The first starring film was shortlisted for the main competition unit, and Hu Ge made a nervous appearance on the main red carpet at Cannes

  Hu Ge walked the red carpet in Cannes.

  Zhang Ziyi made an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival.

  Gui Lunmei attended the movie premiere.

  I was very nervous about receiving the play, and I thought about it all day after reading the script

  "The first time I read the script, I didn’t reply to the director immediately, so I digested it all day." Before that, Hu Ge had been waiting for such a role. He said: "After watching’Fireworks in the Daylight ‘, I have always dreamed that Diao Yinan’s film can create characters, logic and stories that I completely believe in. The director himself is also a trustworthy person. The first time we met for dinner, he was restrained, restrained, and did not talk about it. All the topics revolved around his work. I think everything, believing is the premise. If the actors don’t believe it, you can’t make the audience believe it."

  During the day, Hu Ge hesitated, wandered, apprehensive, even terrified. He dissected his "mental journey": First, there was a lot of pressure to play the male lead in a new film by a director who won the Berlin Golden Bear Award; second, most of his past acting experience came from TV dramas, and he was not sure if he could handle such a huge transformation for his first time starring in a movie; and third, "I know this is an adventure, so what if I can’t do it? What if the performance is poor?" These questions were repeated and lingered, and Hu Ge asked himself over and over again, "Can I afford to lose?"

  But after the day, Hu Ge said to himself, "If you lose, lose." He sent a message to Diao Yinan saying, "I want to come." What made him no longer torn and afraid, Hu Ge admitted that such an opportunity and such a challenge are rare.

  I’m very anxious about filming, I’m really worried about being replaced halfway through

  Before filming began, Hu Ge made a lot of preparations on a technical level. The learning of dialects and physical training included an early trip to Wuhan, capturing characters in the streets and alleys, and actually observing the process of police interrogation of prisoners. But after a month and a half in the group, he still couldn’t find the confidence to perform, and he had a serious gastroenteritis, fever, and cold, which lasted for ten days. After the official launch, Hu Ge also felt uneasy: "I was really worried at the beginning, and I would be replaced halfway." Hu Ge recalled that after two or three days of filming, the director sent him a message: "He said, I will come to you later. Ah, I thought at the time, I have to prepare for the worst, in case he lets me go back tomorrow." Thinking back to the nervous self a year ago, Hu Ge laughed, "At that time, my physical and mental burden was heavy, I was anxious, and I didn’t sleep well. It was completely different from my previous state of acting."

  Hu Ge said that although the process of "breaking the cocoon" was very painful, he enjoyed it very much. "The production process of some movies is not very different from that of TV series, but this time it is not." On the one hand, the whole play is shot according to the script, and the production team can be said to spare no effort and cost in order to bring the actors to the best state. On the other hand, Diao Yinan will help the actors understand and enter the role very carefully during the shooting process. Even in the blink of an eye, he will repeatedly help Hu Ge correct and adjust, and the film camera will not miss the slightest splendor, nor will it let go of a little casual. "It’s very uncomfortable to shed a layer of skin, but this is what I thought before. But I firmly believe that I will gain a lot of growth in the process, and that is enough."

  I’m very happy watching the play, give myself a "complete" point

  Asked how he felt at the end of the five-month shoot, Mr. Hu paused for a long time, saying: "I ate and drank on the day of the shoot, and I was broken, and that moment was all kinds of depression. When I was thrown up by the whole group, I felt that my efforts were recognized by everyone."

  On May 18, Hu Ge nervously stepped out of his car and walked on the main red carpet in Cannes, his expression not as natural as any of his previous walks on the red carpet, and even showed a timid shyness when he saw the director of his idol Quentin Tarantino. But when he walked into the Lumiere Hall to receive a flood of applause and cheers, he smiled in the crowd when the audience stood up at the end of the screening and congratulated and blessed the crew with a lasting and enthusiastic applause. Hu Ge said: "For the first time, I feel that as a film and television practitioner, I can get such respect. Cannes is a temple of art, sacred, pure, and everything is worth it."

  Although the audience gave affirmation and encouragement, and although Diao Yinan also used the words "remarkable" to summarize Hu Ge’s performance, Hu Ge said that if he had to rate "Zhou Zenong", it could only be "completed". "In fact, every time I watch my performance, I can find a lot of faults, and I feel that there is still room for improvement. Cannes has made me more determined to be an actor, a good actor." "Xinmin Evening News"