"The days with happy water are different" —— On-the-spot report of Jiangxi Water Group’s promotion of rural water supply.





  "Leping mode" creates a model

  The experience of difficulty in draught has always remained in the mind of Zhang Wusheng, secretary of the branch of Fancun Village in leping city Zhongbu Town.

  "In the past, the water source in our village was seriously insufficient, and the location was remote. We relied on our shoulders to solve the water problem. When the weather was bad, the yellow and turbid water was even more difficult to drink." Recalling the past, Zhang Wusheng was still crying. "Now tap water has been opened, which not only ensures the safety of water quality, but also allows people to go upstairs. The problem of draught has been completely solved, and domestic water is also very convenient. Water heaters and washing machines have followed people’s homes."

  Once upon a time, the urban and rural residents of Leping, who lived by and accompanied by water, were troubled by water shortage. At that time, the problems of safe drinking water in rural areas of leping city had certain commonalities in the whole province. The causes of these problems are various, so it is necessary to make the rural safe drinking water project jump out of "construction — Scrap — Reconstruction — In the strange circle of "scrapping again", the previous practices of "egalitarianism", "spreading pepper noodles" and "single village and single point, scattered networks" obviously could not solve the problem.

  We must improve our understanding, renew our ideas, plan first, take the road of large-scale operation, broaden our thinking, and solve a series of problems such as financing, construction, management and protection, and institutional mechanisms. In May 2009, Jiangxi Water Conservancy Investment Group Co., Ltd. carried out strategic cooperation with the leping city Municipal Government, and established the construction of urbanization of rural water supply and integration of urban and rural water supply in leping city with the goal of equalization of urban and rural public services, with the government as the main body of responsibility and enterprises as the main body of investment. It became a model of urban and rural water supply integration project, which was "the first in the province and the first in the country" and was highly affirmed by the Ministry of Water Resources, the provincial party committee and the provincial government, and was hailed as the "Leping model" of urban and rural water supply integration reform. In the past ten years, enterprises and the government have invested a total of 920 million yuan to build and renovate 11 water plants in four phases, laying 3,710 kilometers of pipe network, increasing the water supply capacity from 30,000 tons per day to 133,000 tons, and upgrading and upgrading the water supply system covering 1 million urban and rural residents in Leping. The water supply of urban and rural population in Leping has initially achieved the reform goals of "overall planning, unified construction, unified water price, unified water quality, unified standards and unified services" and "same network, homogeneity, same price and same service", which not only achieved "point promotion" and "coverage", but also achieved "Quality improvement. "

  By the end of December 2019, the Provincial Water Group had 47 water supply subsidiaries under its jurisdiction in Jiangxi Province, with the water supply area exceeding two-fifths of the total area of the province, the total water supply scale exceeding 6 million tons/day, and the service area covering the total population of 25 million.

  Speed up "Ruijin Practice"

  If "Leping Mode" is the "start button" to promote the integration of urban and rural water supply, then "Ruijin Practice" presses the "fast forward button" for the integration of urban and rural water supply.

  In Ruijin, it took only eight months for the provincial water group to complete the popularization of agricultural drinking water in 182 administrative villages in 17 towns and villages in the city, and 100% of the poor households who set up a file to solve the drinking water safety problem.

  Ruijin is the birthplace of the residence of the CPC Central Committee and the temporary central government of chinese soviet republic during the Central Soviet Area, and it is also a key county and city for poverty alleviation in Luoxiaoshan area. In May 2017, the Ruijin Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government put forward the task of withdrawing from the poverty-stricken counties in 2017 in advance, which means that the construction project of popularizing agricultural drinking water must be started immediately! Provincial Water Group quickly established a working group for the construction of rural drinking water safety and accurate poverty alleviation project in Ruijin City, formulated a detailed construction plan, divided 17 towns and villages in Ruijin City into 6 districts, and set up a person in charge of the business card area in each district to clarify the node tasks. At the same time, more than 40 technical backbones were mobilized from subordinate subsidiaries, and a construction team of more than 600 people was carefully set up to fully promote the project construction.

  Facing the complicated situation of rural water supply construction in Ruijin City, the project construction team took many measures to overcome the construction problems: using the water supply potential of two 10,000-ton urban water plants, namely, Ruijin Nanhua Water Plant and Chenshihu Water Plant, the drinking water problem of 79 administrative villages in 7 towns was solved through the coverage of pipe network extension project; Through the comprehensive renovation of seven "10,000-ton, 10,000-person" water plants originally built by Ruijin Water Conservancy Bureau, the water supply function was restored, and on this basis, a new "10,000-ton, 10,000-person" water plant was built to cover 46 administrative villages in 7 towns. For the area where the pipe network cannot cover the solution, the drinking water safety of villages and towns with high terrain and difficult pipe network coverage can be solved by building new village-level small water plants; For poor households living in remote mountainous areas and single households, the drinking water safety problem is solved by drawing spring water from mountains, drilling wells and installing water purifiers. In order to ensure the construction period, all project personnel give up holidays and weekends, enter the site early and work overtime at night to speed up the project progress to the maximum extent.

  Starlight pays off. By the end of 2017, it only took eight months, and the Provincial Water Group successfully completed the task of drinking water safety construction in 182 administrative villages. The total investment of this project is 245 million yuan, and the pipeline has been laid and installed for more than 3 million meters. One new "10,000-ton, 10,000-person" water plant and 42 village-level water plants have been built, 15,734 households have hung meters or installed faucets for poor households, 135 wells have been drilled for farmers in remote mountainous areas, and more than 200 water purifiers have been installed for poor households with seasonal water quality insecurity, benefiting 416,100 people, and the tap water penetration rate in urban and rural areas has reached 85.6%. During the national third-party assessment and inspection in Ruijin City in June 2018, no unsafe drinking water phenomenon was found, which made an important contribution to helping Ruijin City get rid of poverty.

  "Huichang Management" Tree Specification

  I walked into the rural waterworks in junmenling town, Huichang County, but I saw that the factory was clean and tidy, and the brand-new environment added a touch of beautiful color to the waterworks surrounded by mountains and forests.

  Since 2016, Huichang Runquan has successively carried out environmental renovation for junmenling town and Zhoutian Town waterworks, and carried out technical renovation for junmenling town Waterworks, and installed an all-in-one machine for water production and purification, thus increasing the production capacity from 3,500 tons/day to 5,000 tons/day. At the same time, the operation and access safety management of the waterworks were comprehensively and systematically standardized, and various signs were eye-catching and moving, and the waterworks took on a new look.

  Rural drinking water safety project is divided into three parts and seven parts.

  Huichang Runquan Company, a subsidiary of Provincial Water Affairs Group, while promoting the project construction, pays attention to strengthening internal management. Through standardized management, modern scientific and technological means are used to ensure the normal operation of all work, improve the service level, and ensure the long-term sustainable use of rural drinking water safety projects and farmers’ long-term benefits.

  System construction is the basis of strict norms. Provincial Water Group has implemented various standardized management systems, such as Refinement and Standardization System of Water Supply Services, and constantly improved them in practice, and promoted the continuous optimization and implementation of the system. In accordance with the requirements of standardization system construction, at the beginning of 2019, Huichang Runquan established a rural water supply branch and set up six district water supply management offices to govern the water supply services of 18 townships. In order to establish a set of operation management system suitable for rural water supply as soon as possible, in 2019, the company established the Standardized Management System for Rural Water Supply Operation.

  There are many water supply points in rural areas, covering a large area, and users are scattered, so it is difficult to manage safe water supply. In view of this situation, Huichang Runquan uses modern network technology and other technical means to adopt artificial intelligence unattended and regular inspection methods for rural water plants below 1000 tons/day to ensure the normal operation of each water plant. On-line monitoring and real-time monitoring of the water quantity, water pressure and water quality of the water plant under its jurisdiction, and regular inspection and maintenance of dosing, disinfection and related instruments and facilities. At the same time, electronic tags are set on each equipment in the water plant, and inspectors must scan and punch in and register them during routine inspections to prevent facilities and equipment from missing inspection and ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Under the standardized management of Huichang Runquan, the water production process of the rural waterworks under the jurisdiction of the company has reached the standard in an all-round way, and the water quality of the water supply fully meets the requirements of the National Hygienic Standard for Drinking Water. At present, the "Operation and Management Maintenance Plan for Urban and Rural Water Supply Plants (Stations)" initially formulated by the company has been formed and will be implemented after approval.

  Since 2012, Huichang County has cooperated with Provincial Water Group Corporation twice, adopting two modes: pipe network extension and new construction or merger of water plants, and advancing in two stages, so that the construction scope of urban-rural water supply integration project in Huichang County has expanded from 100 villages in 9 townships to 178 villages in 19 townships, and has successively taken over 25 rural water plants with a capacity of more than 500 tons/day in the county, and completed 289 kilometers of water supply pipelines involving the construction of "four good" highways. A total of more than 3.6 million meters of water supply network has been laid, which has solved the problem of safe drinking water for more than 17,100 poor households and most non-poor households, benefiting more than 450,000 people, and the tap water penetration rate accounts for 86% of the county’s population.

  Be the "escort" of rural water supply

  — — Wang Shuibin, Manager of Rural Water Supply Branch of Xiushui Runquan Water Supply Co., Ltd.

  Speaking of Wang Shuibin, there are almost no water users in the villages and towns, streets and alleys in the rural water supply area of Jiangxi Xiushui Runquan Water Supply Co., Ltd. When poor households in the village encounter problems with water, the first call is always made to him, and uncles and aunts in remote mountainous areas also talk about him when they open an account or run out of water.

  Wang Shuibin, a 44-year-old party member with 13 years of Party membership, retired as a soldier in 2000 and was assigned to work in xiushui county Water Supply Company. He has worked as a plumber, deputy director of customer service department, manager of rural water supply branch, etc. It is always his concern to let rural people drink safe water as soon as possible.

  According to the characteristics of rural water supply, he formulated a series of management systems such as meter reading, charging, installation and maintenance, so as to achieve fine management and responsibility to people. With years of working experience in installation and dealing with customers, whenever a new colleague comes to the department, Wang Shuibin always takes pains to teach him by hand until the church. He asked all the elderly who are lonely and widowed in the meter reading area, remote mountainous areas and water users who are inconvenient to move, all the water charges will be collected by the meter reading staff at home, which is really convenient for water users. He also optimized the registration business procedures to ensure that users can complete the registration business at one time and effectively improve work efficiency. In order not to affect the residents’ water cut-off, he arranged the maintenance and renovation of the water supply supervisor in the middle of the night and staggered the peak hours of water use.

  He Zongyou is a villager in Yangkeng Village, Shankou Town, xiushui county, who is nearly 60 years old. Because I live in a remote mountainous area, I call Wang Shuibin to help open an account. After inquiring about the situation carefully, Wang Shuibin immediately rushed to He Zongyou’s home with tools, materials and application form for opening an account, and completed the installation of water pipes and water meters in 8 hours.

  Xiong Guohua, a 69-year-old poor household of 29 groups in Zhenchangtan Village, Zhajin, usually supports his family by making tofu oil. Although the tap water is connected at home, the water pressure is low, so making tofu oil can only be used by mountain spring water, and he can only fetch water from nearby neighbors in case of drought or rainy days. The quality of tofu oil is very important. After the acquisition of Zhajin Water Plant in 2018, Wang Shuibin went to the village to learn about the situation. In just three days, he completely solved the water problem that troubled poor household Xiong Guohua by changing the pipe, installing a booster pump, on-site testing and telephone call back. "Everyone knows that I use safe, hygienic and clean tap water now, and now more and more people come to buy tofu oil." Xiong Guohua said cheerfully. One night in the early winter of 2017, the service telephone of Huanggang Waterworks rang in a hurry: the water supply pipeline crossing the river in Huanggang was destroyed by the flood, and the water supply in Huanggang Town was stopped. Danger is an order! Upon receiving the call, Wang Shuibin and the repair team immediately rushed to the scene. After on-site inspection, the water pipe crossing the river was broken by the flood. Wang Shuibin did not hesitate to jump into the cold water and skillfully closed the gate. At that time, he was wet all over, his arms tightly folded against the cold, shivering and his lips were purple, but he still smiled and his eyes were firm. During his six years of working in rural water supply, he has completed more than 4,300 large and small repairs by inspecting pipelines and reporting for repairs by users.

  It is Wang Shuibin’s eternal pursuit to ensure safety and water supply and be a "escort" on the rural water supply road.

  Let the affected villagers drink safe water

  — — Yongxiu Runquan rural water supplier is in action

  There is such a special team on the rural water supply front in Yongxiu County. They undertake the operation, management and service of various rural water plants in Yongxiu County, and care for the lifeline of rural water supply year after year. They are the team of Yongxiu Runquan Rural Water Supply Branch. Under this year’s severe flood test, they are still at the beginning of their hearts, not afraid of difficulties and dangers, strictly guard against the "lifeline" of rural water supply, and try their best to ensure the water safety of the affected villagers.

  Since July this year, due to the continuous heavy rainfall and the rising water of the Yangtze River and Poyang Lake, the water levels of rivers, lakes and reservoirs in Yongxiu County have skyrocketed, and the county has entered an emergency flood control period. In the early morning of July 11th, Yongxiu Runquan received a notice from the county flood control headquarters that a group of officers and men who rushed to Yongxiu for flood control and flood fighting would soon be stationed in lixin town. In order to ensure the domestic water for flood control officers and soldiers, Yongxiu Runquan Rural Water Supply Branch urgently organized the construction team to divert water from Qili Village, lixin town to the flood control troops. After the continuous struggle of construction workers, a 1.2-kilometer-long pipeline was laid and installed in the evening and passed through the water smoothly.

  On the evening of the 12th, a breach occurred in the Lianwei of Xiuhe Triangle, and floods flooded into Sanjiao Township, Yongxiu County. Knowing that some high-lying areas, such as Jianhua Village in Sanjiao Township, were not invaded by floods, but the private waterworks that used to supply water in this area were affected by floods, and the water supply system was damaged, which made it impossible to supply water normally, Yongxiu Runquan immediately contacted the county flood control headquarters and relevant departments, conducted urgent consultations, determined the pipe network laying scheme, and quickly formed a working group to start water supply work as soon as possible. The rural water supply branch and the construction team of the project department extended from the county water supply pipe network to the triangle township area, and laid a 2-kilometer pipeline along the triangle lianwei, and installed 24 faucets, so that more than 1,300 people in this area, especially the affected villagers, could drink clean and safe tap water.

  "It took us only 24 hours from construction to water supply." The person in charge of Yongxiu Runquan said that during the flood control period, all the people in this area used water for free!

  With the continuous promotion of flood control and post-disaster reconstruction, 70 kilometers of pipelines of various specifications and models will be laid in the later period of Yongxiu Runquan, and the number of centralized water supply points will be determined according to the actual needs of the people in each village group, providing strong support for Yongxiu to win the tough battle of flood control and flood fighting.