The dance of "subject three" in Haidilao is controversial, and the whole flower work in the catering industry should have a sense of boundary.

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□ Wensheng (Southwest Jiaotong University)

Recently, Haidilao, which is famous for its meticulous service, has launched a new service-dancing the "subject three" online celebrity dance for customers. As soon as the new job came out, more and more customers went to the "Subject 3" in Haidilao, and many waiters became popular. Several related topics were successively searched on platforms such as Weibo, and the cumulative broadcast volume in Tik Tok exceeded 1 billion times. Many netizens think that subject three is "interesting" and "full of atmosphere", and there is also a hot comment that "it’s not that male models can’t afford it, but that the subject of Haidilao is cost-effective". Similarly, many people feel uncomfortable, disgusting and don’t understand.

At first glance, people think it is the "subject three" of driving test, but in Haidilao it actually refers to a social rocking dance from Guangxi. In some stores in Haidilao, when the customer ordered "Subject 3", the waiter started a magic dance with a cheerful "Laughing at the Jianghu DJ Edition": waving hands, twisting hips, twisting waist, coupled with a semi-lame foot varus, which was funny and exaggerated. The silky subject three reflects the new personalized service of Haidilao and adds a "different" taste to customers.

However, social rocking dance has caught fire in the style of "the benchmark of catering service industry", but not everyone likes this frivolous and exaggerated style. Many people think that Haidilao is degrading its brand image and connotation in "vulgar marketing", which also leads to the controversy about whether this is a new type of squeeze on waiters who are unwilling to dance. This makes people wonder, such as "subject three" dance, whether the flower work has "over-served" and "consumed employees" and crossed the boundary of the catering industry?

First of all, the dance of "Subject III" in Haidilao has indeed gone beyond the boundaries of public space. Dancing doesn’t have an independent service space like shampoo and manicure. In the music playing and dancing noise of "Subject III", some customers who just want to enjoy a hot pot are forced to let the magic sound ring around their ears and avoid it. In addition to "Subject 3", some Haidilao stores also provide customers with performances such as "cleaning glass". Recently, in a video, a male waiter in Haidilao danced to wipe the glass, stuck his hand to the customer’s hand and clasped his five fingers, and was accused of playing the ball. In public places, this eye-catching performance makes people feel uncomfortable and disturbed.

Secondly, waiters who are asked to jump "subject three" should also have respected boundaries. For haidilao waiters, this is to earn a "labor salary" for serving customers. When the "subject three" burst into flames, waiters should not only do their own service work, but also dance for customers, and the salary may not increase, which will only add trouble and workload to the waiters. Some customersindicate clearlyTo watch a dance performance, it is easy to have complaints and dissatisfaction because of the waiter’s refusal. Moreover, the key movement in the "subject three" dance step is similar to varus, that is, the instep is facing outward and the center of the foot is facing inward. This movement is one of the high-incidence movements of sprain. Many employees do not grasp the strength and coordination of knee and ankle joints, and it is easy to jump and sprain. When paying for happiness and traffic, we also see the bitterness of people in the workplace who are "not easy to work".

This seemingly trendy, interesting and close to young people’s services are constantly emerging, but it is actually a reflection of the current environment in which the catering service industry is becoming more and more involved. Some whole jobs can really please consumers who love surfing and know how to do things, so that enterprises can achieve good benefits. However, in the final analysis, the catering industry is not serving a certain type of people. When the traffic halo fades, only by respecting the service innovation of our own employees and all consumers can catering enterprises truly maintain their advantages in the fierce market competition and make catering operations sustainable.