is that it adopts a smooth slip-back shape, and the body lines incline downward from the B-pillar, so the overall visual effect is very harmonious.

The car made its debut as a concept car at the Shanghai Auto Show. It is worth mentioning that the exhibition car at that time was equipped with electronic rearview mirrors, and the final production model is expected to provide a dual version of traditional/electronic rearview mirrors.

In terms of technology, the new car will be built based on E platform 3.0, with the new CTB battery body integration technology of Tengshi N7, as well as Yunqi C platform and intelligent electric four-wheel drive power system.

Earlier, it was revealed that BYD Song L entry-level model may be equipped with a 313-horsepower motor, a high-profile version or a dual-motor power system with a comprehensive parameter of 530 horsepower. The official release price of Ideal L9 Pro is 429,800 yuan/it will be delivered in August.

On August 3rd, LI officially released the Ideal L9 Pro, with a national unified retail price of 429,800 yuan. With the release of Ideal L9 Pro, Ideal L9 has achieved comprehensive coverage of the price range of 400,000-500,000 yuan, providing more choices for home users.

Since then, Ideal L9 will provide users with Pro and Max versions. Ideal L9 Pro comes standard with ideal intelligent driving AD Pro, which can realize safe and comfortable high-speed NOA-assisted driving. Ideal L9 Max comes standard with ideal intelligent driving AD Max, which can realize NOA-assisted driving in the whole scene. Other flagship configurations are consistent on ideal L9 Pro and ideal L9 Max.

At the same time, the L9 will also come standard: ideal magic carpet air suspension, ideal smart SPAce SS Max+, three 15.7-inch 3K car-level OLED screens, Dolby panoramic sound and 7.3.4 sound layout, and 100 flagship configurations such as the 4D vibration unit of the second row of seats, the 10-point massage of the first and second rows of seats at the spa level, the first-class seats on the right side of the second row, the car refrigerator for refrigeration and heat preservation, and the fragrance system.

Ideal L9 Pro will be ordered in LI, official website and LI App from today, and the new car will be delivered in August 2023. 73,800! Nezha AYA is officially listed, focusing on rejuvenation/high configuration.

On the evening of August 3rd, Nezha AYA was officially launched, and the new car was positioned as a small SUV, with four configurations, 318km and 401km battery life, and the price was 73,800 ~ 88,800 yuan.

At the same time, Nezha has also introduced listing benefits, including: 3,000 yuan financial discount or replacement subsidy (choose one); Lifelong free three-electricity warranty, road rescue (free within the warranty), free OTA upgrade, and entertainment streaming for 3 years (5G/ month); From the date of car purchase, you can enjoy a free 7kW standard charging pile within 2 years (installation conditions are required, installation service is not included).

As a modified model of Nezha V, the appearance and interior of Nezha AYA have been upgraded. In terms of appearance, Nezha AYA’s front face has adopted a new design, with the addition of Xingyao grille, Yinhe electroplated decorative strips, and the design of air inlet, and at the same time, vents have been added on both sides, making the style younger.

In terms of configuration, the new car is equipped with electronic rearview mirror, automatic induction wiper, electric heating of exterior rearview mirror, front seat heating, cruise control, four-door one-button lifting, N95 air filter, wireless charging of mobile phone, advanced leather seat, and remote car control of mobile phone APP.

In terms of safety and intelligent driving assistance, the new car is equipped with ACC full-speed adaptive cruise, FCW front collision warning, AEB automatic emergency braking, PCW pedestrian collision warning system, HBA intelligent high/low beam warning, BSD blind zone warning, LCA lane change assistance, LKA lane keeping, LDW lane departure warning, TSR traffic sign recognition, TLR traffic signal light recognition, TJA traffic jam assistance, SGW front vehicle start warning, DDW fatigue driving warning, etc.

In terms of power, the new car is consistent with Nezha V, and still provides 40kW and 70kW motors. The battery life is divided into two versions, 318km and 401km (CLTC comprehensive working condition). The whole system comes standard with DC fast charging, and the power can be charged from 30% to 80% in 30 minutes. At the same time, the new car also supports V2L external discharge with a maximum discharge power of 3.3kW.

After this upgrade, Nezha AYA not only improved its product strength, but also made its design younger. The name change of Nezha AYA also shows Nezha’s efforts in the direction of rejuvenation. The three letters respectively represent three new lifestyles of Young people: Active is a vibrant lifestyle, Young is a young personality’s life proposition, and Amazing is a life pursuit that always creates surprises. After the new car goes on the market, it will directly face the popular models such as Baojun Yueye, Geely Geometry E and BYD Seagull. With its positioning and products, there will be a wonderful competition. The modified model 3 can be delivered in October, and the price is expected to be around 200,000 yuan.

Recently, there are more and more news about the redesigned Model3. According to the information we have, the redesigned Tesla Model 3 with the project code "Project Highland" has started trial production, and it will be delivered in September and October, which is ahead of schedule.

According to the information given by @teslashanghai, the design of the modified Model 3 taillight is similar to that of Porsche Macan, and the feeling of the whole car is similar to that of Model S. According to the estimation of parts cost, the guide price of the new car is about 200,000 yuan.

Previously, some netizens photographed a spy photo of a modified Tesla Model 3 in Palo Alto, California.

The front and rear bumpers of this modified Model 3 are covered, which also implies that Tesla has made changes to these two parts, and the side lines of the model have basically not changed, and it is still a streamlined body.

We can see that the front bumper looks longer than the models on sale, and there is a camera at the tip of the front of the car, which may indicate that the modified Model 3 is likely to be equipped with Tesla’s HW 4.0 platform, that is, it has been adapted to Tesla’s vision system, and ultrasonic sensors are no longer needed.

According to the data, the millimeter-wave radar and ultrasonic radar are cancelled for the external sensors of the brand-new HW4.0 platform, and the first three eyes are changed to the front eyes, and three cameras of F-SVC, L-SVC, R-FF-Rear and a spare camera are added.

Combined with the previous netizens found the modified Model 3—— that was being charged in a warehouse in the United States-the front face of the new car was greatly changed, the fog lights were cancelled, the TESLA metal logo in the center of the hood was cancelled, the headlight group was more narrow and long, and there were new double seven wheels. The overall design language was more inclined to the new generation Roadster.

In another set of spy photos, you can also see that the modified Model 3 has changed the steering wheel with a new style. The most obvious feature of the new steering wheel is the addition of two chrome trim strips. It is also possible for the interior to cancel the original pocket design, and set a shift area at the far left of the screen to slide and shift gears directly on the screen, similar to the redesigned Model S that has already been listed.

In terms of body size, according to many sources, the length of the new car will be increased by 6~10cm to strengthen the rear space.

According to green, an expert in Tesla’s car dismantling research, it seems that the modified Model 3/Y will also have a rear entertainment screen, and the empty pad of "2rd Display" is reserved in the central control motherboard, and two new interfaces are also reserved in the EPC electronic parts catalogue.

319,800! The new medium and large SUV Tengshi N8 is officially launched, and it comes standard with Yunqi-C.

On August 5th, Tengshi N8 was officially launched, and the new car launched two configurations, namely 6-seat /7-seat versions, with a price of RMB 319.8-326.8 million.

Tengshi N8 is the second model of Tengshi brand, positioning medium and large SUV with balanced main configuration; Cloud -C system, CCT comfort control technology, 12-speaker Dana audio, three rows of Nappa leather seats, middle row of double aviation tables, suede ceiling and other configurations are standard.

During the launch of the new car, it also provides a variety of car purchase benefits such as finance and car use, which users who want to book a car can focus on.

There is also a heavy egg tonight, and Tengshi D9 DM-i 965 exclusive model is also officially listed at the same time, with a price of 349,800 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the design elements of Tengshi N8 are obviously inherited from Tengshi X, adopting a brand-new π-Motion design language, the endless air intake grille on the front face, the sharp headlights on both sides, and the front shovel with the silver plaque at the bottom, which gives people a strong impact.

Of course, compared with Tengshi N7, it will be more traditional and mellow.

In particular, the headlights on both sides are very sharp in shape and cooperate with the regular flashing changes.

On the side of the car body, chrome trim strips are used around the window, and chrome trim strips are also installed at the bottom side skirt position, which, together with the visual sense of the suspended roof, creates a good sense of strength.

As for the body size, the length, width and height data are 4949/1950/1725mm, and the wheelbase is 2830mm.

As for the tail of the car body, the penetrating taillight is still a symbolic element, which is also BYD’s family design language. The lines themselves are rich and the layering is in place. I believe that the "recognition rate" of the tail is not to be worried.

In terms of interior, it can be clearly recognized that this is a Tengshi model. In the choice of color matching, it is relatively refreshing. The air conditioning outlet of the center console has a circular shape, and with the internal structure, it is more like a turbine accelerator. It is indeed a good embellishment.

The central control screen is a 10.25-inch LCD instrument panel, plus a 12-inch HUD head-up display and a 15.6-inch 2.5K floating central control screen, creating a good scientific and technological atmosphere.

In the central armrest, two mobile phones are installed for wireless charging, and the surface is equipped with a heat sink and a non-slip design. Even the Apple mobile phone does not have to worry about overheating and charging.

Tengshi N8 can provide a 6-seat layout of 2+2+2. Passengers can easily walk in the middle aisle of the second row and enter and exit the space of the third row. The double table board also provides more space expansion for two passengers in the back row.

Tengshi N8 interior with the layout of ambient lights can bring a better driving experience for night travel. The auxiliary instrument is transformed from the original physical buttons into an integrated touch panel, and the wireless charging function design is also introduced; Soft bags and metal decorative strips are added to the side.

Not only that, Tengshi N8 is equipped with many BYD’s latest technologies, including Yunqi -C system, CCT comfort control technology, etc., as well as five millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, a front camera, four panoramic cameras, a DMS camera, an L2-level intelligent driving assistance system, etc., and it is also equipped with double aviation tables in the back row, an openable panoramic sunroof, a suede roof and Nappa leather seats.

In terms of power, Tengshi N8 is equipped with a DM-P system consisting of a 1.5T engine and front and rear dual motors. The maximum power of the engine is 107kW and the peak torque is 231Nm. The maximum power of the front and rear motors is 160 kW and 200 kW respectively. As for the battery life, Tengshi N8 is equipped with a battery pack with a capacity of 45.8 kWh, with a pure electric cruising range of 216 kilometers in NEDC working condition, a comprehensive cruising range of 1,030 kilometers, and a comprehensive fuel consumption of 6.45 liters per 100 kilometers in feed state. In addition, the car will also be equipped with a maximum external discharge function of 6 kW.