The poster of the recommended official of the Master Video Exhibition of the North Film Festival was exposed, and Huang Bo Hu Ge appeared

1905 movie network news The 25th Beijing International Film Festival released the poster of the master video exhibition "The Poetics of Fantasy", which was produced by Tan Zhuo, the founder of the Art Innovation Unit, and invited international design master He Jianping.

The artists corresponding to the seven recommending officials are: -Shirazeh Houshiary; -Ulay; Liu Yuxin-Raoul Marks; -Liang Shaoji; Wang Yuheng-Song Dong; Tan Zhuo-; -Antoni Muntadas.

For the design concept,He Jianping, the poster designer, said: "I wanted to design a visual encounter between the recommender and the artist, various professionals. I unify all the images with size and Pixel data, and make the clarity equal. And leave the scale of this encounter to chance. This encounter may be completely different from the content, but it may also be the status quo of the content and the viewer."