Return to the blue sky and release 16 wild animals in Chengdu

Chuanguan journalist Lei CuO
"Soar" and "Go home". On March 1, at Mogang Management and Protection Station in Nanbaoshan Town, Qionglai, Chengdu, with the opening of the rescue cage, 16 recently rescued wild animals, such as common ostrich, monkey-faced eagle and yellow-bellied tit, spread their wings and returned to the blue sky and nature.
March 3rd this year is the 11th World Wildlife Day. In this context, the theme publicity activities of Qionglai City’s "World Wildlife Day" in 2024, wildlife release and minimal population return activities were held in Mogang Management and Protection Station of Nanbaoshan Town.
It is reported that the 16 wild animals released this time are injured, trapped and sick wild animals recently treated by various wildlife rescue institutions in Chengdu. After recovering from professional treatment, they were scientifically released on this special day after being evaluated and submitted for approval by experts.
This activity also carried out the field return activity of Acer truncatum, a very small population, at Mogang Management and Protection Station.
Acer catalpa is a rare and endangered tree species unique to China, which was listed as a national second-class protected plant in 1999. This species is found in some mountainous areas around Chengdu Plain. As a primitive plant group in Acer of Aceraceae, it has important scientific value for discussing the systematic evolution and geographical distribution of this family. A total of 300 Acer catalpa seedlings were returned to the field in this activity.
According to reports, the smooth development of this wildlife release and minimal population return activity is of great significance to the biodiversity protection and ecological balance maintenance of Qionglai Mountain, which is conducive to further enhancing the authenticity integrity of wildlife habitats and ecological environment.
"What are the magical wildlife in Chengdu?" "How to protect these natural elves?" On the riverside square in Qionglai city. By hanging propaganda slogans, setting up propaganda display boards, distributing propaganda materials, and signing a promise on the initiative wall, the staff explained the People’s Republic of China (PRC) Wildlife Protection Law and other related knowledge and laws and regulations to the general public, raised the awareness of wildlife protection among citizens’ friends, and called on all citizens to jointly become "propagandists", "defenders" and "practitioners" of wildlife protection.
Image source: Chengdu Park Urban Construction Administration
At the same time, all districts (cities) and counties in Chengdu are also carrying out comprehensive publicity activities on the theme of "World Wildlife Day".