Wang Sicong’s "One Step Away" war escalates, official blog: I’ll give you the dirty word back

Wang Sicong once again published Weibo dissatisfaction with "One Step Away" personal attack

    1905 movie network news The battle between Wang Sicong since Christmas has escalated again. On the afternoon of December 26, Wang Sicong once again posted on Weibo that he was dissatisfied with the personal attack of "One Step Away", believing that the producer and the official blog were humiliated. The official blog of "One Step Away" also said, "XXX three words are returned to you!" and said, "Thank you."

    On December 25, "One Step Away" official Weibo "One Step Away IMAX3D" photoshopped Wang Sicong’s photo into the movie poster and wrote "Sicong as Wu Qi". Regarding this matter, Wang Sicong was still very angry after a day and posted on Weibo again, "Over the years, everyone may have seen all kinds of people spray movies. But yesterday, it is estimated that everyone saw the movie spray back for the first time, right? It’s okay to spray, what do you mean by attacking me? My quality is a little poor, but the producer and official blog are really embarrassing."

"One Step Away" hits back at Wang Sicong

    Then, the official Weibo of "One Step Away" was not to be outdone, and forwarded Wang Sicong’s Weibo counterattack the day before twice in a row and @Wang Sicong, "@Wang Sicong, it is a good movie that causes controversy; it is a man who is loyal to the ears; the article plays the fake Wu Qi; the one who makes trouble is a real fool; the one who gets into trouble is the nouveau riche; the one who is happy is the high movie fan. By the way, we will never take advantage of you. The three words’XXX ‘are returned to you! We will solemnly return it to you now to entertain yourself!"

Wang Sicong and "One Step Away" escalate the scolding battle

    The official blog also said: "@Wang Sicong By the way again: Your appearance helped the audience understand and understand’One Step Away ‘. Thank you. If you curse again, go home and scold in the mirror. Low-level behavior is unaccompanied. There will be a long time to come."


    So far, the scolding battle between Wang Sicong and "One Step Away" has risen to a fever pitch. 1905 Film Network called the producer of the film, Buyi Happy Film, but the other party did not give an interview.

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